A few words with professional Mixed Martial Artist George Trujillo out of Soul Crushers MMA gym in Lubbock,Texas. Met this guy while covering an event he was competing in for Triple A Promotions. Definitely doing what most won’t and that’s stepping inside the Cage/Ring and talking with his fist! Making his return inside the Cage for Big Dawg Promotions “IN CAGE I TRUST #1”,Oct 6th in Texas City,Texas .Here we go!

sPidA: Your coming off a submission win in Laredo,Texas..Did that fight go how you expected?

Trujillo: Yes and no I had seen a few of Mike’s fights, so I prepared for him to come out swinging for the fence’s.
I was looking to shoot and get it to the ground as fast as possible. So when he wanted to touch gloves at the beginning of the round, something I had not seen him do in any of his fights it changed the game plan a bit. My Jitz Coach (Sergio Olivares) had also been working on standing guillotines with me since we knew he liked to clench and smother you into the Cage or in this case ropes. So yeah it kind of went as planned.

sPida: Tell us a bit about the gym you fight out of and what city is this located in?

Trujillo: I train out of Soul Crushers MMA in Lubbock TX, Our striking Coach is Cruz Reyna and our BJJ Coach is Sergio Olivares (Purple belt out of Paragon BJJ Laredo TX)

sPida: You are a Professional Mixed Martial Artist but what exactly do you train in? (boxing,judo etc)

Trujillo: I’m primarily a kickboxer however these days I am really focused on my Jitz game and I work some wrestling with my kid’s wrestling coach when he has time.

sPidA: How did you get involved in Mixed Martial Arts, were you always looking to compete in the sport?

Trujillo: In 2006 I was tipping the scales over 400lbs, I needed to lose some weight and I hated going to traditional gyms. My Doctor at the time suggested I try Kickboxing. The rest is history!

sPidA: Being a family man and working a full time job, how much does having support from home help you pursue your career in Mixed Martial Arts?

Trujillo: It’s my biggest motivator. I go train 5 days a week and push it hard. I have 3 boys who are in club wrestling, so it’s a connection thing for me. I push them to train hard and be the best that they can be and I’m not just on the sidelines like most parent’s. I’m training and fighting to show them that hard work pays off. I get a real sense of pride knowing that I’m putting it all out on the line for my family, and in return I’ve earned their love and respect.

sPidA: How do your kids react knowing you fight inside a Cage/Ring ? Are they fans of the sport?

Trujillo: I have 4 kids, my oldest son has mixed feelings about it. He likes the fact that I train and can fight, but he worries about me getting hurt. The other 3 I’m really not sure how they feel about it. But I do know they like to beat up on me. As for fans of the sport, I’m sure they are, I just don’t want to push it on them I’ll let them find it on their own.

sPidA: Were you involved in sports growing up, looking back now,what do you wish you would have participated in when you were a kid?

Trujillo: I played football my sophomore year in HS but that was about it. I really wasn’t into sports growing up but if I knew then, what I know now I would have Wrestled.

sPidA: With the UFC putting on shows just about every other week, would you call it an overkill? Your thoughts?

Trujillo: I see it about the same as any other sport. There’s a game on every weekend whether it be football, baseball or basketball. The only difference is there’s no off season in MMA. I love watching fights so it really doesn’t bother me.

sPidA: What fighters do you follow or like in the bigger promotions? If able to train with 1 of them, whom would it be?

Trujillo: Man that’s a list that could go on forever. There’s Dan Henderson, Leonard Garcia, Tito Ortiz, Roy Nelson, Ben Rothwell, Alister Overeem, Anderson Silva, Forrest Griffin, Cheal Sonnen but I am a huge Hendo and Leonard Garcia fan if I had the chance I would be training with one of them.

sPidA: Thank you brother, Leave it in the Cage in your next fight, any last words to wrap this up?

Trujillo: Yeah I would like to thank you guys for taking an interest in me.I hope to see you guys in Texas City, TX for my next fight on Oct 6th. I’ll be fighting for Big Dawg Promotions “In Cage We Trust 1”. I would also like to thank my sponsors Bentley BT Performance Underwear, Outslayer Professional Fight Gear, Perception Tee’s, & Alamo Barber Shop for all that they have done, and Bulky Boy Clothing Co. for making fight shorts for us bigger fighters.

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