Q&A with Sonny Luque for his upcoming Bellator Debut by sPidA

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sPidA: Your making your debut for BELLATOR FC in your home town, do you get nervous fighting in front of your family and friends or motivated?

Sonny Luque: What’s up Spida! First of all thank you very much for taking time to interview me, really humbled..Fighting for Bellator is a dream come true man.. Any mma fighter wishes to make a big show and they dont get much bigger then ufc/strikeforce and bellator.. and the fact that its in my hometown is really an honor, I feel truly blessed.. As far as nervous, I wouldn’t say that, but would be lying if I told you I didn’t feel the extra pressure.. I have so many people counting on me and believing in me and I dont wanna let anybody down..

sPidA: What was it that first attracted you to MMA? Do you still have that same drive in the sport?

Sonny Luque: I’ve always been into martial arts. I started tae kwon do and boxing when I was 6yrs old. I’ve alway had that feeling that if I was born a couple of centuries swinging an ax during battle, I would have been right at home. Its just something I knew I was going to do all along, not necessarily mma, but I knew I had to do something with fighting. The drive is still there and has never left. I think every fighter wants to be the best. Anyone that says different is in the sport for the wrong reason and usually won’t last very long.

sPidA: We don’t hear much about MMA in Laredo,TX, how has the MMA scene grown in the past years or is it still growing?

Sonny Luque: The want and popularity is here for the sport. A lot of people love it and every bar is packed during ufc fights. Its still growing here in Laredo. Besides my school LAREDO MMA ACADEMY, there really isnt any other gym here in Laredo committed to 100% mma.

sPidA: Being so close to the border, do you guys fight outside the U.S.?

Sonny Luque: Actually Spida we do. I’ve fought a couple of times in Mexico and I take all my amateurs to compete over there as well. Yes it’s dangerous but thank god we haven’t had a bad experiences yet. On the opposite, the people from monterrey mexico show a lot of respect and support for us.. we have a good fallowing in mexico..

sPidA: Friday March 23rd you’ll be in the undercard for BELLATOR, anyone on the televised bout your looking forward to see compete?

Sonny Luque: Man I keep saying I hope I am the first fightsebecaue the whole card is stacked and I really want to watch all the fights man haha.. but iam really looking forward to the Patrick Pitbull fight.. that dude is a beast..

sPidA: Saw your walk out Tee, you seem to have a lot of support, give them a shout on this next question bro!

Sonny Luque: Yes, thank god I have plenty of support in my hometown.. I am really humbled and just really happy people believe in me this much.. if I could take time to thank VECTRA SECURE ZONE, MIKE’S BAIL BONDS, SOUTH TEXAS SOLAR SYSTEMS, DRAGONFLY AVIATION, GHP POOLS, MI ESPERANZA PROVIDER CARE, ROYAL E TRANSPORTS, CINCO MMA, SAITOS MA, SWOLLE FITNESS APARELL, EL PONCHO, JESSICA PRADO, THE FIGHT GYM, PERFECT FIT BY MANDY, AND OF COURSE ALL MY STUDENTS AT LAREDO MMA ACADEMY, I love you all!!

sPidA: What are your plans after this bout or are you taking it one fight at a time?

Sonny Luque: I’ve got plenty of offers on the table at this point.. iam really hoping to be impressive enough to fight soon for bellator again.. but this year i will be fighting again in mexico, miami, and one more time for my hometown in the summer.. its kinda hard to focus 100% on my fighting when i have other fighters to train, a gym to run, and i also help matchmaking for the shows that are here in laredo.. pretty much if it has to do with mma in laredo i find a way to get involved..

sPidA: Thank you brother for your time and best of luck on your next bout!

Sonny Luque: Thank you again Spida, really appreciate the opportunity, god bless..

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