Heroes Fighting Championship Footage & MMA Fight Highlights

Heroes Fighting Championship Footage & MMA Fight Highlights
Brought to you by: TexasFighting.com
Video By: Chris Lopez Jr.

TexasFighting.com would like to thank all those who participated in this video!

Special thanks to “Spida”, the US Military, Texas Veterans, Jorge De Leon and Chip of TAMMA for letting us cover his event.

For Jorge Deleon interview check 0.28 into the video.

TexasFighting.com will be at Heroes Fighting Championship

TexasFighting.com will be at the TAMMA Heroes Fighting Championship today for 9 rounds of Amateur MMA. In forming this company I don’t want to forget why it’s been put together. The heart and soul of fighting is in the amateurs. These are the unknown fighters who are striving to get their names on the headlines and make a name for themselves in this industry. They don’t receive any pay and most of them aren’t able to train full-time. These folks do it mainly for the love of the fight.

Tonight we’ll see a few of these fighters who wear this on their sleeve to a T. One of those fighters is a Texas Fighting favorite, Aaron Lanfranco. Lanfranco has an arsenal that truly makes him a well rounded fighter. He’s got his stand-up game down, he’s got good groundwork and he’s able to brawl. Since his first fight he’s been fighting amateur fights every month. If you ask him about his workout schedule before a fight he’ll reply with, “I do the same thing I always do, I work, hang out with my girlfriend and train whenever I can. To be honest, I just like to fight.” He’s just a relaxed and confident guy who’s always ready to face his next fighting challenge.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Lanfranco who’s fighting 9th on the card and the many others looking for a victory. The doors open at 6:00 pm and you can find the directions, the fight card and flyer here:  HEROES FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP.

We look forward to seeing you at the fight!

Chris Lopez, Jr.
Founder & MMA Hooligan


TAMMA: Hero’s Fighting Championship
Texas Amateur
Mixed Martial Arts

November 14th in Ft. Sam Houston, Texas
Jimmy Brought Fitness Center
Bldg. 320, Wilson Rd.

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1 Sanborn v. O’Riley
2 Bartholomy v. Cole
3 Martinez v. Vasquez
4 Rodriguez v. Martin
5 Quintanilla v. Kucharski
6 Ledet v. Deleon
7 Martinez v. Lopez
8 Cabral v. Flores
9 Lanfranco v. Wilson