” Tomorrow is never Promised..” Joshua Scales Interview

Interview with a Veteran in the Sport ,out of Austin,TX. Heading into Lion Fight 59 come August 31st.. Excited about this match up…lets go!!

sPidA: You’re heading back to fight under the Lion Fight Banner…how excited are you for this and are you looking into other Promotions in the future?

Scales: I’m stoked about it. Full Muay Thai rules. We have our eyes on other Promotions as well but I’m very glad to be fighting under the Lion Fight Banner!

sPidA: Did your introduction into combat sports start with MMA?

Scales: No, AB Cantu Boxing/Pan Am Boxing gym in East Austin, the real East Austin.

sPidA: Last fight in MMA was 2013. Why the gap in competition?

Scales: Ehh.. No particular reason. “Life” gets in the way sometimes.

sPidA: I’ve only seen you fight once live and I gotta say…i was speechless..you and Warren Stewart left it inside the King of Kombat Cage.. How’s your relationship with the guy since?

Scales: It’s wonderful you were there. I miss the KoK promotion. Warren and I are pals now, I actually got the privilege of cornering him for his fight at Fury FC.

sPidA: Your project in Thai Box is unique and I personally like the structure, what motivated you to do this?

Scales: Thank you , I tend to do more with it now, people don’t want plain jane workouts or watered down Muay Thai. They want results, great fight community and unity no matter what gym you come from. Always a change in sparring partners.

sPidA: The Austin community/ combat sports wise has always been good and had plenty of potential athletes. Why do you think having an MMA/Combat Sports promotion been hard to keep locally?

Scales: Lack of commitments from both Promoters and fighters. Cats say they want to fight…but I think otherwise. LoL

sPidA: I’m sure you only think of what’s infront of you but what does next year hold for ya?

Scales: I don’t know, tomorrow is never promised.

sPidA: Your opponent for this next fight, what do you know about him and are you looking to make him fight your fight?

Scales: I know he’s the Swedish Champ, I’m expecting a standing ovation or complete silence from the crowd for what I’m about to do.

sPidA: Most your post and fight photos we find you smiling in them… Does training in these sports really make ya that happy?

Scales: Ah yes, it sure does sPidA, just like an artist with no rules to their creativity. Like a Guitar player , Painter or Ballet Dancer… Just a form of expression if you ask me.

sPidA: You’re usually surrounded by talent, who are some of the athletes helping you stay on your toes?

Scales: Myself and some of the killers you’ve seen have crushed me into Gold…but nobodys harder on me than me.

sPidA: Random question: If you could live anywhere in the Country and train for free…where would that be?

Scales: Hawai

sPidA: Thank you bro for your time, like them battle hands lets wrap this up…last minute comments sponsors etc??

Scales: No, thank you. Good sponsors that are Reliable are the backbone to fighters. Its a Win for their business…and the male or female who’s the “fighter” bees and flowers. Ya dig. Take care brotha!

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