Lonestar Beatdown Austin Results

This past Friday, Lonestar Beatdown came to Austin and put on an incredible event. Lonestar has a history of showcasing very well-organized amateur cards, and May 7th proved to be of the same caliber.


Winners are listed first:

Dayton Briggs (AXS)/John Leal (XFCTC) – submission by keylock from kesa gatame in the 2nd round

Jason Petite (Relson Gracie)/Josh Postlewait – TKO in round 1

Matt Mazurik (XFCTC)/Iggy Yguerabide (BVMMA) – unanimous decision

Rodrigo Martinez/Brandon Hilts (Relson Gracie) – unanimous decision

Mike Lytle (AXS)/Aaron Russell (CTC) – armbar from the guard in the 1st round

Jayson Pilosi (BVMMA)/Pedro Gonzales (AXS) – TKO in the 2nd round

Rodrigo Rodriguez (CTC)/Rich Redding – TKO in the 2nd round

Nicholas Kanaire (CTC)/Scott Reis (Relson Gracie) – TKO in the 2nd round

Gabe DeLaume (XFCTC)/Benny Serrano (AXS) – TKO in the 2nd round