“Lights Out” Leading Man Holt McCallany Joined MMA Stars Bas Rutten and Frank Shamrock

PRESS RELEASE: Westlake Village, CA. Mar. 1, 2011

Live on KTLA to Take a Stand against Bullying

Bullying is a growing epidemic that is prevalent in nearly every community. It is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students, according to the National Education Association. Last week Holt McCallany, leading man of the hit FX series “Lights Out”, joined MMA stars Bas Rutten and Frank Shamrock live on KTLA. The FX star, HDNet “Inside MMA” host, and Showtime Sports Analyst came together to talk about bullying, ways to prevent it, and the benefits of learning self-defense through martial arts. The KTLA Morning News segment aired live from Bas Rutten’s Elite MMA training facility in Westlake Village, California.

During the segment the stars spoke about their experiences with bullying, how mixed martial arts changed their lives, and the importance of taking a stand against this very prevalent epidemic. Fans that tuned in to the KTLA Morning News segment were treated to a rare glimpse of former rivals Bas Rutten and Frank Shamrock sharing laughs instead of blows. During one of the live segment teasers, the MMA legends were shown competing against each other in the mixed martial arts video game, EA Sports MMA. Rutten and Shamrock, who are both characters in the game, threw down on screen instead of in the ring, showing kids at home that there are less violent ways to settle a dispute.

Self-defense through mixed martial arts was also a strong focus of the segment. Bas Rutten’s Elite Krav Maga instructors and several young students demonstrated basic self-defense moves based on real-life bullying situations. Krav Maga is touted as one of the most effective “real life” self-defense systems in the world. It’s easy to learn and can be a useful tool to help kids ward off school yard bullies.

According to Bas Rutten, “In a course like Krav Maga students gain a sense of empowerment. They also learn self-control, which is very important when encountering a bullying situation. The Bully usually goes for the insecure guy; the more insecure you look the easier target you are. Once a kid knows how to defend themselves they are very confident and it shows.”

Throughout the segment the stars spoke to KTLA reporter Allie MacKay about their own personal experiences with bullying and how martial arts improved their lives. Rutten pointed out that he had a skin disease as a child and was teased by other kids. Through mixed martial arts training Rutten’s health improved along with his self-confidence, which opened up a whole new world for him.

As an adult, Shamrock experienced bullying of a different kind, an act known as “cyber bullying.” Cyber bulling is when a person uses e-technology such as e-mail or a social media site to victimize others. It is said to be just as damaging, if not more so, than physical bullying. Frank Shamrock’s cyber bullying experience prompted him to spearhead his own anti-bully campaign.

FX “Lights Out” leading man, Holt McCallany, who has also experienced the effects of bullying, is a strong advocate of high profile athletes and celebrities speaking out against it. McCallany had this to say about being bullied as a child and martial arts, “I was sent to a boarding school in Ireland when I was 14 years old and was the only American. I was picked on a lot and learned very quickly that I had to learn to stand up for myself. The self-confidence and discipline gained through mixed martial arts makes a big difference and it will follow you throughout your life.

McCallany, Rutten, and Shamrock unanimously agree that the self-esteem building aspect of martial arts can make a big difference in a child’s life, as they are living proof.  To view the informative and highly entertaining KTLA Morning News segment on anti-bully/self-defense, please click on the links below:

Krav Maga techniques based on real life bullying situations featuring Bas Rutten:

About Bas Rutten and Frank Shamrock:

Bas Rutten is a well-recognized color commentator, accredited actor, television host, coach and entrepreneur. He is also a children’s fitness advocate on the Cartoon Network and a participant in the networks highly publicized “anti-bullying” campaign, and popular host on HDNet’s “Inside MMA.” To learn more about Bas Rutten, please visit Basrutten.com.

Frank Shamrock is an MMA color commentator on CBS, Showtime, and ESPN2 and is internationally known as one of the world’s top martial arts instructors and trainers. Shamrock, also an accomplished author, wrote the popular book “Mixed Martial Arts for Dummies.” For more information about Frank Shamrock, please log on to Frankshamrock.com.

Grand Opening of the new Bas Rutten MMA Elite Gym

Although this isn’t Texas related it’s big news in MMA from our friends at Team Bas Rutten!

PRESS RELEASE: Sep 22, 2010 – Thousand Oaks, California

Bas Rutten, Randy Khatami and Ken Lawson announce the opening of the Elite MMA Gym in Thousand Oaks with a day of self defense and fitness for the whole family, including defense and fitness exhibitions, giveaways, and special guests on September 25th.

Members of the public and press are encouraged to come out and experience Bas Rutten – MMA 101, Elite Krav Maga – The Ultimate in Self Defense Training, the Grappling Exhibition for Kids with Randy Khatami, Extreme Fit Bag Classes, and CorMax Fitness demos.

The Elite MMA Gym is a certified CorMax Training Center, and equipped with state of the art strength and conditioning machines. The 8,000 sq. ft. facility houses a cage, 3,000 sq. ft. of mat and heavy bag space, and is equipped with advanced cardio, weight training and fitness equipment. Elite MMA will offer self defense and MMA training for all levels from basic to advanced. Classes include The Bas Rutten MMA System, Elite Krav Maga, boxing, and Extreme Fit Bag Classes.

For those that cannot make the grand opening, celebrate on BasRutten.com with “Bas Rutten System” gear and clothing sale at BasRutten.com/hex and train from home with Bas Rutten’s, Body Action System – BodyActionSystem.com!

Date: September 25, 2010
Time: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location: Elite MMA Gym
880 Hampshire Rd. Suite X
Westlake Village, CA 91362

Special Guests Include:

  • Bas Rutten
  • Kevin James
  • Cris “Cyborg” Santos
  • Kevin Randlemen
  • “Big John” McCarthy
  • Gene LeBell
  • Steven “The Fight Professor” Quadros
  • Jason “Mayhem” Miller
  • Benji “The Razor” Radach
  • Krzysztof “The Polish Experiment” Soszynski
  • Renato “Babalu” Sobral

plus MANY more of your favorite fighters and MMA personalities!

Shark Fights Announces World-Class Commentating Team

PRESS RELEASE: Aug. 19, 2010

Bas Rutten, Don Frye and Ron Kruck to Call the PPV Action for Shark Fights MMA: Jardine vs. Prangley.

The commentating team, as the intermediary between the fight action and viewers, is vital to the success of televised mixed martial art events. Understanding the importance of the broadcasters, Shark Fight Promotions has recruited a world-class commentating team. The unique and talented three-man lineup consists of two MMA legends: Bas Rutten and Don Frye, as well as popular HDNet television personality Ron Kruck. This team of entertaining and dynamic personalities will ensure a first-rate experience for fans tuning into the Shark Fights Pay-Per-View broadcast on September 11.

According to Brent Medley, president of Shark Fight Promotions, “We have put together what we refer to as our ‘Commentating Dream Team’ to call the action during our September 11 Pay-Per-View event. It was extremely important to us to secure a credible commentating team that is not only knowledgeable, but also exciting and entertaining to watch. We feel we have accomplished that. We are confident that Bas Rutten and Don Frye will prove to be one of the best, and most entertaining, color commentating teams that the MMA community has ever experienced.”

Don Frye and Bas Rutten, known for their unpredictable humor and first hand knowledge of the sport, boast a laundry list of impressive career accolades that reach far beyond their legendary fight status. They are both popular and highly respected MMA personalities recognized worldwide. Now, for the first time ever, Rutten and Frye will be a part of the same color commentating team. MMA fans should expect the unexpected, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.

Bas Rutten has been involved in the fight industry, in some capacity, for more than 20 years. He was the UFC Heavyweight Champion, a three time King of Pancrase, and finished his fight career on a twenty-two-fight win streak. He is also a well-recognized color commentator, accredited actor, television host, coach and entrepreneur. Millions have watched Rutten on television and in major motion pictures such as “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” and “Sinners & Saints”. Most recently, his voice can be heard in MGM’s live-action comedy, “The Zookeeper,” along with the voices of Adam Sandler, Cher, and Sylvester Stallone. Rutten is also a fitness advocate on the Cartoon Network and a popular host on HDNet’s “Inside MMA.” As a coach, he has trained celebrities and some of the top athletes in the world. He also has a popular line of self-defense, training, and fitness videos, and is the creator of one of the most effective mixed martial arts training tools on the market, the Body Action System.

Don Frye, also known as “The Predator,” is considered a pioneer in the sport of mixed martial arts. Along with his collegiate wrestling experience, Frye holds a second degree black belt in Judo, has a professional boxing record, and has fought for the most prestigious fight promotions in the world. Frye is best known for his success in Pride, K-1 and The Ultimate Fighting Championships, but has also added coach, writer, radio personality, color commentator and accredited actor to his long list of impressive accolades. Frye has made appearances on popular television shows such as: “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Miami Vice,” “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” and “The Best Damn Sports Show Period.” He has starred in the major motion picture “Honor” and lent his voice for a children’s film, “The Ant Bully.” Frye’s most recent films include; Rob Schneider’s prison comedy “Big Stan,” “Public Enemies,” and “Salt” featuring Angelina Jolie.

Medley concluded with, “In addition to our dynamic color commentating duo, we took it one step further and engaged popular MMA reporter and television personality Ron Kruck to call the play-by-play action. We are extremely happy with the team that we put together and are confident that the fans will be to.”

Ron Kruck, also a well-respected personality within the industry, has covered practically every sport imaginable. Major sporting events he has covered beyond MMA include; the Stanley Cup playoffs, Major League Baseball playoffs, NBA playoffs, NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, Olympic Trials and the Fiesta and Orange Bowls. Kruck has worked for Mark Cuban’s high-definition network, HDNet, since 2003 and is the lead reporter / news anchor for the popular program “Inside MMA” along with Bas Rutten and host Kenny Rice. Kruck also produces and hosts a weekly segment on the show titled “Kruck’s Korner,” which showcases unique people and stories from the MMA world. Kruck currently spends most of his time reporting from the ring of “HDNet Fights.” In addition to conducting pre- and post-fight interviews, Kruck is known for his informative and insightful play-by-play announcing.

Shark Fights MMA: Jardine vs. Prangley, will take place on Saturday, September 11 at the Amarillo Civic Center Coliseum. Doors open at 6:00pm CT. Fights start at 7:00 pm CT. PPV airs at 10:00pm ET. Tickets are on sale now! To purchase event tickets please go to www. Sharkfights.com, www.Panhandletickets.com, or visit any Panhandle ticket outlet.

Shark Fights MMA: Jardine vs. Prangley will be available live on Pay-Per-View on iN DEMAND, Bell TV and Viewers Choice Canada for just $29.99! Contact your cable provider for details. For additional information on Shark Fight Promotions, please visit www.sharkfights.com.

About Shark Fight Promotions:
Shark Fight Promotions, an innovative fight promotion company based out of Amarillo Texas, is dedicated to driving the growth of mixed martial arts through the production of high quality MMA events and by effectively showcasing MMA fighters. The organization takes pride in putting the fans and fighters first; therefore they strive to make each Shark Fight event more exciting than the last. Executives within the organization are committed to producing impressive fight cards with extremely competitive match-ups. They are also passionate about their philanthropic endeavors. Shark Fight Promotions stays involved in charity causes by partnering with, and contributing to, non-profit organizations in each city that hosts a Shark Fight Promotions event.