“WHO IS THE ENIGMA?” Chris Pecero Interview

Interview with Chris “ENIGMA” Pecero bound XKO 16 October 20th / Arlington,Texas. Great opportunity for this up and coming South Texas Mixed Martial Artist. Read on as he will be facing XKO Champion Douglas Frey on his own turf! Lets get started!!

sPidA: You have had most of your fights for the XKO promotion, with a title on the line, are you anxious or nervous?

Pecero: It’s been about a year since my last fight in XKO so I’m really excited to come back better than ever. The title is just a bonus. I expect to get some pre-fight jitters but none more than in any other fight. I’m looking forward to becoming the XKO Featherweight Champion for sure.

sPidA: One of the guys that you have a loss to (James Vick) was a contestant on the TUF Reality show, are you a fan of the show?

Pecero: Yes and I also tried out for the show a couple years back. That’s actually where I met Chris Jones who put me in contact with XKO. Seeing Vick on the TUF show was a sign that I’m heading in the right direction. Maybe one day I’ll meet up with Vick again and it’ll be inside the UFC’s Octagon!

sPidA: You hold a 5/4 (what SHERDOG has you as)record and coming off 2 great wins fighting for both the UWF and Xtreme event, are you better off fighting close to home or proving your self as the outsider?

Pecero: Sherdog needs to update their records! Haha.. I’m now 6-4. I’m good wherever the fight takes place. Fighting both, close to home and out of town, have their pros and cons. As long as I adjust accordingly, I’ll be good to go. I would love to fight out of state in Vegas and overseas in Japan one day. I would definitely bring my whole family for the trip!

sPidA: Who gave you the nickname “ENIGMA” and what does the nickname mean to you?

Pecero: It was actually my Algebra 2 teacher who first called me an “Enigma”. I thought it was a fitting name not just for fighting but in describing my character all around. I’m a riddle that can’t be solved. Who is the Enigma? I’m a weirdo! Haha!

sPidA: I’ve seen you fight twice and there’s no secret you prefer to stand up and fight, Are your intentions to put on a show or are you really just looking to KO your opponent?

Pecero: I’m looking to get the finish however it happens. I always look to put on a show. It’s just how I fight. It goes along with me being The Enigma. If my opponent is wanting to avoid the striking game, he’d better have a great ground game because I’ll finish him there too. The KO is always nice though.

sPidA: Tell us about your camp,what regime do you put yourself thru and what people put you thru them?

Pecero: That’s top secret! Just joking.. My team at American Revolution MMA keep me sharp and constantly have me improving my entire game. I have head coach, Freddy Medellin who passes on his knowledge from Maurice Smith to all of us. 6 days a week, I’m working on everything from punches, kicks, knees, and elbows to double leg and single leg takedowns, arm bars, and rear naked chokes. My whole team pushes me. Guys like Dustin Adams, Patrick Ybarra (who is also fighting at XKO 16), Jared Perez, and Locker Munsell are always there for me as we look to hit the next level together. I also put in some grueling training sessions at Pro Performance Training Center. Jason Adams and Michael Barrera are making me stronger and faster than ever. It’s going to be exciting to see the finished product Oct. 20 when I put my hands on my opponent.

sPidA: With your opponent coming in with 19 bouts under him , are you worried about this or is your experience enough to give him the fight of his life?

Pecero: His record doesn’t concern me one bit. I just focus on making myself as clean and as polished as I can be. I don’t think anybody can stop me. Whether it’s a title fight with Douglas Frey or a title fight with Jose Aldo, I’m looking for the KO. If they are still standing, I’m going to be making those 5×5 minute rounds the worst of their life.

sPidA: Scenario: You enter an elevator and both Dana White and Bjorn Rebney are on it, the elevator gets stuck for 1hr, what would you say while having both of them there for that amount of time?

Pecero: “Why so much hostility between you guys? And why haven’t either of you signed me already?!?” That scenario would be very interesting indeed and probably change my life forever. At least I hope so because I do plan to have their attention soon enough.

sPidA: Fighting for quite a bit of different Promotions, is there anything you would change as far as production, entrance etc??

Pecero: I would love for the big organizations like UFC and Bellator to bring back the pageantry that Pride Fighting Championships had. That feeling from such a spectacle was incredible. As far as the average show goes, I think every promotion should offer proper warm up areas with mats and sufficient space. Have a rehydration station after weigh ins. Things like that should be the basics of what a promotion provides for their fighters.

sPidA: Thank you brother, anything else you’d like to add to this, we wish you the best and hope to see ya fight soo!

Pecero: Thank you for the interview. I would like to thank my wife, Patti Del Toro Pecero, for going through this crazy life with me and giving me two amazing little boys, Cash Erik Pecero and Saku Element Pecero. I love you all so much! My entire AR family from top to bottom. Even if you haven’t been in the gym for years, you’re still part of the team! Thank you to Pro PerformanceTraining Center and ROCKS King of Supplements for keeping me strong and healthy. Thank you to John Hollowell of Texas Fight Magazine for being behind me since day one. Special thanks to Richard Nunez, your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you to Armadillo Sport Chiropractic and Swolle Fitness Apparel. Everyone behind me is so crucial and I will never forget the support! I thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to pursue such things and to have such wonderful family and friends. Thank you.

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