“Shoot the Moon” TUF 10 Quarter Finals

TUF 10The Ultimate Fighter is on to the quarter finals and we are faced with one of the most intriguing fights. I would say my favorite thing about the Ultimate Fighter is that almost everyone is an unknown. Calling fights is next to impossible and even when you think something is clear cut you can be extremely wrong. Take this first quarter finals fight between Nelson and Wren, Nelson is the ex-Champion of the IFL and definitely one of the favorites to win this show, many people thought that before the Kimbo fight and many more after the fight was over. Wren went from being an unknown facing UFC veteran, Wes Sims, to showing that he is quick and has a very strong offensive Jujitsu style. I am disappointed that they decided to do this matchup in the quarter finals instead of the semi-finals or Finals. Throwing Nelson another ground fighter giving him a greater chance that this fight will hit the ground. Nelson has the experience and record to show he will dominate the ground between the two. It makes me wonder what Dana White thinks of this matchup and if it is him making sure the Kimbo-killer makes it to the finals or if he thinks Wren has a gameplan to beat Nelson by using his wrestling to stop Nelson’s takedowns and win the standup or actually beat Nelson on the ground. Another thing that really helps Nelson to ensure his victory is that he has trained with Wren and that might give him an advantage as a veteran and helps him to better prepare for the fight. I think Nelson will end up reversing Wren while on his back and getting an early stoppage via submission. Wren is very explosive but we did not see a lot of him because of how fast he took out Sims.

I love watching Dana White get pissed at Nelson or anybody for that matter. On “the Aftermath” show on spike, Dana and Nelson were still bickering and it came out that Nelson is still training at his house and only occasionally sparring at larger fight camps. Dana White was very angry and tried to get one of the other TUF fighters there to agree with how stupid that was.

Really anything can happen in the Ultimate Fighter. I really see a lot of great matchups in these quarter finals and hope that the fights are more exciting then the first half. My only concern is the amount of fighters that were gassing out after the first round or even the first flurry of punches. Even Rashad’s favorite fighter James McSweeney ended up practically collapsing of exhaustion in his first fight. Unlike UFC fights these guys do not have the time to correct large gaps in their skills in between fights and I think a few of the fights that last to the 2nd or 3rd round will end up being two fighters using all of their strength to throw punches that a sloth could dodge. That being said I think there will be some very good fights and still more upsets to come.

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  1. I hate watching Nelson…I side with Dana on this one. No one will pay to watch that guy.

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