Over 35 years of fighting and love for the sport. – Jeff Bonugli Interview

Jeff Bonugli is 54 years old and has been in martial arts for over 35 years.  He has fought all over Texas, Louisiana and even Mexico winning tournaments in full contact karate and American kickboxing. Jeff has experienced life through a fighter’s eyes and has seen the good and the bad: “Martial Arts got me through a rough patch in my life. It helped me get through my lowest point. If it wasn’t for Martial Arts and my mentor and Sensei Mr. Chris Lopez , I wouldn’t be here today.” He’s fought in Karate tournaments, Judo, Kickboxing and now for the first and last time, MMA.

Jeff is a humble man who came from a time when the sport was more than just fighting, it was a way of life. He lived and breathed it. A respect for the sport and his elders plays a big role in how he conducts himself. Many of today’s fighters, he feels, don’t understand that. It’s not always about being the biggest and baddest, it’s about discipline and honor.

Mr. Bonugli will be getting back into the ring come July 17th to face a man half his age. Jeff’s not doing this for the money, a boost in his career or anything a young fighter is in it for. He’s doing it to prove to himself that he still has what it takes even at age 54. He’s doing it for his two nieces who were killed, one in a car accident and another who was shot at point blank range. He’s doing it most importantly for the faith that he has gained in a belief of a Savior who died for us. This last one is what truly motivates him, not just to fight but what carries him and has carried him through out his life. This is who he gives all the credit to. Whether he wins or loses, he knows that Jesus Christ laid down his life for him and this is what motivates him the most. To give the glory to God.

In the video you’ll hear some brief stories about the good ole days of martial arts and what it means to him, as well as his final goodbyes to 35 years of fighting and a true love for the sport. Much respect is given to this man who, not only lived it, but plans to prove it once again in the cage.

Jeff will make his way to the cage on July 17th, 2010 in San Antonio at the Municipal Auditorium. A total of three, three minute rounds, win or lose, Jeff will give his all and leave the rest up to his Maker.

Interview by: Chris Lopez Jr.

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Total of 10 solid MMA fights in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS!

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Interview with Eduardo “DUDU” Ramos

Interview was taken at Marcello Salazar/BTT by sPidA. Enjoy the interview!

I am here with Eduardo “DUDU” Ramos, BJJ high level fighter, soon to be making his American MMA debut.. Lets get started.

sPidA: First off, what is your current MMA record?

DUDU: 2-0. 1 in New Zealand and 1 in Brazil and they are both wins.

sPidA: You are a BJJ Blackbelt are you active in BJJ tournaments?

DUDU: Oh yea, I prove my game, I like a lot of submissions… I am a BJJ high level and I have trained that way my whole life.

sPidA: As a member of ATT are you a black belt under Ricardo Liborio?

DUDU: No I received my black belt under my instructor in my City of Vitoria in Brazil.

sPidA: How did you start training with Liborio and the ATT?

DUDU: Ricardo Liborio invited me about 7 yrs ago and I’ve always trained hard with all the guys there, Mike Brown, Thiago Silva. I’m very proud about that. I’m ready to start fighting again in the U.S.

sPidA: You are scheduled to fight in Austin, TX on April 30th under the Wolfe Pack Promotions, do you know who your opponent will be?

DUDU: I haven’t heard about this guy but every professional that fights will have good skills. I trained hard for this fight so it doesn’t matter who I fight nor do I care. I just plan to go to the fight and put on a good show for the fans. I’m ready to prove my game.

sPidA: Another day at the office as they say.

DUDU: (laughs) Oh yeah that’s my work in the ring.

sPidA: So obviously you are a high level Black belt, what else have you trained in for your upcoming fight?

DUDU: I’ve been training in Muay Thai with Lumakang and Jiu-Jitsu/Wrestling with Salazar. He’s a really really good friend of mine. I train hard and have been here 2 months.

sPidA: What do you plan on doing after your fight and win on April 30th?

DUDU: I will be moving to Oklahoma and open up an American Top Team school there.

sPidA: And this will be your school? What classes can people reading this expect to find there?

DUDU:I’m the head coach at ATT for Jiu-Jitsu and MMA.

sPidA: I heard that you went to compete in the Pan Ams this past weekend, how did that go?

DUDU: I lost my second fight against Calvante. I train hard for that fight and he’s my friend but a fights a fight.

sPidA: Once again its business and you guys can remain friends after the match.

DUDU: Yeah, we stay friends but I lost to him. Won my first match 8-0 but everybody there is high level. My second opponent we were 0-0. I did the mistake and he submit me with a foot lock.

sPidA: Back to your April 30th fight, you will be fighting @ 205lbs, are you planning to stay at this weight class?

DUDU: For right now but I plan to fight at 185lbs.

sPidA: I see, that’s a great weight class to be in a lot of high level competition. You have a fellow Country man Anderson Silva dominating at that weight class. Did you watch his fight against Maia and what did you think about the outcome?

DUDU: I did.. when fighting you have  a lot of adrenaline, I wasn’t to happy with the outcome but a fights a fight. He thought about what happened after it happened. There both Brazilian, there both Professional. I trained with Maia in Brazil, we were friends and trained together in Brazil. This is when we were both Blue Belts.

sPidA: Obviously you are planning to fight at that level competition.

DUDU: Of course Of course.. I’m American Top Team, I train with a lot of tough fighters.

sPidA: Some which have been Champions in other MMA events, correct?

DUDU: Yes, American Top Team has a lot of good guys like Thiago Silva. They have a good camp and lots of great people to train with. The facility in Florida is very equipped and you have Liborio who is there to support. I am very proud of that. I cant wait to get back in the Cage.

sPidA: After April 30th, you are also scheduled to fight here in San Antonio for ABG Promotions on July 17th. After your victory celebration will you start training for that as  well?

DUDU: (starts laughing) Not thinking about that one yet. April 30th I’m taking serious. Then I’ll come back and start training again.

sPidA: So we know that Ju-Jitsu is your life, what else do you do when your not training for a fight?

DUDU: I love to surf, hang out with friends and not talk about class or training (laughs) Relax and let my body rest. Too much training and your body will always be stiff. Just relax.

sPidA: This is San Antonio so surfing is out of the question.We do have a River running through Downtown, have you been out enjoying the City.

DUDU: Marcello, plans on taking me there. Right now he’s still waiting to come back from his trip. You know, these flight delays, you never know how those will go.

sPidA: Back to your gym in Oklahoma, what other instructors will be helping you and will there be any other classes than BJJ/MMA?

DUDU: I have a lot of ties in Jiu-jitsu.We have a Champion Brown belt that will be coming to Florida ATT and then come to Oklahoma to help teach. He will be teaching kids and others that will be helping as well. They are all ready for Oklahoma.

sPidA:You are here visiting with Marcello Salazar, are you guys old friends? How did you end up here in San Antonio?

DUDU: I met Marcello Salazar like 15 yrs ago. He has opened the doors for me here and I am very grateful. He’s a good guy and a great friend. I am thankful to him.

sPidA: That’s great that he has remained a true friend and is willing to help out. We definitely need more people like that in the World of BJJ/MMA. Any last words to everybody supporting you in pursuing your Dreams?

DUDU: Yes, I would like to thank SPRAWL, Est: Dos Diez clothing, Marcello Salazar and the Brazilian Top Team. I’m American Top Team but Marcello is a good friend of mine, so thank him, Ricardo Liborio, my manager and everybody for helping me train and of course you guys at TexasFighting.com for this interview. Thank you and lets get ready for this fight.