“My parents didn’t raise a quitter!” Dale A. Mitchell interview by: sPidA Garay

Interview with Dale Mitchell,representing the Silverback Fight Club, Bound IMKF going down Saturday June 18th in Spring,TX, Check out www.mmaimmortalkombat.com for more info! Here we go!!!

Dale A. Mitchell

sPidA: You started your Pro Mixed Martial Arts career win unfortunate losses,what kept you motivated to keep competing in Mixed Martial Arts?

Dale: There really wasn’t an exact focal point other than my parents didn’t raise a quitter! I have a very competitive spirit and fell in love with the 1 on 1 aspect of the sport. Other motivational points included the haters, it bothered me when people would say that I could not do this and I was cut out for the sport and here I am back at the top of my game. I was always felt as though I had a point to prove and I think i have proven that exceptionally well as of now.

sPidA: Your a big guy and that being said, what type of cardio workouts do you train in to make sure you don’t gas out during your bouts?

Dale: I never really followed a real serious cardio or strength and conditioning program until now. For this fight i found some of the best strength & conditioning coaches out there at Meltdown Houston with Jimmy and Todd adding hardcore Metabolic Conditioning workouts as well as Crossfit MMA. We really focused on targeting the body’s different energy systems. This is the best shape I have ever been in period and I have never looked or felt like this for a fight in my career. These guys have really gotten me in top notch physical and mental shape for this bout while coach Tony Orozco and the rest of my gorillas at Silverback Fight Club have prepared me on the technical and skill side of things for this fight.

sPidA: I’ve see you fight live in two separate promotions, BELLATOR and Element Fighting Championship, out of these 2 which did you learn more from?

Dale: I really have to thank the guys at EFC for giving me the opportunity to fight for them and earn a victory in their first show but I definitely learned a lot from BELLATOR because  I had the chance to see how things worked behind the scenes of a major promotion. Having fought for such a league gave me the experience I need for when I return to the main stage.

sPidA: Tell us a bit about the gym you train out of and what is it that makes this place feel like home?

Dale: Everyone knows that I train out of Silverback Fight Club and have been a gorilla for a few years now. Anyone who has ever trained out of there or has stopped by for a lil cross training knows why its more of a family and a home than just a gym. There is a tough stable of fighters who put in the work and it shows. Most of the guys call Tony dad or pops and we all call each other brother.

sPidA:  Coming into your next bout for IMKF, you coming in  on a 3 fight win streak ,with a title on the line, how important is this fight for you?

Dale: This fight is extremely important for my career especially with a title up for grabs. I intend on making it 4 in row on June 16th and progressing my career to the next stage. every fight is in important in my books but this one just has an attachment to it.

sPidA: A  former UFC Heavyweight Champion (Tim Silva )has been making it known he wants another shot in what many have called the Super Bowl of MMA ,  If given this fight,would you take it and what would your game plan be?
Dale: There would be no reason for me not to take a fight like that. We really don’t believe in backing down from opponents so that fight wouldn’t be any different. As far as a game plan it would be the same as usual, go in there and fight. Fighting is usually the game plan for all bouts. Come on now, I would never give away secrets! (sorry Tim: LoL  sPidA)

sPidA: Your given an opt to star in a reality tv show,which would you pick: Dancing with the Stars , SURVIVOR , Amazing Race or Hells Kitchen.

Dale: To be honest I really don’t follow any of these, but 3 out of 4 have cool names and i would have to go with SURVIVOR because it sounds tough and seems like it would involve some sort of fighting.

sPidA: You have a son,say one day he wants to compete in Mixed Martial Arts , would you in courage and support his goals?

Dale: Of course i would support his goals and dreams. What father wouldn’t want to see their son show interest in what he does for a living. My son already mimics me when goes to the gym with me and he is the loudest person in the arena at my fights. He always has a permanent cage side seat.

sPidA: What do you know about your opponent coming into your next bout, do you train specifically  for each fighter?

Dale: I don’t know much about Tony Melton other than he supposedly more on the stand up side of fighting. I really don’t like to focus on or train for a fighter specifically because I find that I tend to focus mainly on their strengths and forget that anything goes. So for every fight we train to win and that’s it. I watch a lil’ film on my opponent to see how they move and their body language.

sPidA: Thank you for your time Dale, any last words or comments before we call it a  wrap?

Dale: Not much else but I would like to thank the following: coach Tony Orozco and my gorillas and the rest of the Silverback Fight Club family, Jimmy and Todd of MELTDOWN Houston, the great people at Blue Label Vodka, my family and friends for being supportive and understanding during this camp (putting up with me hasn’t been easy), all the people who helped me out through this camp and being there to lend a helping hand, my son and his mother for keeping me grounded and being patient as this fight approaches, last but not least all of my fans and any one who has and does love me, I love you back.

“I am determined to prove everyone that has said I can’t – WRONG!” A few words from Tommy “GUNN” Guerrero

Danny Flick , Josh Rios , Polo Sanchez and Tommy"GUNN"Guerro

sPidA: Your coming off a great win on your MMA debut, was a submission your game plan or were you just prepared where ever it went?

Guerrero:For my debut i was ready for anything, i just wanted to make the fight entertaining for the fans and for everyone that came out to support me. This was my debut, i had been waiting for this moment for years so i didnt want to lose my first fight. When i got to the venue i was thinking i would be neverous walking to the cage but i was mentally and physically prepared, i was not nervous at all and i was very calm during my fight. It was just the right time to do work.

sPidA: You representing a great fight team, what guys do you have out there pushing you to reach your limits?

Guerrero: Man Full Contact Fight Academy is full of talent. We have guys like Hector Munoz, Roger Narvaez,Cory Bellino,and Josh Rios to name a few. These guys push me to the limit and they do not take it easy on me lol, at the same time they help alot. I am greatful to be part of such a great team and although the Flick brothers are not in town anymore , they too helped me so much. My jiu jitsu coach Aurelio Gallegos also has alot to do with us being well versed in the ground game.

sPidA : Has competing in MMA been in the works or was seeing your training partners compete just motivate you to do so?

Guerrero: To be honest i have been training MMA since 2007 and i was supposed to make my debut a few years back but things just kept on happening, then in 2009 i herniated 2 discs and that just set me back even further. I was so depressed that i couldnt train or do anything but be in pain. My doctor told me that i was never going to train or be the same again and i was determined to prove him and everyone else that said i wouldnt train again wrong. So i did alot of research and found a book online from a Dr. who specailized in spinal injuries. I bought that and followed his directions and i also found a local chiropracter who had a drx – 9000 (spinal decompression machine) and nearly a year later i was back at it.

sPidA: You’ve been to Cowboys Dance Hall before making your debut, what are your thoughts on the place, enjoy yourself there as a fan?

Guerrero: Cowboys Dance Hall is a great place for MMA! So many fans come out to not only support their local mma fighter but the sport of mma and that is awsome.They also advertise pretty well, facebook, the radio etc. so they are pretty popular.  As a fan of MMA myself I enjoy watching the fights, Jen does a awsome job of match making and that makes for some exciting fights.

spidA: I know your Team trains in all aspects of the fight game, is there one your better at(strking/grappling) are you still improving both?

Guerrero: I am still improving on both. I love the stand up game and my jiu jitsu is good. our jiu jitsu program run by Aurelio Gallegos is one of the best in Texas. We have 3 BJJ Black Belts in one place and so many technical jiu jitsu guys so our ground game is no joke. Our stand up is second to non, Hector Munoz has very technical kickboxing and im eager to get to the level he is at. I just need to let my hands go on this next fight and thats what we are working on. My hands are good, i have been boxing since 2001 but soon enough i will show what my hands are like, and with kicks being involved its just even better because i love to throw combos that end with kicks.

sPidA:  With promotions like M1 Global,BELLATOR and the UFC are you setting your goals to reach these promtotions?

Guerrero: I would love to fight for anyone of those promotions. Bellator puts on some awsome fights and the possibility of fighting for them is more realistic since they travel alot and have come to our area a few times. Id also like to fight in Japan, But of course the UFC is the main one. Im far from it but i will do my best to get there.

sPidA: What was the first live MMA bout you had seen, do you remember your thoughts on watching it live?

Guerrero: My first live event was one of the Renegade Extreme Fighting fights back in the day. A family friend from my home town of Alice, Texas would fight and i got to go with him and I got to be back stage. I also had my seconds license at 17 so being around the fighters and guys like Rocky Long and Carlo Prater who were very friendly got me hooked! Just to see the fighters before their fight, during and after was just like wow, these guys just put it all out there, i couldnt wait to get my turn. Oh and i got to meet my favortie fighter Yves Edwards at one of the Renegade Events in Houston that was a great night lol

sPidA: When not training, whats a chill day for you? (unwind,TV, Flying a kite ,<~kidding)

Guerrero: I am a huge History buff so i like to read up on history when ever i can. I also work in the I.T field so dealing with new technology is common so i like to read up and learn about how things work and how i can become a better I. T Professional. I also like to watch Ghost Adventures and Nat Geo and i cant forget playing Xbox live, That is always fun. But most importantly Im really close to my family, so when im not training i like to spend as much time as i can with them. I work 8-5, then go home to get my things and head to Corpus by 5:30. It takes me about 45 min to get to the gym so if they are home after 5 i get to see them briefly but usually they are not and by the time i get home from training my mom and step dad are asleep and my sisters are at their houses. You know time flies and i see my nieces and nephews growing up so fast it makes me sad that im not involved more in their lives. I wish that i could spend more time with everyone but one day this life i have chosen will be worth it.

sPidA: With a nickname like GUNN, can your opponents always expect an all out war,who gave you the nickname or how did it come about?

Guerrero: The nick name Tommy Gunn has been around since i was a kid. Before i chose to fight the older guys would say “whats up Tommy Gunn” so when i decided to fight i knew what i was gonna use. My opponents should expect to go all out for 15 minutes because thats what i train for but with the Gunns (my striking) should be what they worry about, but Im always ready for anything and everything.

sPidA: Is your family involved in your choice of acticities,how has their reaction been to watching your fight or hearing of it?

Guerrero: My family is very supportive of what i do.Since my jiu jitsu tournaments they have always been involved and now MMA they want to be there for me. My mom doesnt agree with it but she accepts it lol. She will see when i buy her a house one day that I chose a good profession. One of my sisters and uncles got to see my fight live along with one of my nieces and nephews and numerous cousins so they were very excited when i won. When i got home my family including my mom who never wants to hear about it was asking details lol so it was cool to come home with my first victory. There will be more to come thats for sure and hopefully they will be recorded so i can show my grandpa who is now a MMA fan. He used to bad mouth the guys hugging on the ground but now he is retired and watches alot of MMA reruns so he likes to see his favorite fighter Urijah Faber fight lol. He was so upset when Mike Brown beat Faber, he now hates Mike Brown. He also appreciates the submissions, its funny to sit with him and watch fights with the things he says like grab the arm and the neck so i hope we will be watching my fights on his tv or he will be watching me fights live on tv.

sPidA: If you could fight any other athlete in the world(non MMA) whom would it be and why?

Guerrero: If i could fight any other athlete non MMA I would have to choose Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore lol just kidding id say i would like to fight Juan Manuel Marquez. Not because i dont like him, because i think he is one of the best Mexican boxers out there. So if i got to fight him i would get to say i fought a legend in the sport of boxing. For some reason i also want to say Eli Manning because im a Dallas Cowboy fan and he upsets me alot lol
sPidA: Thank you for your time bro,I’ll be seeing ya come May, anything else you’d like to blast to end this inreview?

Guerrero: Your welcome and Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I know im just coming up but i intend to make a name for my self in MMA. I just want to thank the Lord for another day of life and for me being able to do the things im doing now and for the people in my life. I want to thank my family who I love very much for being there for me and put up with me. My friends who support what i do and my team mates and coaches who put it on me and help me prepare for my fights or tournaments. and to the MMA fans who come out to support their fighter, thank you for making this sport a great one!

Interview with Anthony “TJ” Waldburger

Ran into TJ Walburgher @ Seguin MMA one Saturday afternoon while visiting King Webb,so I jumped on the opportunity to ask him a few questions: Here goes!
sPidA: First off,thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time bro,much appreciated.

TJ: Not a problem man, glad I could help.

sPidA: First off,what do you have going on in your fighting career,heard you had renewed your UFC contract?

TJ: I actually did, renewed another 4 fight contract,next fight is in Australian and Aaron Rosa is on that card aswell.

sPidA: Good deal,spoketo Aaron the other day and that’s great that we will have 2 fighters on that card to represent our great State of Texas,will this be your first time visiting Australia?

T.J: It is,it’s actually the longest flight ever to,goingto be a long boring flight (laughter by both)

sPidA: Ouch! 16hrs? That is insane…How’s your training thus far? Are you training to avoid jet lag,I mean are you on tune with the time in Australia?

TJ: My training is actually going very well,my coaches and team mates are really pushing me,as for training for the jet lag, it’;s goingto be a long flight, I figure I’ll just sleep and wake up to whatever time it is when we arrive.

sPidA: Sounds fair, you actually have a record in the UFC for most submissions attempted during a match,with that said,do yoo consider yourself a grappler first then a striker?

TJ: Not at all, I’m feel comfortable on the ground but I do enjoy striking,I just go with the flow but I do consider myself a freestyle fighter.

sPidA: Well said, thank you TJ for this opportunity, any last comments or people you’d like to give thanks to?

TJ: Thank you man and yes I’d like to thank the UFC for the opportunities, my coaches and training partners (Grappler’s Lair) and most importantly my wife Shayla and my family for their support!


PRESS RELEASE: October, 10 2011

Houston, TX — At UFC 136, middleweight Mike Massenzio made his Team Palooka debut with a gutsy, come-from-behind victory against former WEC Light Heavyweight Champion Steve Cantwell. The win represented what Team Palooka is all about: heart, determination, and a “never say die” attitude. The Massenzio-Cantwell bout kicked off the night, and definitely got the crowd going. Both fighters headed into the bout desperately needing a big win in order to keep their position with the UFC, and the New Jersey-based Massenzio came away with the “W.”

Joe Palooka Comic Book
Copyright © 2011 PALOOKA, LLC · Joe Palooka™

“Winning this fight, it’s a great feeling…one of the greatest feelings of my life,” says Massenzio. “I’ve been through a lot over the last few years, and I’ve been through a lot in my career already. After a fast start, I got hit with some major injuries. I came back against Brian Stann, which was a very tough first fight, and we got ‘Fight of the Night.’ The Soszynski fight was tough, too. Against Cantwell, I took a little bit from him in the first round, then he caught me good, and I had to deal with that. But I was able to hang with it, and I came back. It was a great experience.”

While waiting for his next bout, the 185-pounder will continue to train with his team at AMA Fight Club in New Jersey. As far as who is next on his list, Massenzio is leaving that in the capable hands of the organization.

“I’ll fight whoever the UFC gets me. I feel good about being able to be in there with some of the best and hang. To be the best, you’ve got to beat the best. So whatever they decide to do, I’ll go with it. I’m all about heart, and I’m always going to go out there and fight with everything I’ve got, every fight.”

While we don’t know who Massenzio will face next in the Octagon, we do know what is next for him outside the cage. This Thursday, 10/13 and Sunday, 10/16, Mike will be appearing at the Team Palooka booth (#349) at the New York Comic Con. He’ll be there in order to sign autographs, interact with the fans, and promote the new “Joe Palooka” comics being released!

“It’s an honor that Team Palooka wants to have me as part of what they’re doing. It’s great that they have interest in my career. I’m hoping that as they rise, I rise at the same time. And I’m really looking forward to being with the fans at Comic-Con. Come on out and come say hi…it’s going to be awesome!”

The news MMA comic book fans have been waiting for was recently announced: the comic series made its world premiere with its first issue last week when “Joe Palooka” issues #1 & #2 became available for purchase for the first time anywhere. Fans can get their hands on the comic at http://www.Palooka.com/, and hard copies of the issue will follow in early 2012.

A special 13-page FREE-VIEW is also available simply for signing up with an email address on http://www.Palooka.com/, and fans can also take advantage of a unique offer on “Joe Palooka” issues #1 and #2, which are available together for the low price of only $1.99.

The “Joe Palooka” comic series tells the story of Joe Palooka, an MMA fighter who competes in “Legion of Combat,” which is a sister comic publication. “Legion of Combat” will feature Joe Palooka and top MMA stars including “Suga” Rashad Evans, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, the Blackzilians, Brendan Schaub, and the Miller brothers in team matches between fighters representing countries such as the U.S., the U.K., Brazil, Russia, Japan, China, and other nations.

joe palooka comic
Copyright © 2011 PALOOKA, LLC · Joe Palooka™

About Team Palooka

“Joe Palooka” and “Legion of Combat” are MMA comic books that feature action adventure stories as well as compelling MMA fight action. Created by professional ring announcer Joe Antonacci, the books are being written and drawn by an all-star team of talent known as Team Palooka. The team includes Mike Bullock as the chief writer and Fernando Perniche (both of “The Phantom fame”), who are bringing the exciting stories of Palooka and the LOC to life.

For more information on “Joe Palooka” and “Legion of Combat,” please visit http://www.palooka.com/.

You can also “like” the Palooka Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/TeamPalooka

Follow Joe Palooka on Twitter @TeamPalooka

“Always go out Guns blazing.” Interview with Will Campuzano

I contacted Will Campuzano while training in Cali with Team Alpha Male (1-12-11), thanks Micheal Brown for helping make this possible. Hands up chin down… enjoy!

sPidA: Thank you for making time for us here at TexasFighting.com. How are you man?

Will Campuzano: No problem man, I’m doing good. Just finished tonights training.

sPidA: I’ll make this brief bro. How are you prepearing for this UFC event coming up here in Texas?

Will Campuzano: I came here to Cali to train with Team Alpha Male, its hard but I’m getting myself ready.

sPidA: You were a definite stand out here in the Texas MMA scene, both as an ammateur and going Pro, how has the roller coaster ride been?

Will Campuzano: Awe man, its been great. Traveling, meeting alot of new people. Definetly a dream come true.

sPidA: Both you and Shalarus got picked up by the WEC, what was your first reaction when the UFC made there announcment of making them one company?

Will Campuzano: I wasn’t expecting it. I dont think any of us were. I’m glad they did though.

sPidA: You train up in North Texas, how did you get connected with Team Alpha Male?

Will Campuzano: I train out of Mohler in Dallas, the guys there are great! I train up here before all of my fights. I just called them up one day and flew here the next.

sPidA: I’ve seen you fight twice, do you typically go after the knockout?

Will Campuzano: I always go out guns blazing! I know the ground game but definetly go after the knockout.

sPidA: How is your ground game and what are you doing to improve it these days?

Will Campuzano: Its good and its getting better everyday. I picked up a lot of new techniques while training here.

sPidA: You are fighting in your home State and with 1 loss in the UFC, how is your mental game going into this next fight?

Will Campuzano: My mental game is always a top priority when going into a fight but I’m prepearing for everything here. I feel great!

sPidA: I hear you bro, well I do hope we get to cover this event, either way we will be supporting you as I’m sure the State of Texas will be. Any last words or people you’d like to thank?

Will Campuzano: Yea, everybody that has been helping me. My training partners, my sponsors and supporters.Thank you all!