SWC 9 – REDEMPTION: Saturday, November 28, 2009

Marcus “The Wreckingball” Hicks Vs Andrew Chappelle

All tickets $35
Doors open at 7pm
Fights Start at 8pm

www.swcmma.com or call 972-379-2615

Frisco Convention Center
7600 John Q Hammons
Frisco, TX 75034


Marcus Hicks vs
Andrew Chappelle

Johnny Bedford vs
Tim Synder

TBD vs
Mike Bronzovlis

Daniel “The Pit” Pineda vs
Douglas Frey

Josh Clopton vs
Diego Ceara

Steve Garcia vs
Clint Godfrey

Frank Ortega vs
Frank Barrigan

Hector Danza vs
Mike Sierra

Skylar Duncan vs
Rodney McFarland

Joe Ponanco vs
Artenas Young

Jacob Ortiz vs TBD

* Fight Card is subject to change

My WEC 43 Experience by Jacob Calbillo

San Antonio, TX – As a journalist who has covered multiple professional sports and interviewed stars such as Tim Duncan, Lebron James and Mark Cuban for the past 5 seasons, I was intrigued by the opportunity to cover WEC 43.

I wanted to see how the up-start league compared to the big boys.  I have had co-workers and colleagues rant and rave about the unbelievable access and availability of not only the fighters but of the management as well. WEC gave me a 3 day, all-access, insider view of the organization and I left a believer.

WEC - World Extreme Cagefighting

I must admit, I have already been a die-hard fan of MMA for the past 6 years and am hard-pressed to remember more than 3 UFC pay-per-views or Spike TV specials I have missed in that time span. I have also been a loyal WEC follower for at least 3 years. Some have called the organization “the UFC’s little brother” while others have called for Zuffa to be merge WEC with the UFC and make it one product. In some aspects, I agree with the latter only because I want to see these guys get paid UFC money and be rewarded for the effort they put forth every single time in the ring but at the same time, WEC feels like my little secret. I have something a lot of MMA fans still don’t know about. These guys never disappoint. Every event has at least one moment where your jaw-drops below your knees. At least one fight will have you saying, this definitely has fight of the year potential.

Part of this is accomplished with the aide of a 26 ft ring, 4 feet smaller the UFC’s “Octagon”. The ring creates fast-paced action these lighter weight fighters thrive in. The action is non-stop with moves you will never see with the UFC’s larger fighters (i.e. see Miguel Torres’ wheel kick). They are smaller but tougher. They typically train with larger fighters who never take it easy on them. Dana White said, “If you are a fighter in the WEC, you have to be one bad mother blank.” With this in mind, I couldn’t wait to see it first hand.

I got to experience the unparalleled access granted by the WEC when Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Leonard Garcia allowed us to film and interview them for TexasFighting.com the Thursday before the fight. They couldn’t be better guys and there was never a staged answer. Everything was raw emotion, available for anyone to see.  It’s refreshing to see professional athletes who are real and not afraid of the consequences of their words, after-all, they must back them up in the cage.

My favorite part of the weigh-ins was the Q&A session with Miguel Torres, Jamie Varner and Frank Mir. Again, no generic answers, just the truth. Miguel Torres continually challenged Floyd “Money” Mayweather to a MMA fight after “Money” said they weren’t real fighters. Miguel argued that MMA fighters must be more well-rounded and questioned Floyd’s ability to survive the ground game. The most surprising moment of the night was Jamie Varner’s ability to show how good of a person he is. I thought Varner was a punk and had been running from a rematch with “Cowboy” but I left the evening pondering to myself whether all fighters should have his heart saying he wouldn’t want his younger brother to fight because Varner does this to provide a better future for him. He also seemed most media savvy, giving the perfect answer for every question. (Visit Texas Fighting on Youtube for the full Q&A with Frank Mir, Jamie Varner and Miguel Torres (WEC® 43)coverage.)

Now lets get to my prediction for Fight of the Year. “Cowboy” Cerrone and Ben Henderson.  I came in just wanting to see a great fight. I got that and more. Ben Henderson survived multiple submission attempts with literal thumbs up. In a moment that made everyone look away fearing his shoulder dislocating, Ben “smoothly” relaxed and got out of the submission not once visibly wincing or seemingly thinking of tapping. “Cowboy” was also unrelenting bringing his Muy Thai and kickboxing skills together with his under-rated ground skills to further show his all-around game. Ben Henderson answered with equally impressive stand-up and ground and pound skills. The action never allowed you to catch your own breath. I was physically exhausted just watching these two warriors battle for 5 rounds. The decision went to Ben “Smooth” Henderson. The fight was close but no one saw it as controversial. Joe Martinez promptly announced the fight as the best in WEC history and I couldn’t disagree nor could I argue that this was one of my favorite events in my professional career.

-Jacob Calbillo



STEELE CAGE 2: RELOADED, November 7, 2009 at the DR PEPPER arena in Frisco Tx. 7:30 pm. Contact Drpepperarena.com for tickets

Fight card:


]SETH CLIFTON Southeast Asian Academy vs. DERRICK “D-ROCK” KRANTZ] Team 515


IRA “THE HURRICANE” BOYD no affiliation vs CLAY “TWEET” HANTZ West Texas MMA


TBA vs ROY SPOON Dallas Jawbreakers




Exclusive Interview with Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia

Leonard Garcia talks about how he got into mma fighting, his fight with Roger Huerta and the TapouT house. Special thanks to Leonard Garcia.

Brought to you by TexasFighting.com

Interview and video by: Jacob Calbillo

Video editing by: Chris Lopez, Jr.

Championship Showdown Post Fight Results

The crowd showed up early for last nights event.  Everyone present was anxious to see a good amateur mma fight.  There were quite a few fighters representing their fight clubs and avid fight fans present to watch.

These were the fighters on the card (winners shown in yellow):

Featherweight (145 lbs)
Lindsey White (Austin), 28 yrs, 0 – 0 vs. Rigoberto Serrano (New Braunfels), 28 yrs, 0 – 0

Lightweight (155 lbs)
Jared Reeves (Austin), 22 yrs, 0 – 0 vs. Paul Silva (Kyle), 29 yrs, 0 -0

Middleweight (185 lbs)
John Aguirre (San Marcos), 23 yrs, 0 – 0 vs. Jeramiah Quintanilla (New Braunfels), 24 yrs, 0 – 0

Heavyweight (290 lbs)
Michael Rosenberg (McAllen), 25 yrs, 0 – 2 vs. Tim Davila (Kyle), 23 yrs, 0 – 0

Welterweight (175 lbs)
Lester Clark (Austin), 29 yrs, 1 – 1 vs. Bobby Hernandez (Kyle), 24 yrs, 0 – 0

Welterweight (175 lbs)
Aaron LanFranco (Austin), 23 yrs, 3 – 0 vs. Nael Chavez (Austin), 30 yrs, 2 – 0

Flyweight (125 lbs)
Amadro Estrada (Lockhart), 30 yrs, vs. Brandon Powers (New Braunfels) 20 yrs

Lightweight (155 lbs)
Timothy Griesheimer (Austin), 26 yrs, 0 – 0 vs. Reynaldo Rodriguez (New Braunfels), 22 yrs, 0 – 2

Main Event: Bantamweight Championship (135 lbs)
Billy Buch (New Braunfels) 28 yrs, 3 – 0 vs. Todd Gentry (New Braunfels) 32 yrs, 4 -4

While there were a lot of great amateur fighters on the card, there were a few that TexasFighting.com recognized as individuals who fit the bill of future professional Mixed Martial Artists.  Each of the individuals that stood out to me were focused, driven, in tip top condition, and displayed good sportsmanship.  Those fighters were: Jared Reeves of CTC in Austin, Texas, Aaron LanFranco of Puros Chingasos out of Lockhart, Texas and Billy Buch out of New Braunfels, Texas, representing Gladiators Academy.

First off, Jared Reeves.  For his debut, he came off as a very calm, very easy going guy. But, the thing that got me the most, was that he appeared to be more of a pretty boy than a fighter.  Boy was I wrong!  If my misjudgment is a common one, then any fighter who misjudges him in the ring will surely be in for a rude awakening.  Reeves, who’s only 22 years old, definitely got my attention the moment the fight started by maintaining his composure and controlling the fight.  And when the fight was over, he looked like he was ready for more.  I’m definitely looking forward to his next fight.

Jared Reeves won the fight by tap out in the 1st round!

Now on to Aaron LanFranco.  LanFranco displays a fighter’s spirit through and through.  He’s confident almost to the point of being cocky.  He can brawl, yet still show great technique.  After this fight he now has a 4-0 amateur record.  Bottom-line, at 23 years old, I have no doubt about this kid making a name for himself in this industry.  He’s a great fighter!

Aaron Lanfranco ended up taking the win on a TKO.

Billy Buch is definitely a star in the making.  Those who know Buch (Boo) either love him or hate him.  Out of all the fighters, Billy Buch represents himself and his sponsors with a level of maturity that you seldom find in an amateur fighter.  Billy shows a drive and love for the sport as if he’s already a pro.  If you’re interested in learning more about Billy check out his interview by visiting: Billy Buch ‘s Interview with TexasFighting.com.

Billy Buch went the full five rounds with Todd Gentry and won the fight by decision.

During the MMA event I also met and talked to some great folks like UFC fighter Pete “Secret Weapon” Spratt from San Antonio, Gary Cunningham with King of Kombat/Zero Overhead Productions, and Mark Bader of PureFight.org.  Also, the event wouldn’t be as crazy and loud without the HOOLIGAN section.  You know who you are – true lovers of the fight!  You’re recognized by your chant “Ole, Ole, Ole.”  Great meeting and seeing you all.  Also, be on the lookout for more 1 on 1 interviews of some of the fighters mentioned…

Till the next round,

Chris Lopez, Jr.
Owner, TexasFighting.com

Video credit to Mark at Purefight.org