” Everybody loves a comback story…..” A few words with Sonny Luque

sPidA: First off, congratulations on being inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame bro!

Luque: Thank you brother. Really appreciate it.

sPidA: Out of so many awards, Championship titles , which one stands out the most?

Luque: They all hold a little something special for me. It’s just crazy to sit and look back. I remember watching UFC 1 and all the first couple of shows followed by PRIDE FC. I was 11 or 12 maybe, I didn’t know what I was watching but I was hooked. I remember vaguely telling myself, I wish I could be good enough to fight just 1 time inside the Cage so I can say I did it. Never thought I’d have an amazing career much less all these great accolades I’ve accumulated over the years.

sPidA: As much publicity as you’ve gotten not just for yourself but for Laredo,TX aswell… Has running for Office ever cross your mind?

Luque: You know , I’ve actually thought about it lol. Laredo has about 260,000 people living in the City. It’s not a little town but it feels that way. It’s still one of those City’s where everybody knows everybody and knowing the right people can get you places but at the same time 2 things I stay away from are politics and religion. I respect and enjoy everybody’s point of view. I just prefer not to share mine .

sPidA: You started your MMA career here in San Antonio with an unfortunate loss, what helped you look past that and continue on your journey?

Luque: This is something that has characterized me. Something my closest friends and relatives know very well of me. There just isn’t any quit in me. Just like many martial artists I didn’t have the easiest or greatest childhood. Raised by a single mother in the ghetto parts of Mexico. At a very early age I learned that nothing was gonna be given to me and work most be done f0r what I want. I’ve had many doors closed, I’ve hit rock bottom a few times but there just isn’t any quit in me. I like adversity, I like when the going gets tough. Everybody loves a comeback story.

sPidA: When in Laredo,TX covering an MMA event (Border Fest) I was able to hang out at your old gym and watch you and your team train with Leanard Garcia. How cool was it to get to train with the guy?

Luque: Me and the BadBoy are really good homies now a days. We still keep in touch and often talk. It was shocking in a fan point of view at first. I mean how doesn’t someone remember Leonard’s awesome scraps with the UFC. The dude is a legend in his own right. The training part opened my eyes for the better. More then holding my own with him on our multiple training sessions and being told by him I’m a “beast” on my stand up was really what I needed at that point in time. It made me realize that maybe I can live up to the hype and pressure behind my name.

sPidA: We’ve seen Luque the fighter , the Coach to Commentator for Combate Americas… What else is next, Luque the Referee?

6) Ha Ha Ha , I try to do it all brother. It’s a sport I love and that has given me everything I have. I really enjoy learning and doing as much as possible in the fight game. I believe this will benefit me in the long run and my endgame. The endgame being a Promoter. So don’t be surprised if you see “Luque Promotion” in the near future putting on some Combat shows.

sPidA: Now you have this new venture. Gotta say, even I was surprised. Why Bare Knuckle fighting and why now?

Luque: I was at the Hall of Fame ceremony in Houston and was approached by the matchmaker. After a few words, a few hours later I received a 3 fight contract. As for the why? I mean come on, no take downs no wrestling, no jiujitsu? Just 2 dudes swinging hands Bare Knuckle like the old days. I’m all about that. Plus the money they offered me isn’t that bad either LoL.

sPidA: You had retired from MMA at 1 point, was this because of lack of motivation or a reaccuring injury? Talk to us about this a bit.

Luque: I had some injuries that were taking longer to heal. My business was in the brink of shutting down and most importantly I didn’t feel the fire, the rage anymore. Fights just started to feel like going to work at a 9-5 job you really dont enjoy. I was just going through the motions. There was no passion. I felt I needed to take a good break and assess things. Wanted to fix my business and myself. Figured maybe if I’m away from the fight scene for a while I’ll miss it and gain that fire again. Thank God my business is doing better then ever and I regained that fire and passion for fighting once again.

sPidA:Bare Knuckle fighting had picked up hype from Kimbo Slice (R.I.P) among others. Is this the next best thing and if so, why do you think it is?

Luque: Like I said brother. I think it’s the purest and oldest form of gentlemen settling a dispute. Just you, another man in front of you and only your hands to handle business. It’s a fun venture I cant wait to partake in that’s for sure.

sPidA: With bare knuckle fighting going main stream , do you see Valetudo coming back and if so… Would that be something you’d be interested in?

Luque: The good ole days haha. If I’m not retired by then and my phone rings with a good dollar amount offer? I’m all in.

sPidA: Living in Laredo and having competed in Mexico in the past, how active is the Sport of MMA there and have you noticed a change since competing there the first time?

Luque: Mexico has come a long long way since I started fighting there. I still fight there regularly but the talent pool has largely increased. You now have many fighters from Mexico fighting in the biggest stages in the World. Some really good teams are starting to develop out there. Yes their jiujitsu and wrestling might still be a bit behind from Americas but they more than make up for it in the striking game and most notably that Mexican warrior spirit, that heart. You can’t teach that.

sPidA: I’m a vintage toy collector myself and have noticed you collect aswell .. Ever regret not keeping all those toys you grew up with?

Luque: Man ,I’m a Huge Toy collector and from 1 collector to another, I gotta congratulate you on your collection bro. You got some good stuff but man. I often want to kick my own butt when I remember all those good toys I had that got lost or destroyed by my little brother along the way. Your talking about all the Masters of the Universe, had all the figures and alot of accessories. The castle grey skull, had that car with the big rock looking ball thing. Both He-man, skeletor , Battlecat and that panther. Had some Thundercats and had a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle collection as well. I wish I could get them all back. Hell I’d be happy with half of that collection lol.

sPidA: Lets use this one to plug in your Academy. What is the address and what classes are available for those interested?

Luque: Laredo Kickboxing Academy (LKA) is located in 5901 McPherson ste: 3B. We are open early in the morning at 5am for bootcamp followed by personal training sessions for my clients. Then we offer classes for the whole family Monday through Thursday. We offer children’s Kickboxing at 5pm. Women’s Kickboxing at 6pm. We have our LKA Lions MMA class at 7pm and we offer Brazilian jiujitsu at 8pm. First 2 days are free.

sPidA: Man thank you for your time and looking forward to continue following your career my man and possible cover that Combat Sports Promotion. Any last words to finish this off bro?

Luque: Thank you for the interview and for your time as well brother and just a big shout out to all the people that support and have continued to support me through out the years. Shout out to Rock fitness Center,Golden Fit Meals, Pura Nutrition ,Fitness Saves, Bug busters, Tuff Texan and Mikes Bail Bonds. Thank you! It’s been a very long career and crazy rollercoaster ride. I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from 1 of my favorite movie’s. “Without pain, without sacrifice, We would have nothing. ” Thank you!

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