Sonny LuqueOwner and head instructor Sonny “LOCO” Luque will be traveling to Mexico come Dec 15th for a Co-Main event bout for Combate Extremo, 1 of Mexicos top Promotions. Here are a few questions with someone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at events. Best of luck Sonny, here goes!

sPidA: Your coming off a great win on your last event. Was the previous lost at BELLATOR enough to drive you to make that statement?

Luque: Losing in front of my hometown on the biggest show I’ve ever fought for definitely lit a fuse in me. I had to redeem my self ASAP. UWF gave me an opportunity a month after the BELLATOR scrap. I jumped all over it.

sPidA: You are the gym owner at Laredo MMA, I was able to visit you guys while there covering an event, how is the gym doing and what all do you guys offer there?

Luque: Thank GOD the gym is doing great. I tell people, I am not gonna get rich anytime soon But waking up every morning to do what u love is a blessing. I am great full and thank full for my students.

sPidA: Traveling to Mexico seems to be a norm (being so close to the Border) tell us a bit about your upcoming bout?

Luque: My next fight will be in Monterrey Mexico, for Combate Extremo. CE is the biggest promotion in all of mexico by far. I will be fighting a tough dude from Chihuahua Mexico, Juaqin Grajeda. Co-Main event of the night.

sPidA: Do you know anything about your opponent, what are you looking to impose come Dec 15th?

Luque: I know he has a lot of fights and a karate background. Most of his fights he keeps on his feet. Anyone that has seen me fight knows I have no intention of taking it to the ground. Should be an exciting stand up contest for the fans.

sPidA : Having fought for BELLATOR, how was your experience and is your motivation to pursue greater still there?

Luque: It was amazing, a taste of the big shows. The outcome was not what I wanted but it just woke the LOCO inside of me. I want the taste of the big show again. I stepped up my training and have been cross training with my buddy Leonard Garcia. Hopefully soon if I get a shoot at a big show travel to New Mexico and train with his camp.

sPida: You have fought some tough guys here in Texas, which bout have you learned from more the most?

Luque: Definitely my loss at BELLATOR, it really opened up my eyes. Showed me I have to be even hungrier and can’t be one-dimensional anymore.

sPidA: Competing at 155lbs is where you’re at now,ever think bout dropping to 145 for the bigger shows?

Luque: You know it’s not the first time I’ve been asked that.. If you’ve ever been to Laredo you know it’s hard to keep a diet hahaha.. but on a serious note it is something I’ve thought about and considered. Maybe.

sPidA: Thank you for your time bro,best of luck and best wishes on your travel,anything else you would like to add?

Luque: Thank you for the interview spida. Also if I could thank my sponsors; SWOLLE FITNESS APPARELL, ROCK FITNESS CENTER, MI ESPERANZA CARE PROVIDER, RAMOS FAMILY, LOS CUERVOS MC CLUB, SAITO MA. and of course all of my students at LMMA you guys are the reason I fight, love you’ll. And last my girl Mandy who puts up with me camp after camp.. Love you babe.. Thanks again sPidA u da man’..

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