” We will not rest until we get #JusticeForWilder..” Juan A. Torres Interview..

A few words with Boxing prospect and Professional Mixed Martial Artist Juan A. Torres. Bound Rocks Xtreme Combat, April 20th.. Corpus Christi , TX. Here we go….

sPidA: Who’s your opponent and do you have a game plan going into this?

Torres: I’ll be fighting Christian Anderson from Corpus and I don’t have a game plan. I’ve been working on a lot of my BJJ. Assuming his boxing and stand up game is not very strong and he will automatically be trying to take me down.

sPidA: You’ve fought some tough guys in MMA, who’s been your toughest fight to date and why?

Torres: Out of all the people that I fought, I think that the matchmaker for this card/ Roger Narvaez gave me the hardest time. The fight was at light heavy weight. I cut 45 lbs to fight him and come fight night I was still too drained to fight. At the time his knowledge and skill level was great plus he had an awesome game plan.

sPidA: You competed in a Bareknuckle Boxing match , why and would you fight for them again?

Torres: I did it because I was offered an opportunity to be part of a new up and coming Sport. Bare knuckle boxing in my opinion separates the boys from the men. It’s hardcore and yes I would def jump onto another bare knuckle boxing match.

sPidA: What gym do you train out of and what can others expect if joining?

Torres: I train at Hit City boxing out of Huntsville, Texas under Mike “The Hamma” Hamilton. Training there has most def made me a more of a complete fighter. Its not an easy gym to train at. Mike expects you to come in and train at your best daily. We actually got a sparring session we do on special occations to check our hearts called “dawg house rounds” where we turn off the round timer and spar until the other man drops or gasses out. U can literally be in the ring sparring as long as 30 min. Also Training there my fighting IQ has gotten so much better and technique has improved dramatically. So much so that i am actually a top prospect in the Boxing ranks. I will actually be fighting for an ABF national title in May on a Lank the king and Floyd Mayweather show.

sPidA: If given an opportunity to fight outside the Country, would you?

Torres: I would love to fight outside of the Country. I have been offered fights in Cancun Mexico , Russia and Asia. I just didnt have my passport ready at the time.

sPidA: What got you interested in the Combative Sports and is the drive still there?

Torres: Always being around fighting in the streets and just always being a competitive person got me interested in Combative Sports. Yessir the motivation to rebuild my MMA record and to stay undefeated as a Boxer is very much so still there. I hope to get a few great wins in MMA this year and attempt to fight for the FURY FC Heavyweight Title. My record is a bit upside down but i have fought a lot of top guys. Guys that alot of people wouldn’t fight because they dont have the nuts to fight them.

sPidA: Random question: An added day getting a 3 day wknd or mandatory naps at work?

Torres: lol def mandatory naps at work!!!! A little power nap never hurt noone and I think we all took naps for granted when we were younger.

sPidA: Will this be your first time fighting in Corpus Christi and are you planning on enjoying the Beach?

Torres: Yes this is my first time fighting out in Corpus. I’d love to check out the Beach if possible.

sPidA: Thank you brother for answering these questions. Looking forward to what 2019 has in plan for you…anything you’d like to add to wrap this up?

Torres: Thank you for having me!!! I’d like to thank my coach Mike for taking me in and “fixing” me. I’d like to thank my Muay Thai coach Manuel Gonzales from Premier Striking for helping me get ready for the cage again. My BJJ coach Shawn Key for getting me ready on the ground. My lil brother Tyler Davis!Robert Tapia for always having my back. My boxing teammates Vic Gonzales, Nosey, Red, Tim, KJ, Blinn , Yazmin, Keke, Dom Meza who will be having his ammy debut on the same card april 20, Just my whole Boxing family!!!! My Kids Azelia and Pinpon who give me the motivation to go hard everyday at work and in training. My mother Maria. I want to also give a special shout out to my big brother Bubba McDaniel we will not rest until we get #JusticeForWilder , I encourage everyone to follow the justice for wilder page!!!!! I want to thank you for having me and keep an eye out for me. There are some big things that are gonna happen this year for sure!!!!My sponsors Xi-Jitsu for having my back and sending me some AMAZING BJJ/MMA gear. I def rep them hard!!! Also Melissa Devillar and Rise Counseling out of Huntsville,TX for sponsoring me.#AGTG (All Glory To GOD)

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