Texas Fight Schedule 2017: Pro and Amateur MMA Fight Promotions

All Fights are subject to change or cancellation.

Pro Mixed Martial Arts

03/10/17 Legacy Promotions DBA Legacy Fighting Alliance, San Antonio
04/01/17 Back Alley Promotions, Dallas
04/08/17 Strike League, Cedar Park
04/08/17 Icon Production Group, Victoria
04/22/17 Stephen Lawhorn DBA Superior Combative Championships (SCC), Bryan-College Station
04/28/17 Fury Fighting Championships, Humble
05/13/17 Fury Fighting Championships, Robstown
05/18/17 South Texas Fighting Championships, McAllen
06/10/17 Fury Fighting Championships, San Antonio
06/23/17 Legacy Promotions DBA Legacy Fighting Alliance, Houston
07/14/17 Legacy Promotions DBA Legacy Fighting Alliance, Dallas
07/15/17 Fist Fight League, Amarillo
07/22/17 Fury Fighting Championships, Humble
07/28/17 Icon Production Group, Pharr
08/12/17 Strike League, Austin
08/25/17 South Texas Fighting Championships (STFC), McAllen
9/29/17 Fury Fighting Championships, Humble
9/30/17 Fist Fight, Amarillo
10/13/17 TS-1 Promotions, San Antonio
12/16/17 Fury Fighting Championships, Humble

Combination Events (Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts)
02/25/17 Texas Rage, Pharr
03/04/17 Xtreme Combat Productions LLC, Robstown
04/15/17 Xtreme Combat, Corpus Christi
04/29/17 CDM Boxing Association, Houston
07/28/17 Triple A Promotions, Laredo
08/26/17 CDM Boxing Association, Houston (boxing and kickboxing)
11/18/17 CDM Boxing Association, Houston (boxing, MMA, kickboxing),

Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

02/17/17 Garcia Promotions, Humble
03/04/17 Eastside Austin Fights, Austin
03/04/17 Xtreme Combat Amateur Association, Corpus Christi
03/17/17 Garcia Promotions, Humble
06/17/17 Texas Premier Fight Promotions, Andrews
06/23/17 USACA, Houston
06/24/17 Texas Clash, Kingsville
07/14/17 USACA, Dallas


03/04/17 Scratch Hard Promotions, San Antonio
03/24/17 RTS Boxing, Humble
03/25/17 Triple A Promotions, San Antonio
04/14/17 Jesse Rodriguez Promotions, Dallas
04/22/17 Texas Rage, Pharr
04/22/17 Silver Promotions, Pharr
04/27/17 Real Estate Council, Dallas
04/29/17 Underwood Promotions, Austin
05/05/17 Gatica Promotions, Austin
06/16/17 Blue Chip Promotions, Humble
06/16/17 Top Show Promotions, Houston
06/17/17 Golden Boy Promotions, Frisco
06/24/17 Triple A Promotions and Famoso Productions, San Antonio
06/30/17 Golden Eagle Boxing Promotions, Dallas
06/30/17 RTS Boxing, Humble
07/29/17 Big Lou’s Lionheart Promotions (Savarese), Houston
08/05/17 Undercard Promotions, Waco
08/19/17 Undercard Promotions, Ft. Worth
09/08/17 Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio
09/09/17 Triple A Promotions, San Antonio
9/15/17 CDM, Houston
9/22/17 Davila Promotions, Brownsville
9/23/17 Ring Star, San Antonio
9/29/17 Roy Jones, Ft. Worth
09/30/17 Reyna Promotions, Corpus Christi
10/12/17 Golden Eagle Promotions, Dallas
10/13/17 Blue Chip Promotions, Humble
10/14/17 AAA Promotions, Mercedes
10/21/17 Gutierrez Promotions, Robstown
12/08/17 RTS Boxing, Humble