“A family that fights together stays together!” Lisa Marie Lamb Interview


Interview with Lisa Marie Lamb out of  Forth Worth ,Texas. She will be in the Co-Main Event for Premiere Fight Series 1, taking place in Forth Worth,Texas on July 28…Making her transition from Boxing into Mixed Martial Arts..We talk training,family and more….Enjoy!

sPidA : First off, what Academy do you train out of and (with all due respect) do you cross train at any other gyms?

 Lisa Marie : Phalanx MMA Academy cross train at Genesis.  Spoke with Allen Mohler and my brother Johnny Lozano, and they reached out wanting to help so I will be headed to Mohler’s to get some training soon
sPidA : What was the first thing that attracted you to combat sports?
Lisa Marie: The discipline and courage, I think everyone fights for different reasons but it’s the passion that people put in it. I’ve always wanted to fight as a little girl but never did until my adult years, which is okay had too many things going on that would have distracted me.
sPidA : You work with another Media outlet (Combat Sports TV) Being in the game, How has working Cage Side helped you apprecaite the sport of Mixed Martial Arts?
Lisa Marie: You get to see the intensity in the fighters eyes, you see their drive, and you can also see when someone is discouraged.  You feel their presence, working for CSTV I have to pay attention to every move and I can’t be bias. Also, you can hear every punch, leg kick, from ring side makes me respect the sport very much and I keep telling myself “why am I doing this again” lol
sPidA : This will be your MMA debut, having that boxing background, have you specifically trained for a stand up war or are you ready for wherever this goes??
Lisa Marie: Everyone knows I’m a boxer but I started out kickboxing before I boxed.  So being a striker I already know that I will be taken down so I have prepared myself that’s all I have been working on is my ground game, but if they want to stand……..so be it 😉
sPidA: With guys like Durwyn (husband),Randy Villareal,Vick and many others, how much more prepared do you feel sparring with these beast coming into this bout?
 Lisa Marie: I have several sparring partners that spar with once a week.  On Monday’s I have MMA sparing with Jason/Randy villareal, Tuesday’s boxing sparring with pro boxer Kisha and on Wednesday I grapple with the tough undefeated amateur MMA fighter Sabrina Garcia coming out of TFS she has a wresting back ground.  They all reached out to me wanting to help and they all have given me great advice, constantly drilling different techniques.  I always tell each of them do not give me any false security when sparring because it’s easy to work but let me work for everything so I know that I am progressing, but yes each time I spar I gain some confidence for this fight.  Sometimes I can’t believe how quickly I have learned, but I have been around it all my life. Getting one on one training has really helped instead of taking a class makes  a huge difference and that is why I am moving a lot faster. So big shout out to all of my trainers/sparring partners.
sPidA : How have your friends/family re-acted to you taking this step to fight in Mixed Martial Arts?

Lisa Marie: They think I am crazy,they say enough is enough already boxing is one thing but MMA?? I just laugh because I will never take an MMA fight if I wasn’t prepared, but only a few know my love, passion and dedication for the sport.  I train 6 days a week sometimes twice a day. Losing isn’t an option it never is, but this is the first time I have had 3 months to prepare for a fight and stamina and having a heart of a warrior will not be the reason I lose only because my opponent was better….
sPidA : With your whole family (husband and son) being active in competition, what do you guys do as a family to just relax and not think about fighting?
Lisa Marie:  lol honestly there isn’t a moment that we are not talking, watching sports in the house although we may go to the movies, hang out with family, out to eat or whatever it never fails the conversation finds its way to talk about fighting.  I said this 6 years ago when I was interviewed by north texas boxing  everybody knows that saying a “family that prays together stays together, (very true) but I also say “a family that fights together stays together” only because the time that fighters/trainers have to put into the sport its time away from home but not with us we are always together so it works out although being around each other 24/7 we can get on each other’s nerves J
sPidA: With the nickname in Boxing as “Lady Bulldog” are you bringing that same mental/physical toughnes into your Mixed Martial Arts career?

Lisa Marie: We talked about it and Durwyn takes pride in giving everyone nicknames according to their fight style and when he watches me spar he still sees that aggressive side of me so we are keeping  it J
sPidA : Everybody saw the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight, after the bout,where you as surprised as the rest of the Nation to see Bradley win or did you call it the same?
Lisa Marie: You know after watching it the second time it was a lot closer than I thought.  If you take away from being a Pacquiao fan and just be a fan of the sport than you can see that Bradley won more rounds, but I think Pacquiao still won and I’m not a huge Pacquiao fan…..but I guess now Pacquiao knows how Marquez feels 😉
sPidA : Are you planning on staying active in both sports *(Boxing/MMA) which can you say is hardest to train for?
Lisa Marie : Yes boxing will always be my first love and I have grown to love MMA.  Actually,  I was supposed to fight June 30th in Atlanta but the fight didn’t go through, then I was supposed to re-match a girl I fought in the beginning of my career on June 29th in Florida, but I wasn’t able to get off from work.  So yes I will be active in both sports.  I think MMA is harder to train for because you get injured and bruised faster than boxing  and there are so many things to learn standing and on the ground.  Boxing you only worry about hands in MMA it’s everything!!!! But I respect both sport equally. Anyone who steps into the ring/cage gains my respect automatically
sPidA : Thank you Lisa,Great interview! we will see you come Premiere Fight Series in Forth Worth,Texas,any last comments to add to this?

Lisa Marie : Yes I would like to thank everyone who has supported me from boxing and now MMA.  My trainers and my sparring partners without  them I would not be able to do this.  I also would like to thank Rafeal Casias and Premier fight Promotions for adding a female bout and making it the Co-Main Event.  I’m excited and I am ready to put on a great fight for all the fans!!! Last my family most importantly,  Durwyn and Eric without them I couldn’t’ be doing this AT ALL  I love you guys and thank you for putting countless hours of training even though it doesn’t seem like I appreciate it, your are the only one who has so much faith in me,  and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who makes all of this possible on his time…. Thank you, I am very honored and humbled. Hope to see everyone July 28th with my hand raised!
PREMIERE FIGHT SERIES 1 / June 28, Forth Worth,Texas

“I am using this fight to make a statement!” Cleburn Walker Interview by: sPidA

sPidA: You’ll be competing at the Element Fighting Championship 2 “FULL THROTTLE” on June 9th for a title shot, how much more does this fight mean to you?

Cleburn: This fight means so much to me already that I am doing something I haven’t done in years, which is go away from my family to put in a proper fight camp. I am leaving next Sunday to go stay at the Tapout House. I have hurt my record and my reputation in recent years by not showing up at my peak potential but I am using this fight as an opportunity to make a statement. The fact that it’s for a title just adds even more motivation.

sPidA: What does your training consist of before a fight and does it change with your opponent?

Cleburn: As I mentioned, this will be my first fight in over 3 years that I leave home to focus 100% on the fight at hand. My training doesn’t really change for my opponent. Since I can’t tell the future I have no idea how he may respond to me. All I can do is constantly improve myself and be as prepared as I can, as well as make note of whatever habits of my opponents that I may suspect will play a factor but ultimately I am going to fight my fight and be ready for everything.

sPidA: Your coming in with 17 bouts in MMA, what lessons have you learned more from ,wins or losses ?

Cleburn: I learn from everything but most of my losses aren’t a reflection of my skill or ability. Most of them to me are a reflection of poor decision making during difficult times in my life. But after a fight, whether I won or lost, I analyze my performance and look for anything I can improve on. Then I continue moving forward. I am never defeated nor satisfied. I am simply moving forward at all times. (or at least trying to, lol)

sPidA: Your representing Phalanx MMA, with you and now your training partner James Vick in the TUF house, what does the gym  offer to those looking to train in your neck of the woods?

Cleburn: I train at Phalanx and Genesis Jiu Jitsu, and from someone who has trained with lots of people in lots of places, I can tell you that the technical expertise you will find at these places is better than anyplace you are gonna find! I am so happy to finally have home gyms that really have helped me grow and improve a lot in such a short time. And unlike other experiences I’ve had in the past, the coaches at Phalanx and Genesis actually care about you and make you feel like part of the team. Feeling at home is extremely important when you are trying to grow.

sPidA: What do you know about your opponent and how has your training been since getting word on this match up?

Cleburn: I know he is gonna be extremely athletic and explosive, but I see no way that he will be on par with my technique or experience and I’m pretty athletic and powerful myself so I have been training to make sure I absolutely show up at my very best. He is gonna be a little unpredictable, so I just am making sure that I am ready for everything.

sPidA: You recently had an addition to your family, as a parent, would you be supportive if your kids grew up wanting to compete in a combative sport?

Cleburn: Yes I  just had my fourth child this January. As far as I’m concerned the support process starts during pregnancy. I constantly pray over my children and am constantly trying to be the best leader of the house that I can so that as they grow, they will grow in wisdom and grow closer to God. That way when the time comes for them to make decisions about their lives they will already be on the right track and I will have faith in what they feel they are supposed to do with their lives. And whatever they choose to do, I will help them as much as I possibly can. And what I can’t help with I will encourage them to find someone more knowledgable than myself so that they can fulfill their potential.

sPidA:  I was able to meet up with you in Austin Texas for your fight at King of Kombat a while back, you had a great personality going into the bout. Do you get people having a misconception of you being a cage fighter? What do you think has helped the way fans view the sport now?

Cleburn: Thank you sir. I really can’t tell what people think of me. All I can do is conduct myself as best I can so that anyone who meets me will get a positive impression. And at this point I think the sport is so mainstream that people view MMA athletes as what they are, which is some of the hardest working athletes in the world competing in the toughest sport in the world.

sPidA: Thank you for your time bro, I will be contacting you closer to fight time, any last minute words?

Cleburn: Thanks to the Lord for seeing me through so many hardships and continuing to give me more and more opportunities. Thanks to my wife April and the kids for being behind me 100%. And thanks to coach Durwyn Lamb and coach Tony Tipton and Master Sina Hadaad for giving me so much of their time and knowledge!

[Official Fight Card] Phalanx Amateur Combatants “Texas Motor Speedway Slug Fest.”

Official fight line-up for Phalanx Amateur Combatants “Texas Motor Speedway Slug Fest.” The weigh-ins are on Friday April 13, 2012 at 6:30 pm. Gym address: Phalanx MMA Academy 6080 South Hulen Rd, Suite 500. Fort Worth, TX 76132.

The fight line-up is as follows:
Blue Corner Vs Red Corner

Fight #10) Amir Khan Vs Coda Herzon Yazzie (155 pounds)
Fight #9) Anton Jones Vs Alexander Paton Rivchun (185 pounds)
Fight #8) Joseph Delaware Ferguson IV Vs Carlos Raymond Govea (155 pounds)
Fight #7) Nicholas Wade Smith Vs Dakota Wayne Coston (135 pounds)
Fight #6) Cody John Wagner Vs Aaron James Bowman (185 pounds)
Fight #5) Juan Adam Cuellar Vs Charles Tyler Morrison (205 pounds)
Fight #4) Juan Manuel Dominguez Vs Cameron Sharp (205 pounds)
Fight #3) Federico David Olivera Vs Isaiah John Gutierrez (125 pounds)
Fight #2) Bondie Dean Bradfute Vs Arturo Arellano Jr. (170 pounds)
Fight #1) Tomas Sicay Vs Robert Evan Ponce (145 pounds)

Stand by fighters:
Luther James Smalls Jr. (155 pounds)
John Ryan Smith (205 pounds)

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Phalanx Amateur Combatants
6080 South Hulen Street Suite# 500
Fort Worth, TX 76132
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