“The belt will be coming home with me.” Anita Rodriguez Interview

Anita Rodriguez
Anita Rodriguez via Tapology

A few words with Anita Rodriguez, bound for Big Dawg promotions in Conroe, Texas on Jan 26th. Anita is a veteran of both BELLATOR FC, and King of the Cage. In this interview, we talk about her training, her camp, and her supporters, as well as the prospect of her bringing the title back with her to Dallas.

sPidA: Your upcoming bout is for a title, how well prepared are you going into this bout?

Anita: I think I am well prepared for this fight, so well prepared that I know the belt will be coming home with me to Dallas. I have trained too hard not to…

sPidA: What do you know about your opponent? Have you trained specifically for her, or making her fight your fight?

Anita: Yes I’ve studied her, and seeing what I’ve seen, I’m not a bit worried.  I plan on making her fight my fight.

sPidA: Having had BELLATOR experience, has this made you step up your game?

Anita: Having Bellator experience, and now having a Manager,  certainly stepped up My Fight game.

sPidA: With the UFC finally picking up on Women’s MMA, has this changed your hopes and dreams of fighting in the big show someday?

Anita:  I knew it was a matter of time before women would be fighting in the UFC.  My goal is to get there and be remembered as one of their best woman fighters.

sPidA: Most of your bouts have been won via submission.  Are you a grappler first, when it comes to mixing it up?

Anita: It’s funny that you ask that, because my strongest ability is my stand up, but if I go to the ground, I can hold my own, so no, I’m more of a Boxer.

sPidA: Your last bout was an unfortunate loss.  Most learn from them. Others never get over them mentally, it is safe to say.  What have you learned from this?

Anita: Yes, I remember that loss against Jessica Eye. She was better that night, but I know in my heart that I  can beat her.  I see a rematch in the near future. I have learned what a real training camp is.

sPidA: With you recently signing up with Imperial Management, are you looking to stay busy in 2013?

Anita: Yes, I recently signed up with Imperial Management, and that’s the best decision I’ve made yet. I’m already looking busy for 2013.

imperial Fight MGMT

sPidA: What is a typical training day like? Do you train till fight time, or do you take a week off prior to fight day?

Anita: .My typical training day is brutal, having to train and,spar with some of the best male fighters such as Jason Sampson, Derek Campos, Donnie Bell, Kashiff Solain, and Ryan Benoit. They don’t see me as a female, and they only make me a better fighter.  I train up until  prior to fight Day.

sPidA: Thank you Anita. I wish you the best for this event. Is there anybody you’d like to thank before wrapping this up?

Anita: I’d like to thank my friends and family who’ve helped me with my 2 year old little  girl, and I’d also like to thank Coach Durwyn Lamb, one of the best coaches in the MMA, and surely a great friend; and Matt Rossini from Imperial Fight Management, Torque Clothing, Lockout Supplements, Corganics, Purfight.com, Coach Mohler, Coach Joe Garcia, VIP Mouth Guards, and John Lee Nutrition. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you guys.


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