“I am determined to prove everyone that has said I can’t – WRONG!” A few words from Tommy “GUNN” Guerrero

Danny Flick , Josh Rios , Polo Sanchez and Tommy"GUNN"Guerro

sPidA: Your coming off a great win on your MMA debut, was a submission your game plan or were you just prepared where ever it went?

Guerrero:For my debut i was ready for anything, i just wanted to make the fight entertaining for the fans and for everyone that came out to support me. This was my debut, i had been waiting for this moment for years so i didnt want to lose my first fight. When i got to the venue i was thinking i would be neverous walking to the cage but i was mentally and physically prepared, i was not nervous at all and i was very calm during my fight. It was just the right time to do work.

sPidA: You representing a great fight team, what guys do you have out there pushing you to reach your limits?

Guerrero: Man Full Contact Fight Academy is full of talent. We have guys like Hector Munoz, Roger Narvaez,Cory Bellino,and Josh Rios to name a few. These guys push me to the limit and they do not take it easy on me lol, at the same time they help alot. I am greatful to be part of such a great team and although the Flick brothers are not in town anymore , they too helped me so much. My jiu jitsu coach Aurelio Gallegos also has alot to do with us being well versed in the ground game.

sPidA : Has competing in MMA been in the works or was seeing your training partners compete just motivate you to do so?

Guerrero: To be honest i have been training MMA since 2007 and i was supposed to make my debut a few years back but things just kept on happening, then in 2009 i herniated 2 discs and that just set me back even further. I was so depressed that i couldnt train or do anything but be in pain. My doctor told me that i was never going to train or be the same again and i was determined to prove him and everyone else that said i wouldnt train again wrong. So i did alot of research and found a book online from a Dr. who specailized in spinal injuries. I bought that and followed his directions and i also found a local chiropracter who had a drx – 9000 (spinal decompression machine) and nearly a year later i was back at it.

sPidA: You’ve been to Cowboys Dance Hall before making your debut, what are your thoughts on the place, enjoy yourself there as a fan?

Guerrero: Cowboys Dance Hall is a great place for MMA! So many fans come out to not only support their local mma fighter but the sport of mma and that is awsome.They also advertise pretty well, facebook, the radio etc. so they are pretty popular.  As a fan of MMA myself I enjoy watching the fights, Jen does a awsome job of match making and that makes for some exciting fights.

spidA: I know your Team trains in all aspects of the fight game, is there one your better at(strking/grappling) are you still improving both?

Guerrero: I am still improving on both. I love the stand up game and my jiu jitsu is good. our jiu jitsu program run by Aurelio Gallegos is one of the best in Texas. We have 3 BJJ Black Belts in one place and so many technical jiu jitsu guys so our ground game is no joke. Our stand up is second to non, Hector Munoz has very technical kickboxing and im eager to get to the level he is at. I just need to let my hands go on this next fight and thats what we are working on. My hands are good, i have been boxing since 2001 but soon enough i will show what my hands are like, and with kicks being involved its just even better because i love to throw combos that end with kicks.

sPidA:  With promotions like M1 Global,BELLATOR and the UFC are you setting your goals to reach these promtotions?

Guerrero: I would love to fight for anyone of those promotions. Bellator puts on some awsome fights and the possibility of fighting for them is more realistic since they travel alot and have come to our area a few times. Id also like to fight in Japan, But of course the UFC is the main one. Im far from it but i will do my best to get there.

sPidA: What was the first live MMA bout you had seen, do you remember your thoughts on watching it live?

Guerrero: My first live event was one of the Renegade Extreme Fighting fights back in the day. A family friend from my home town of Alice, Texas would fight and i got to go with him and I got to be back stage. I also had my seconds license at 17 so being around the fighters and guys like Rocky Long and Carlo Prater who were very friendly got me hooked! Just to see the fighters before their fight, during and after was just like wow, these guys just put it all out there, i couldnt wait to get my turn. Oh and i got to meet my favortie fighter Yves Edwards at one of the Renegade Events in Houston that was a great night lol

sPidA: When not training, whats a chill day for you? (unwind,TV, Flying a kite ,<~kidding)

Guerrero: I am a huge History buff so i like to read up on history when ever i can. I also work in the I.T field so dealing with new technology is common so i like to read up and learn about how things work and how i can become a better I. T Professional. I also like to watch Ghost Adventures and Nat Geo and i cant forget playing Xbox live, That is always fun. But most importantly Im really close to my family, so when im not training i like to spend as much time as i can with them. I work 8-5, then go home to get my things and head to Corpus by 5:30. It takes me about 45 min to get to the gym so if they are home after 5 i get to see them briefly but usually they are not and by the time i get home from training my mom and step dad are asleep and my sisters are at their houses. You know time flies and i see my nieces and nephews growing up so fast it makes me sad that im not involved more in their lives. I wish that i could spend more time with everyone but one day this life i have chosen will be worth it.

sPidA: With a nickname like GUNN, can your opponents always expect an all out war,who gave you the nickname or how did it come about?

Guerrero: The nick name Tommy Gunn has been around since i was a kid. Before i chose to fight the older guys would say “whats up Tommy Gunn” so when i decided to fight i knew what i was gonna use. My opponents should expect to go all out for 15 minutes because thats what i train for but with the Gunns (my striking) should be what they worry about, but Im always ready for anything and everything.

sPidA: Is your family involved in your choice of acticities,how has their reaction been to watching your fight or hearing of it?

Guerrero: My family is very supportive of what i do.Since my jiu jitsu tournaments they have always been involved and now MMA they want to be there for me. My mom doesnt agree with it but she accepts it lol. She will see when i buy her a house one day that I chose a good profession. One of my sisters and uncles got to see my fight live along with one of my nieces and nephews and numerous cousins so they were very excited when i won. When i got home my family including my mom who never wants to hear about it was asking details lol so it was cool to come home with my first victory. There will be more to come thats for sure and hopefully they will be recorded so i can show my grandpa who is now a MMA fan. He used to bad mouth the guys hugging on the ground but now he is retired and watches alot of MMA reruns so he likes to see his favorite fighter Urijah Faber fight lol. He was so upset when Mike Brown beat Faber, he now hates Mike Brown. He also appreciates the submissions, its funny to sit with him and watch fights with the things he says like grab the arm and the neck so i hope we will be watching my fights on his tv or he will be watching me fights live on tv.

sPidA: If you could fight any other athlete in the world(non MMA) whom would it be and why?

Guerrero: If i could fight any other athlete non MMA I would have to choose Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore lol just kidding id say i would like to fight Juan Manuel Marquez. Not because i dont like him, because i think he is one of the best Mexican boxers out there. So if i got to fight him i would get to say i fought a legend in the sport of boxing. For some reason i also want to say Eli Manning because im a Dallas Cowboy fan and he upsets me alot lol
sPidA: Thank you for your time bro,I’ll be seeing ya come May, anything else you’d like to blast to end this inreview?

Guerrero: Your welcome and Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I know im just coming up but i intend to make a name for my self in MMA. I just want to thank the Lord for another day of life and for me being able to do the things im doing now and for the people in my life. I want to thank my family who I love very much for being there for me and put up with me. My friends who support what i do and my team mates and coaches who put it on me and help me prepare for my fights or tournaments. and to the MMA fans who come out to support their fighter, thank you for making this sport a great one!

“I will not go down without a Fight!!” Roman Huerta Interview by: sPidA

Roman Huerta will be making his return to the Cage on March 31st in his hometown of Odessa, TX for 24/7 Amateur Association. Great young man I’ve met twice myself while he competed here, in my hometown of San Antonio,TX. Here we go!!

sPidA: Coming back from a loss, are you coming in with something to prove, what have you learned from that loss?

Huerta: Coming back from a loss just gave me more dedication to train harder and to be more prepare for anything! Once you have lost a fight then you know how it feels to lose and get hurt,so from now on instead of wondering how it feels to lose, I’m going to make sure I don’t go through that again !!

sPidA: Would you say fighting in front of a home crowd would be motivation or pure frustration?

Huerta: I’m thinking the home crowd will give me motivation cause fighting in front of all your friends and family, it’ll give me the extra push in the fight to never give up !!

sPidA: If you had a time machine, where would you travel back to and why?

Huerta: If I had a time machine I think I would go back to when I was in seventh grade and change myself from being that lazzy kid to being an active athlete and to start training mixed martial arts at that age, that would be awesome because I would have all that knowledge in the sport right know !

sPidA: Your a big guy coming into your fights, how much weight do you drop and is this harder to do then the fight itself?

Huerta: Cutting weight is not the hardest thing but it is the most annoying. I used to fight at 205 and now I will fight at 185 so its a big drop in weight but since this is my first 185 fight I have no idea how I will react in the cage with this much weight drop but what I do know is I will not give up easy !!

sPidA: From what I read,you have been having opponent change on you a few times, have you changed your game plan or do you train the same for every fight?

Huerta: Yes as a matter of fact I had 3 opponents changed on me and no I did not change my fight game,in Mixed Martial Arts you should never study anybody by their last fights,always be prepared for anything because just like you can change your fight game so can they.

sPidA: Thank you for your time bro any last minute thanks or shouts to those reading this on TexasFighting?

Huerta: I just want to say thanks to my friends and family that supported me, my trainer rick and all my team that has helped push me through training. My sponsor Permian Basin eye care who helps me out on free eye exams!! I can’t promise a win in the fight but I promise i will not go down without a fight !!!

“I have such a passion for training…” Stephanie Alba Interview by: sPidA

sPidA: You’ll be competing in your 2nd MMA bout come April 14th,what did you learn from your debut in Mixed Martial Arts?

Stephanie: I learned soooo much from that fight. I mostly learned that in MMA you can not be one dimensional but well rounded. I think I’m becoming more well rounded.

sPidA: You’ve stayed active in Grappling Tournaments ,would you say your strong point would be your grappling?

Stephanie: Yes, its definitely what I love to do. Its like a chess match on the ground. Being a smaller chick its fun to be able to hold bigger guys down or be able to make space, reverse position and tap them out despite the weight difference.

sPidA : With all due respect to your gym Urban Jungle, have you crossed trained any to prepare you for your upcoming bout at the Legacy Amateur event come April 14th?

Stephanie: Yes! I’ve actually worked with some great coaches from 4 oz fight club. Jeremy and Bob push me in different ways. Those guys have a passion for fighting and I love how welcome they have made me feel. I think its smart to have other coaches helping out and giving me pointers and also being able to spar with other females. I’ve worked with some other great female fighters like Jennifer Scott and Kristy Kester over at 4 oz. I recently started working with my old boxing coach Aaron Pena from Gracie Barra, but Urban Jungle is my home gym. Tony and Michelle are definitely the ones who have inspired me to become a personal trainer and a fighter.

sPidA : Working as a personal trainer, is it easier to stay motivated before any of your competitions?

Stephanie: I think so.I basically live in the gym. My co-workers are so supportive of my training. Everyone I work with is always giving me advice as to what I should be eating, how I should be training and also when I need to rest and recover. They also help passively stretch me out so that’s always nice.

sPidA: What athletes in Mixed Martial Arts/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu do you look up to for motivation, any that you would like to train with?

Stephanie: Marc Ramirez one of my teammates at Urban Jungle who is someone I look up to. He helps keep me motivated and when we hang out its mostly talking about fighting and training. Recently another fighter Justin Rieswerg whom I got to hang out with during his last fight camp, taught me a thing or two about fighting and nutrition. All the women I went to fight camp with last July in Vegas G2 seeing what they are all doing really helps motivate me. I got to train with Carla Esparza and she has become one of my favorite fighters and I sooooo love her style. I would love to train with her again.

sPidA: What are some of your goals outside of Mixed Martial Arts / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Stephanie: Some of my goals are to finish school and open up my own Self defense gym that is geared toward women and children. I have such a passion for training and helping people out and changing lives for the better,

sPidA: You seemed to have really kept a strict diet to make weight, what will your first meal be after your bout come April 14th?

Stephanie: I have been sticking to a very strict diet. I’ve never had to diet before so its been tough since I love food but the thing I really want to have is a burger and a beer! =9

sPidA: With promotions like “Girls in Gi” making a wave for women in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, how much easier is it getting to cross train and meet other women that share the passion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
Stephanie: It is so much easier to train with women now. When I first started there were no women in my weight class at BJJ competitions. It was mostly guys. I’m so grateful that the sport is growing and we are now able to have such training available such as Girls in Gis. Its so different training with women than men. Our bodies just move differently. Makes it nice.

sPidA: Are your parents very supportive of what your doing both in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Mixed Martial Arts? How do they feel about your choices in combat sports?

Stephanie: My parents are sooooo supportive of my training. They thinks its cool since I have such a passion for the sport. My dad likes watching MMA so its cool and brags about me to his friends. My grandfather was actually a pro boxer waaay back in the day so no wonder I like it. My mom wants to come to my fight but I don’t think I’m gonna let her. I think it would be too stressful.

sPidA: Thank you for your time Stephanie,wish you all the best, any last minute thank yous to those reading this?

Stephanie: I want to thank my coaches Tony and Michelle/Urban Jungle. My 4 oz coaches Jeremy and Bob and to all my teammates at both gyms. Tussle Fight Gear. Nokout, and everyone who supports me through it all. Last but not least sPidA for taking the time to interview me.

Q&A with Sonny Luque for his upcoming Bellator Debut by sPidA

Courtesy of Sonny Luque Trad

sPidA: Your making your debut for BELLATOR FC in your home town, do you get nervous fighting in front of your family and friends or motivated?

Sonny Luque: What’s up Spida! First of all thank you very much for taking time to interview me, really humbled..Fighting for Bellator is a dream come true man.. Any mma fighter wishes to make a big show and they dont get much bigger then ufc/strikeforce and bellator.. and the fact that its in my hometown is really an honor, I feel truly blessed.. As far as nervous, I wouldn’t say that, but would be lying if I told you I didn’t feel the extra pressure.. I have so many people counting on me and believing in me and I dont wanna let anybody down..

sPidA: What was it that first attracted you to MMA? Do you still have that same drive in the sport?

Sonny Luque: I’ve always been into martial arts. I started tae kwon do and boxing when I was 6yrs old. I’ve alway had that feeling that if I was born a couple of centuries swinging an ax during battle, I would have been right at home. Its just something I knew I was going to do all along, not necessarily mma, but I knew I had to do something with fighting. The drive is still there and has never left. I think every fighter wants to be the best. Anyone that says different is in the sport for the wrong reason and usually won’t last very long.

sPidA: We don’t hear much about MMA in Laredo,TX, how has the MMA scene grown in the past years or is it still growing?

Sonny Luque: The want and popularity is here for the sport. A lot of people love it and every bar is packed during ufc fights. Its still growing here in Laredo. Besides my school LAREDO MMA ACADEMY, there really isnt any other gym here in Laredo committed to 100% mma.

sPidA: Being so close to the border, do you guys fight outside the U.S.?

Sonny Luque: Actually Spida we do. I’ve fought a couple of times in Mexico and I take all my amateurs to compete over there as well. Yes it’s dangerous but thank god we haven’t had a bad experiences yet. On the opposite, the people from monterrey mexico show a lot of respect and support for us.. we have a good fallowing in mexico..

sPidA: Friday March 23rd you’ll be in the undercard for BELLATOR, anyone on the televised bout your looking forward to see compete?

Sonny Luque: Man I keep saying I hope I am the first fightsebecaue the whole card is stacked and I really want to watch all the fights man haha.. but iam really looking forward to the Patrick Pitbull fight.. that dude is a beast..

sPidA: Saw your walk out Tee, you seem to have a lot of support, give them a shout on this next question bro!

Sonny Luque: Yes, thank god I have plenty of support in my hometown.. I am really humbled and just really happy people believe in me this much.. if I could take time to thank VECTRA SECURE ZONE, MIKE’S BAIL BONDS, SOUTH TEXAS SOLAR SYSTEMS, DRAGONFLY AVIATION, GHP POOLS, MI ESPERANZA PROVIDER CARE, ROYAL E TRANSPORTS, CINCO MMA, SAITOS MA, SWOLLE FITNESS APARELL, EL PONCHO, JESSICA PRADO, THE FIGHT GYM, PERFECT FIT BY MANDY, AND OF COURSE ALL MY STUDENTS AT LAREDO MMA ACADEMY, I love you all!!

sPidA: What are your plans after this bout or are you taking it one fight at a time?

Sonny Luque: I’ve got plenty of offers on the table at this point.. iam really hoping to be impressive enough to fight soon for bellator again.. but this year i will be fighting again in mexico, miami, and one more time for my hometown in the summer.. its kinda hard to focus 100% on my fighting when i have other fighters to train, a gym to run, and i also help matchmaking for the shows that are here in laredo.. pretty much if it has to do with mma in laredo i find a way to get involved..

sPidA: Thank you brother for your time and best of luck on your next bout!

Sonny Luque: Thank you again Spida, really appreciate the opportunity, god bless..

Interview with Anthony “TJ” Waldburger

Ran into TJ Walburgher @ Seguin MMA one Saturday afternoon while visiting King Webb,so I jumped on the opportunity to ask him a few questions: Here goes!
sPidA: First off,thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time bro,much appreciated.

TJ: Not a problem man, glad I could help.

sPidA: First off,what do you have going on in your fighting career,heard you had renewed your UFC contract?

TJ: I actually did, renewed another 4 fight contract,next fight is in Australian and Aaron Rosa is on that card aswell.

sPidA: Good deal,spoketo Aaron the other day and that’s great that we will have 2 fighters on that card to represent our great State of Texas,will this be your first time visiting Australia?

T.J: It is,it’s actually the longest flight ever to,goingto be a long boring flight (laughter by both)

sPidA: Ouch! 16hrs? That is insane…How’s your training thus far? Are you training to avoid jet lag,I mean are you on tune with the time in Australia?

TJ: My training is actually going very well,my coaches and team mates are really pushing me,as for training for the jet lag, it’;s goingto be a long flight, I figure I’ll just sleep and wake up to whatever time it is when we arrive.

sPidA: Sounds fair, you actually have a record in the UFC for most submissions attempted during a match,with that said,do yoo consider yourself a grappler first then a striker?

TJ: Not at all, I’m feel comfortable on the ground but I do enjoy striking,I just go with the flow but I do consider myself a freestyle fighter.

sPidA: Well said, thank you TJ for this opportunity, any last comments or people you’d like to give thanks to?

TJ: Thank you man and yes I’d like to thank the UFC for the opportunities, my coaches and training partners (Grappler’s Lair) and most importantly my wife Shayla and my family for their support!

Over 35 years of fighting and love for the sport. – Jeff Bonugli Interview

Jeff Bonugli is 54 years old and has been in martial arts for over 35 years.  He has fought all over Texas, Louisiana and even Mexico winning tournaments in full contact karate and American kickboxing. Jeff has experienced life through a fighter’s eyes and has seen the good and the bad: “Martial Arts got me through a rough patch in my life. It helped me get through my lowest point. If it wasn’t for Martial Arts and my mentor and Sensei Mr. Chris Lopez , I wouldn’t be here today.” He’s fought in Karate tournaments, Judo, Kickboxing and now for the first and last time, MMA.

Jeff is a humble man who came from a time when the sport was more than just fighting, it was a way of life. He lived and breathed it. A respect for the sport and his elders plays a big role in how he conducts himself. Many of today’s fighters, he feels, don’t understand that. It’s not always about being the biggest and baddest, it’s about discipline and honor.

Mr. Bonugli will be getting back into the ring come July 17th to face a man half his age. Jeff’s not doing this for the money, a boost in his career or anything a young fighter is in it for. He’s doing it to prove to himself that he still has what it takes even at age 54. He’s doing it for his two nieces who were killed, one in a car accident and another who was shot at point blank range. He’s doing it most importantly for the faith that he has gained in a belief of a Savior who died for us. This last one is what truly motivates him, not just to fight but what carries him and has carried him through out his life. This is who he gives all the credit to. Whether he wins or loses, he knows that Jesus Christ laid down his life for him and this is what motivates him the most. To give the glory to God.

In the video you’ll hear some brief stories about the good ole days of martial arts and what it means to him, as well as his final goodbyes to 35 years of fighting and a true love for the sport. Much respect is given to this man who, not only lived it, but plans to prove it once again in the cage.

Jeff will make his way to the cage on July 17th, 2010 in San Antonio at the Municipal Auditorium. A total of three, three minute rounds, win or lose, Jeff will give his all and leave the rest up to his Maker.

Interview by: Chris Lopez Jr.