” We’re coming to take over..” Christopher Kuntschik interview

A few words with San Antonio mixed martial artist Christopher Kuntschik heading to Mission,TX , August 31st for R & E Promotions.. Let’s begin…

sPidA: August 31st… Great match up with some history behind it…. Tell us a little bit about this..

Christopher: Well, David and I have had two fights before this. The first time I submitted him in the first round, and the 2nd time he caught me in a guillotine. But honestly, that was one was my fault more than anything and I’ve been waiting for the chance to redeem that mistake for a long time so this rematch couldn’t have came at a better time.

sPidA: First ever event for R & G Promotions… You ever fight in the RGV before?

Christopher:Yes the 1st time I fought david was in Brownsville for Hero FC. Love the Energy in the Rio Grande Valley.

sPidA:You’re a mixed martial artist but train in BJJ aswell… With a recent promotion to Brown belt…could we see more of a ground game come August 31st?

Christopher: Yeah I mean I’m just ready for whatever. My ground game has definitely evolved over the past few years but then again so has my stand up so… whatever way he wants it is fine with me.

sPidA: Training out of OHANA, you’ve got UFC,BELLATOR as well as Regional Champions to spar with.. Experience wise you think you’ll have the stronger fight mentaility for this fight?

Christopher: Oh yeah for sure. Ohana is just at a different level now. We’ve always had killers in the gym but it’s only been a limited number in the past. Now a days, with 4 schools and all the exposure from the recent UFC/Bellator/Invicta fights we’ve had there’s an incredible amount of talent on the Mat, it’s hard to imagine anyone else getting the type of training in that we are. My training partners definitely give me a new sense of confidence for this fight that I didn’t have early in my career.

sPidA: Gotta ask but having your girl Rainn training,fighting and winning… Does that motivate you and how do u feel about her competing?

Christopher: Yeah Rainn is the toughest girl I’ve ever met honestly. I literally have to train with her like she’s a man lol She’s just on a different level then the other girls in the game, especially the mental aspect. She motivates the hell out of me especially on the days where I just don’t feel like going to the gym.. I do get nervous for her when she competes but I know if there’s anyone in the world that can handle it, it’s her. I can’t wait to see her fight again actually.

sPidA: Tell us a bit about your past fights, who’s been your toughest competition and fight you’d like to avenge or are you simply moving forward?

Christopher: Well I’ve been fighting since 2006 so I’ve had my fair share of tough opponents. I’ve lost a decision to Daniel Delgado that I really feel could have gone either way that was my toughest, but losing to David the last time has been the only one that I’ve felt the need to avenge so I’m super excited for the opportunity to do so now.

sPidA: Training takes its toll on you physically and mentally.. What do you do on your off days to unwind?

Christopher: I usually like to go fishing at local ponds and creeks around the City, if I’m not at home with my 4 dogs of course. Other than that if I’m not at the gym you can find me at home playing Apex Legends.

(XBOX Gamer Tag: MazzMurder)

sPidA: As of now, you along with other teamates are on this card.. What can fight fans expect come August31st?

Christopher: Ya’ll can expect us to show up and show out. We’re not coming to Mission to participate, we’re coming to take over.

sPidA: Random Question: If given an opportunity to fight any Champion at your weight class..wether MMA,Kick Boxing or Bareknuckle…who would it be and why?

Christopher: Jens Little Evil Pulver was the first MMA fighter I ever followed it would have been an Honor, but he’s retired now I think.

sPidA: Come fight day.. What do you do to stay calm / relax till its time to wrap up and cage up?

Christopher: I try and just stay calm, listen to music and take a nap if I can. It’s hard to be calm before a fight but as long as I have some food around I should be ok.

sPidA: Thank you bro.. Can’t wait for this match/event to take place. Anyone you’d like to thank , sponsors, training sponsors??

Christopher: I want to give a shout out to my main sponsor Colt 45 Sports Club, and of course my coaches/training partners Ray Rodriguez, Washington Luiz, Jason Yerrington, Alex Hernandez, Charles Adkins, Justin Governale, Devin Cowan, Rainn Guerrero, Marcell Mickens, Pat Furguson, Julia Ottolino and all the other killers that put in blood, sweat, and tears with my day in and day out at Ohana.

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