PRESS RELEASE: WTMMA has reorganized and is making a comeback as Fifth Round Fight Promotions

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It looks as though the wait is over. WTMMA has reorganized and is making a bigger and better comeback as Fifth Round Fight Promotions. Fifth Round Fight Promotions as WTMMA brought some of the most memorable Amateur MMA fights to the Texas area.

Kayla Wymer, President of Fifth Round says “we strive to give Amateur fighters with a passion for MMA the opportunity to compete. Fifth Round is just a name change, the values and commitment that were built with WTMMA for our fighters, coaches and fans will always remain the same.” As the mother of five, Ms. Wymer is the first female promoter in the State of Texas and has held extremely successful shows in the West Texas Region. Ms. Wymer is known as a pioneer in West Texas and has been promoting the best Amateur MMA shows since 2007.

Fifth Round Fight Promotions holds shows that feature local fighters and keep the fans entertained from beginning to end.

Fifth Round is also committed to helping find a cure for cancer. When Kayla’s daughter Madeline was 2 years old she was diagnosed with Cancer and a portion of all proceeds from every show go to this most worthy cause. Ms. Wymer tells us “Cancer does not discriminate. It does not care what color, race or age you are. It is ruthless and as for me and my company we will do everything we can to help “Knockout Cancer”.

The next mark on the map for Fifth Round will be located at the Tri-State Fair Grounds in Amarillo, Texas March 27, 2010. Sure to be filled with the raw talent and excitement that only Mixed Martial Arts can provide.

Texas Amateur MMA Fighter Billy Buch will be Fighting March 6th


MAIN EVENT: “Billy Buch VS. Phillip Gonzales”
CO-MAIN EVENT: “Aaron LanFranco VS. Desmond Hill”

Saturday March 6, 2010
New Braunfels Civic Center
Athletic Boxing Gym

For ticket information, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below with any questions!

Music by: The Bruisers “Iron Chin”

Billy Buch’s Stats



Quote from

On November 14, 2009, TAMMA conducted the very first “Heroes Fighting Championship” on Ft. Sam Houston Army Post. The event included a No-Gi Submission Tournament and Amateur MMA. One of the TAMMA registered fighters was Jorge Deleon. Jorge is a disabled veteran who lost his right leg from the knee down. Jorge was injured when his Hum-Vee struck an anti-tank mine while serving in Afghanistan.

The Texas Department of License and Regulation, Combative Sports Division (TDLR) has launched an investigation because of Jorge’s participation. According to TDLR General Counsel Brad Bowman, Mr. Deleon’s prosthesis falls into the same category as “necklaces, jewelry, or other piercings” and thus disqualifies Mr. Deleon from competition. Pending this investigation “No TAMMA events will be approved” per TDLR Administrator Greg Alvarez. We will attempt to keep all our members up to date as this matter progresses through the Administrative Process.

TAMMA maintains that our role as an amateur organization is to promote our sport and encourage participation of every member to the best of thier ability without regard to race, sex, national origin, or disability. We feel that for anyone to deny Jorge Deleon the opportunity to compete after the incredible sacrifice he made is just plain “OFFENSIVE.”

Jorge Deleon video clip starts 27 seconds in on the Heroes Fighting Championship video.

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