PREMIERE COMBAT GROUP / May 19th @ Cowboys Dance Hall in San Antonio, TX

Premiere Combat Group has done it once more. Bringing a great fight card and a night of great Mixed Martial Arts action. Being the longest running promotion in San Antonio, PCG has definitely turned itself into a legit business.  Thank you both Trevor Bird and Jennifer Ray for making San Antonio your home! Here is the fight card as of May 9th. Don’t wait to long as these shows have been selling out…..SEE YOU THERE!

Bout 1: Daniel Ownes /1-2/ ALIVE MMA -vs- James Lenten / 0-1/Victoria MMA  (185lbs)

Bout 2: Max Trevino /0-0 / LAREDO MMA -vs- Pablo Ramos /0-0/ XTREME MMA  (205lbs)

Bout 3: Brent Edlemen /0-0/ Marra Senki -vs-  Steven Trevino /1-1/ Rodrigo Pinheiro  (170lbs

Bout: 4 Chris Jackson /1-0/ South Austin Gym -vs- Kevin Troyer /1-0/ Vandry BJJ  (145lbs)

Bout 5: Aaron Gomez /1-2 / Weapons at Hand -vs- Alfredo Vargas /1-0 / Texas Fighting Syndicate (125lbs)

Bout 6: Eric Hallier /0-0 / Marra Senki -vs- Tommy Guerrero /1-0/ PARAGON BJJ  (155lbs)

Bout 7:Josh Lazarte  /2-1 / Weapons at Hand -vs- Phillip Gomez  /2-3 / BRUTAL MMA  (135lbs)

Bout 8: Luis de los Santos /Submission Concepts /0-0/ -vs- Tyler Keen /2-0/ New Braunfels Brawlers (145lbs)


Jessica Prado LAREDO MMA / 0-0 / -vs- Katherine Roy /0-0 / WARRIORS EDGE (125lbs)

Xtreme Knockout (XKO) 14 [Official Fight Card]


Xtreme Knockout (XKO)

On FEB. 18TH 2012, Back Alley Promotions in association with Corona bring to you Xtreme Knockout 14 (XKO Professional MMA Fights) and the top Pro MMA fighters in Texas. XKO will be filming in HD for their Xtreme Knockout television show. Back Alley Promotions has produced over 1,000 “live” events including a reality show featured on the Discovery Channel. THE GYM Combative Sports Training Facility (and location of XKO 14) is also the home of “TEAM TAKEDOWN” the Next Generation of Fighters including Jonhy Hendricks, Jake and Jared Rosholt and Shane Roller!

Xtreme Knockout, Back Alley Promotions in association with Corona bring Pro Mixed Martial Arts fights to Arlington! Pre-Fight Party from 6-8pm. Belltime 8pm.Pre-Fight party includes: MMA & Sports Vendors

10 professional cage fights, meet and greet with fighters, celebrity guest appearances, Bikini contest, live music and DJ! Television Taping for the TV show “Xtreme Knockout”.

(Card Subject to change)
Ciprian Hangan vs Jose Sanchez
Brad Cox vs Hayward Charles
Donnie Bell vs Keith Miner
Eli Tamez vs Nelson Salas
Burt McDonald vs Jonathan Wise
Aldo Davila vs Andrew Parker
Victor Reyna vs Andre Kavanaugh
Casey Hudson vs Klayton Mai
Aaron Culpepper vs Antuan Williams

185lbs Ciprian Hangan (2-0 DallasMMA300- 2011 XKO “Knockout of the Year” winner) vs Jay Jay Sanchez (2-0) This is a highly anticipated matchup between 2 of the fastest rising superstars in XKO! Ciprian Hangan has definitely made a HUGE impact in the 185 division with 2 devastating Knockouts (Steve Hess, Chris Collins) in his first 2 appearances in XKO! The man that plans on stopping Ciprian is Jay Jay Sanchez an undefeated fighter who is best known for the perfectly timed “Knee” to end the fight against top MMA fighter JJ Holmes! This is a fight you don’t want to miss! “I knock people out, that’s what I do” – Ciprian Hangan

155lbs Donnie Bell (3-1 Metroflex MMA) vs Keith Miner (4-2 Mohlers MMA) Donnie Bell makes his return to the XKO cage to face XKO newcomer Keith Miner. With a perfect record in XKO Bell is a crowd favorite! Bell is one of XKO’s featured fighters with a strong wrestling background and knockout power!

180lbs Brad Cox (2-0 Fitness Fight Factory) vs Hayward “The Hybrid” Charles (3-2 Ironside/pur-fit and Genesis) It’s hard to describe the excitement for this fight! Brad Cox is one of the most well known fighters in the area with a reputation for dominating fights! He steps into the cage against one of the top fighters in XKO – Hayward “The Hybrid” Charles! Hayward is coming off an impressive victory over XKO newcomer Andre Kavanaugh with a :43 sec triangle choke submission. Known for his Jiu Jitsu Hayward is arguably the best Jiu Jitsu specialist in the company! A great match-up that will bring fireworks! “I don’t care who you put in front of me, I’ll fight them because I want to be at the top” – Hayward Charles

170lbs Aaron Culpepper (1-0 The Gym Arlington, TX) vs Antuan Williams (0-2) Aaron Culpepper’s pro-debut at XKO 13 was what fight fans talked about for weeks after he got the victory and “Fight of the Night” honors! Aaron is a powerful striker, aggressive but yet calm in the cage! He takes on XKO newcomer Antwan Williams, a former training partner and current striking coach who knows the striking game and is not afraid to trade punches! You can expect this fight to be a striking battle with someone ending the fight with a KO or TKO!

170lbs Andrew Parker (1-0 Octagon MMA) vs Aldo Davila (pro-debut The Gym) Andrew Parker made his pro-debut at XKO and took “Fight of the Night” honors. Andrew is a well rounded fighter who can take the fight almost anywhere he wants. Parker will be taking on Aldo Devila an exciting fighter making his pro-debut! Also is coming off an impressive amateur career and looks to continue his success at the pro level! This has “Fight of the Night” written all over it!

135lbs Eli Tamez (3-0 Octagon MMA) vs Nelson Salas (2-0 Texas Fighting Syndicate) When XKO asked Eli and Nelson about this fight both fighters did not hesitate to sign the contract! This is not the first time the fighters have faced each other, both fighters crossed paths as amateurs with Eli getting the win by submission. Both Eli and Nelson are fast and explosive. This will be a fast paced fight for the fight fan and a good matchup that will not disappoint.

185lbs Victor Reyna (pro-debut The Gym) vs Andre Kavanaugh (2-2 Austin, TX) Andre Kavanaugh is known for is heavy hands and brawler type of style. With a split record Andre looks to get his first win in XKO. He will be taking on Victor Reyna a solid striker who can finish the fight at any given moment! Victor has only had 1 defeat as a amateur and believes he is ready for the pro level. We are excited to see new faces in XKO and see what happens in this fight!

150lbs Burt McDonald (1-2 Texas Fighting Syndicate) vs Johnathan Wise (1-2 Garland Police Boxing Gym) When it comes to Burt McDonald the first thing you think about is… “what a class act”. Burt is a “Fight of the Night” recipient and has faced 2 of the top 155ers in the XKO division (Chris Pecero and Donnie Bell). Training out of Texas Fighting Syndicate Burt is well known in the MMA community! With a boxing background Burt wants to keep his fights striking! At XKO 14 Burt will match up with the perfect opponent with an identical record and fighting style. Johnathan Wise makes his XKO Debut out of Garland Police Boxing Academy and looks to make a statement against the XKO veteran McDonald. I see this fight going 3 rounds and possibly “Fight of the Night”!

145lbs Casey Hudson (Pro-debut Fitness Fight Factory) vs Klayton Mai (1-0 Octagon MMA) Both fighters are new to XKO! This fight will come down to pure skill. Both fighters are aggressive and strong. Fighting out the two top schools in DFW both fighters will come prepared! Don’t blink during this fight because anything can happen!

Muay Thai Seminar with Kurt “The Hurt” Podany at Warriors Edge

Muay Thai Seminar with Kurt “The Hurt” Podany at Warriors Edge

Kurt Podany – Owner/Head Instructor at Premier Combat Center

Kurt Podany began training in martial arts at the age of 16 with Jim Buton of the American Karate Association. During his time with the American Karate Association he won and placed in over 30 thirty Karate Tournaments and was the National Finalist for three years running from 1987-1989.

In 1989 he began competing in Full Contact Kickboxing and won the title of KICK Amateur Regional Heavy Weight Champion that same year. In 1989 Podany also acquired the Nebraska Heavy Weight Karate Champion title, a title which he held until 1992 when retired from Karate competition.

He then went on to open a Martial Arts Academy that specialized in in youth programs and Street Defense. During the twelve years he ran the academy Podany received various awards and was recognized for his exceptional work as an instructor.

In 1994 Podanhy won the Nebraska Heavy Weight Kickboxing title. In 1995 he won the IKBO Inter-Continental Cruiser Weight Champion Title and in 1996 he was among the first Americans to compete in Utteradit, Thailand in the Prince’s Cup where he took the Gold Medal in the Heavy Weight Division (earning him the title of World Amateur Heavyweight in Thai Boxing.)

In 1997 he went on to become the first American ever to fight Muay Thai in the National Boxing Stadium in Dublin, Ireland. As a member of six US Teams, he fought and won against such countries as Canada, Ireland, England and Russia during 1997 & 1998. He also went on to acquire two more professional titles, IKF US Cruiser Weight Muay Thai Champion and IKF World Light Cruiser Weight Muay Thai Champion. In 1998 he began his Professional MMA career during the Ultimate Fighting Challenge in Alatmay, Kazakstan.

Outside of the ring, Podany, who holds Black Belts in Bushido and American Karate, has held the position of Head Coach for the US Youth Kickboxing Team and Coordinator for Referee Seminars for both Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Pudon currently owns and operates the “Premier Combat Center” along with UFC veteran Ryan Jensen. As a formidable opponent, Podany has earned the respect of many fighters. As a Humble Teacher, he has won the hearts of his students.

“More Than Just Heart” Q&A with Chris Pecero

photo courtesy of

Corpus Christi, TX, August 26, 2011–

Following his impressive first round Submission (Triangle Choke) of Burt McDonald at XKO 11 in July, Chris ‘The Enigma’ Pecero, will look to finish the undefeated James Vick (3-0) when they face off at XKO 12 scheduled for September 3, in Arlington, Texas.

With a professional record of 4-2, fighting out of American Revolution Muay Thai and Submission Center (Corpus Christi, TX) Chris Pecero is making one thing clear early in his professional career– he isn’t afraid of any 155-pound fighter.

This is great news for Texas Fight Fans because XKO 12: Chris Pecero vs. James Vick is shaping up to be a fight to remember.

Recently, Chris took time away from training to discuss his thoughts on his upcoming fight.

Q&A Start:

Ashley: You won your last fight against Burt McDonald via Triangle Choke at 1:09 in the first round. In preparing for that fight, did you make any adjustments to both your physical/mental training after the VERY controversial loss (ref stoppage) you experienced against Jones?

Chris: Yes, the outcome of the Chris Jones fight was very tough to deal with. It did, however, remind me of certain things–things that drive me to succeed. So mentally, I did adjust some things. Physically, we as a team are always looking to bump up the training!

Ashley: What is your mind-set now going into your next fight? And how do you see yourself winning against James Vick?

Chris: My mind-set is sharp and focused. After a quick fight with Burt, I’m expecting to have a long grueling fight with Vick. I see myself winning by any means necessary. I’m a MIXED Martial Artist so I train to finish using all techniques.

Ashley: How do you keep yourself focused and disciplined?

Chris: It can be hard but if you really want something, there are certain things that you must do. A professional never gets distracted. Trust me though; there are an endless amount of possible distractions so you have to want ‘it’ to the point that ‘it’ becomes an actual need. Nothing can break your focus and discipline then.

Ashley: What advice do you have for fathers and husbands like yourself who are interested in pursuing a career in MMA?

Chris: I work full time 40+ hours on top of training both myself and other fighters. So, there isn’t a great deal of time that I have to spend at home. If you are interested in making this a career, you must be prepared to make painful sacrifices like not seeing your loved ones as much as you’d want. Whenever you do have the time, fill it with beautiful quality family time.

Ashley: When you look back on your life, when is the defining moment when you knew you wanted to devote your time to becoming a professional MMA fighter and not just train for fun? What have you had to sacrifice in order to pursue your dream?

Chris: Since I first started to ‘roll’ around with my brothers, I had a passion for pursuing the art of fighting. But it wasn’t until my schedule was jam packed with working full time, going to school full time, and training when I knew I had to make a decision. I was falling asleep while driving! Not good. So, I sacrificed a small scholarship to a junior college to be able to put in some real time in the gym. I figured I could always go back to school but I would never be able to go back and pursue a fighting career if I waited too long.

Ashley: Who are some of your favorite fighters?

Chris: Oh, there’s a bunch! Here are just some. Kazushi Sakuraba, Vitor Belfort, Marco Ruas, Maurice Smith! Peter Aerts, Mark Hunt, Takanori Gomi, BJ Penn, Mirko Crocop, Don Frye, Wanderlei Silva, Jose Pele Landin Jons, Fedor, Hayato Mach Sakurai, Andy Hug, Dan Henderson, Renzo Gracie, Noguiera, and the list goes on…

Ashley: If you were asked tomorrow to fight in UFC, Strikeforce, or Bellator, what fighters would you like to go up against?

Chris: Whoever has the lightweight belt and all of the top contenders. Guys like Gilbert Melendez, Eddie Alvarez, Shinya Aoki, and another dream fight would be at featherweight against Jose Aldo. I would love to test my skills against the best.

Ashley; What does training at American Revolution Muay Thai and Submission Center mean to you and is it opening up opportunities for you to train with world champions and fighters (now and in the future)?

Chris: Oh, yes! American Revolution is a family. Blood, sweat, and tears are shared there. Being able to train with more and more world class fighters is huge. Maurice Smith is a legend, and I have the honor of being taught his philosophies. AR all day!

Ashley: Any last words?

Chris: Thank you to my sponsors: Swolle Fitness Apparel, TX Fight Magazine, and Vitamin Extreme. Thank you to my whole American Revolution team. Thank you to all the people who help with the little things. It all makes a difference. And big hugs and kisses to my wife, Patti, and two boys, Cash and Saku. Love you more than anything!

Xtreme Knockout Returns Sept 3rd for their 12th Event and TXA 21 Television Taping!

PRESS RELEASE: August 5, 2011 – Dallas, TX


On SEPT 3rd 2011, Back Alley Promotions and THE GYM bring to you Xtreme Knockout 12 (XKO – Professional Cage Fights) and the top Pro MMA fighters in Texas. XKO be filming for TXA 21 for their Xtreme Knockout TV show. Back Alley Promotions has produced 1,000 “live” events, including Professional Championship Wrestling (PCW) which was televised weekly for 3 years on UPN channel 21, featured on MTV, and the catalyst for a reality show “The Bussey Bunch” for TLC and Discovery Channel. THE GYM Combative Sports Training Facility (and location of XKO 12) is the new home of “TEAM TAKEDOWN” the Next Generation of Fighters and recently signed a deal with world renowed Jiu-Jitsu instructor Marc Laiman. XKO just signed a deal with TXA Channel 21 to begin broadcasting “Xtreme Knockout” every Saturday Night at 11:00PM.

Anthony “Mad Dog” Macias (23-15) vs Roy Spoon (6-3)
Rany Villareal (7-4) vs Frank Ortega (4-6)
Christopher “Kano” Gregoire (8-3) vs Brandon McDowell (32-33)
Jeramiah Oneal (11-20) vs Kelly Rundle (1-1)
Hayward Charles (1-2) vs Michael Craycraft (2-2)
Chris Pecero (4-2) vs James Vick (2-0)
Dusty Mason (1-0) vs Nelson Salas (1-0)
Donnie Bell (3-1) vs Burt McDonald (1-1)
Dustin Adams (0-0) vs TBD

When: Saturday SEPT 3rd, 2011 Pre-Fight Party at 6pm, Fights Start at 8pm.
Official XKO Weigh –ins Friday SEPT 2ND at 3 pm at The Improv Comedy Club in The Arlington Highlands (FREE-
Where: THE GYM COMBATIVE SPORTS ARENA 921 W. Mayfield Rd. Suite #112 Arlington, TX 76015

Tickets are available for purchase at THE GYM and $25 for advanced general admission and $30 when purchased at the door. $50 for Ringside Reserved and $60 at the door, VIP tables $400 (limited tables) Visit for more information. CORONA, MMA Merchandise and Concessions are available for purchase at the event!

Xtreme Knockout (XKO)
921 W. Mayfield Rd. Suite #112
Arlington, TX 76015