” Expect this to be Fight of the Night..” Rainn Guerrero Interview

Oct 4th in Arlington,TX will be 1 for the books. Stacked card by a great Promotion doing great things. This match is definitely 1 I’m looking forward to.. Here we go!

sPidA: Pro debut coming up, what convinced you on leaving the amateur MMA circuit and going Pro?

Rainn: Well, I’m ready and actively seeking the challenge of a game opponent and honestly it was getting hard to even find an opponent especially at bantamweight. Ideally tho I would have liked to have one more ammy fight before going pro but when this opportunity came up I had to take it. I’m already 27 and I’m not getting any younger….plus to be totally honest, I’m done cutting weight for free lol. I’m ready tho. I am already a pro in the way I train and the lifestyle I live outside of the gym so the only difference now is the title.

sPidA: All your ammy fights were all finishes. What is it that drives you when inside the Cage?

Rainn: I’m just a competitor and a true fighter. The crowd, the lights, the energy in the arena… I live for it. Nothing drives me in there other than just being in the fight itself. It’s who I am. It’s what I do.

sPidA: Everyone trains in grappling, Kickboxing etc…is there anything else you add to your curriculum?

Rainn: Well I do a little bit of everything. Different forms of grappling and striking along with strength, conditioning, and cardio. For this camp however, I have been focusing a lot more on recovery more so then my previous camps.

sPidA: With a nickname “Bully” is that from being bullied yourself or did the name come out during training?

Rainn: Haha no I was bullied a little bit in school but the name just came from the boys at the gym when I first started training. I kept it and ran with it tho because I’m an advocate for the Bully breeds & I relate to them heavily cuz when you get in the cage with me it’s gonna be dog fight every time. So when you hear “The Bully”, just know we’re talking about the doggos not no school yard bully. I actually hate real life bullies tbh.

sPidA:  Your boyfriend had a win recently in Mission,TX for the R & E Promotion.. Is being there for each other motivate you both as well?

Rainn: Mannn I was so hyped for that Trilogy fight, I’m so sad it was only 23 seconds long lol Having a veteran of the sport behind you is motivating in itself cuz just by nature you want to work harder just to make them proud but the fact that I know first-hand everything he’s had to overcome to be where he is today is stupid motivating to me. He’s been on the highest of highs but also the lowest of lows… but no matter what he stays humble and just keeps trucking on. He just never stops, never quits and I really look up to him for that. He gives me more confidence and motivation then he realizes… but the best part of having Chris around is that he understands the fight camp feels and doesn’t get mad when I’m hangry and lash out lmao. He’s the guy behind the scenes that holds it all together for me and I’m freakin blessed to have him in my corner.

sPidA: This will be your first time fighting under the XKO Banner..and they have been around for years. Are you excited about making your Pro debut there?

Rainn: Yes actually I’m super excited to fight for XKO. I love the quality of their productions, them live streaming the fights for free gets so much exposure, and I have heard nothing but great things about how they treat their fighters…but my favorite thing about them is their focus on Women’s MMA in general. I’m stoked to make my debut here.

sPidA:  Your opponent, coming off a strong win for Bellator MMA and as tough as they come.. How does your style fair against hers? You looking to make a statement?

Rainn: Yeah Deborah is game & I’m freakin excited about it. She’s aggressive and has good striking and cardio. Our styles are actually very similar, and I’ve even heard some people say we look like sisters lol I expect this to be fight of the night…just an absolute banger. I’m coming to put my name, my team, and my City on the map with this one.

sPidA: You are a member of the OHANA Academy. For those that don’t know, it means Family. Is the commodity there
..what makes the facility a great place to train at?

Rainn: Oh, no doubt. These peeps are my family for real. I literally see them every single day, even more then I see my own mama sometimes… and the bond that’s made thru the blood, sweat, and tears we shed is truly irreplaceable. I freakin love my team to death. but besides that what makes OHANA the bees knees is the fact that there’s an overwhelming amount talent to learn from, with an extreme lack of ego. The place is freakin infested with world champs and established high level fighters and I whole heartedly believe in my coaches and training partners, which I don’t think a lot of fighters can say about their gyms. I’m stupid proud to represent OHANA!

sPidA: What sponsors do you have helping you for this upcoming match up?

Rainn: Well let’s see, I got my day 1’s: Colt 45 Sports Club, JD & Associates Bookkeeping, and Purepain Fight Wear along with my new fam-bam: Mind & Soul Music, Femme Fatale Sports, Sabinal Group, The Law Offices of Chavira Brown, House of Sin Entertainment, and Sealrite Asphalt Paving helping me with the camp expenses and I also got Canni-bus & New Source keeping me A1 with top of the line CBD products for recovery. I got my boy Leon Maccormack at GnarCorp for my media coverage throughout camp and my girl Erica Balbuena with the amazing meal preps. Also wanna give a shout out to my good friend Christine Thongdy for sending me some brand new Sandee gloves all the way from Las Vegas for this camp. I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from my team. I couldn’t do this without them.

sPidA:  Random question: If you could have any superhuman strength/ability…what would it be…and why?

Rainn: Ummm I’d say I’d want to be able to heal super fast like Wolverine cuz have you ever got your cornea scratched?! Lmao let me tell you…. it’s for the birds. I’d definitely like to rid myself of those mortal probs.

sPidA: Thank you for your time and best of technique come fight night….anyone you’d like to thank helping you for this fight?

Rainn: Yawpp, big shout out to my coaches John O’rourke, Jason Yerrington, Washington Luiz, Chris Kuntschik, Ray Rodriguez, Jacob Landin, Justin Governale, Devin Cowan, Alex Hernandez, Danilson Pimenta, Uncle Chuck (Charles Adkison), Matt Juarez, Marcell Mickens, Pat Ferguson, and Josh Rosen as well as my fellow lady killers Julia Ottolino, Aida Kiani, and Cindy Garcia. Love yall so hard!!


btt plano

MAY 25, 2013 – Murilo Bustamante JIU-JITSU & MMA SEMINAR
“Brazilian Top Team Plano is hosting a jiu-jitsu & MMA seminar at its Plano, Texas gym. Murilo Bustamante, will teach you the same techniques that propelled him to the upper echelons of the mixed martial arts world. Professor Bustamante will be here for one day only and openings are limited.”

“Losing Is Something I won’t Settle For” – A Few Words With Shawn Cool

Shawn The Freak Cool

Shawn Cool will be entering the Cage for the 2nd time in San Antonio for Premiere Combat Group. He will be testing his skills against another local fighter in Steven Trevino. Great match up with two guys who will definitely be rocking the cage on April 6th. Representing the Texas Powerhouse MMA Academy, I present to you Shawn Cool!

sPidA: You are stepping inside the Cage for the PCG Promotion once again against another local fighter from San Antonio, any pressure?

Cool: A lot of pressure. A bunch of people are coming out to support me Saturday night & losing is something I won’t settle for. I work too hard for it.

sPidA: Are you looking at eventually going Pro and pursuing a career in MMA?

Cool: Depending on how this year goes, it is a good possibility. My wife helps & supports me tremendously. I can’t thank her enough. My parents are awesome as well.


sPidA: I’ve seen you compete in grappling tournaments before, are you looking at a submission victory or keeping the fight standing up?

Cool: Honestly, I’m just looking at getting the win. Whether that be submission, TKO, or homicide. Haha

sPidA: Are you a fan of Reality TV? If so, what are your thoughts on Dana White allowing both male and female in the next season of TUF?

Cool: I am bro but I thinks it’s kind of ridiculous. Women in the same house is asking for trouble. Their will be a lot of distractions & drama for sure. I’m sure I’ll still watch it though. LOL

sPidA: As I’m sure thousands of others will be doing the same, LOL. Having a recent addition to your family (congratulations on the birth of your beautiful girl) has that changed your drive in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts?

Cool: Thanks Spida!! It has tremendously! It’s the greatest gift in the world. People tend to forget that at 23, I work full-time, train full-time, I’m a husband, and now a father. I will make something of myself for her.

sPidA: Thank you for your time bro, any last words for those supporting you?

Cool: I would like to thank GOD of course, he continues to bless me. My beautiful girls, wife Krystalina & Daughter Avery. My parents & family, Texas Powerhouse MMA, Honor Fight Gear, all my training partners & friends that follow me. Thanks for believing in me. Thank you sPidA and TexasFighting.com for the interview, very much appreciated!

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“NEW GYM, NEW DIET, NEW GAME PLAN.” Vanessa A Rojas Interview

Vanessa Rojas
Very inspiring interview, Vanessa Rojas out of OHANA WARRIOR MUAY THAI in Richardson,TX will be the only fighter representing the State of Texas come Februay 23rd in Miami,Florida, S1-Challenge.com . Read on and wish her well. MAHALO!

sPidA:Your have a bout for S1 Challenge in Miami,Florida coming up,how has your training been going thus far?

Rojas: Training is very different now 🙂 My husband Alvaro (also an Instructor at OHANA and a fighter but from Team Toro in Chicago) has been putting in a lot of work with me. I say different because its obviously someone else training me now, I haven’t fought in almost 4 years, I am training hard for the first time in 4 years with an old knee injury, and for these last 4 years I have been a VEGETARIAN. So now my cards have changed… NEW GYM, NEW DIET, NEW GAME PLAN. I think there will be a few unexpected things coming from me when I get in the ring and dance 🙂

sPidA: Being a mother,wife and instructor,would you say you are great at multi tasking?

Rojas: Oh man if only I was just those 2 things hahaha! My mini me’s are all of different age stages… Between being a wife, instructing at the gym, training, bartending at nights on the weekend, My daughter who is now 13, “THE TEENAGER”… My oldest Son who is now 8, THE “ANTAGONIZER”, and My youngest son who is now 2,”THE TERRORIST TODDLER” (yes they get fighter names ha) keep me pretty damn “ENTERTAINED” with also being a personal cab driver, alarm clock, referee, police officer, a judge, clean up service, nurse, bank, and my favorite a hugs and kisses booth! Thanks be the LORD my husband is the CHEF and MECHANIC! So I don’t want to say I am a GREAT multi-tasker but I will say that I always try my hardest to be.

sPidA: With Muay Thai only happening in the amateur circuits here, would you say a Pro organization is way overdue here in Texas?

Rojas: OH DEFINITELY ! I say this because with all the rules the amateur fighters have to abide by to prepare for these fights, they may as well be considered PRO! From the blood work, to fighting with no head gear? WHY NOT!!m


sPidA: What is a training week consist of for you,bag work,conditioning etc..?

Rojas: Well besides the usual warm ups of jump rope and shadow boxing… My husband usually asks me to start with 9+ 3min30sec rounds of Everything, Hands, kicks, knees, elbows. Then we do 6 or more of 5min30sec rounds of Pad Work/Technique… ending in Plyometrics, Core, Rehab conditioning of my knee, TEARS and sometimes ICE BATHS… good times 🙂

sPidA: With Mixed Martial Arts having gone main stream,do you think there is room for Muay Thai events to start coming out on TV here in the States as well?

Rojas: Well if they can put SUMO on television channels in HAWAII and California… One can only dream that they can make a little room for MUAY THAI! I believe Muay Thai has much bigger following around the WORLD than Sumu does!

sPidA: You have had over 10 bouts in both ammy and Pro fights, which stands out the most and why?

Rojas: Oh man I would have to say my 1st!!! Ohhhhhh THE ANXIETYYYY! hahahahaha! So many thoughts through your head and the butterflies in your stomach! THE way your heart pounds after the Ref says “fight!” and my favorite… THAT FIRST HIT!!! WAKE UP, LEGGOOO!

sPidA: Fight week,do you train till day of,or take the last week of prior to fight day?

Rojas: I like to train LIGHT the week of the fight until about 2 days before the fight just to keep my body moving and my weight on point!


sPidA: Whom will be cornering you for this bout, are you planning on staying a while in Florida or coming right back?

Rojas: It will be my HUSBAND! He always has my back 🙂 Alvaro’s teacher from Chicago, Ricardo Perez will also be in Florida cornering for Cyrus Washington, so Ricardo will be in my corner as well! We actually get to stay in Florida until that following Monday! So that means I can enjoy Florida for ONE beautiful day! I’ve all ready checked the weather and mid 80’s looks promising!

sPidA: If you could fight any Mixed Martial Arts female in a Muay Thai match,whom would it be and why?

Rojas: Haaaa to be honest I don’t follow Male MMA fighters very much, let alone Female MMA fighters. The only one I keep hearing about is Rhonda Rouchy?? but I think she is a good 30lbs heavier than me lol I would love to see if she could handle Germaine de Randamie in Muay Thai… Sorry but that’s an ass beating I don’t think she can handle!

sPidA: Thank you Vanessa,wish you the best of luck come fight day, anything you would like to add to this interview?

Rojas: No, Thank you for wanting to ask 🙂 I would like to say that I hope that this fight or even this interview, will give someone out there some kind of inspiration for whatever it is they have going on in their lives. Originally coming from an abusive past the only reason why I ever stepped into a gym and put on a set of gloves was to never be afraid again. In the end it not only was to never to be afraid of facing abuse again but also to never fear life and what it holds for me, good or BAD. We all risk something at some point in time its deciding whether you have the courage and heart to face it for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones.