” I consider myself a Martial Artist..” Ruben ” MegaMan” Martinez interview…

A few words with local Mixed Martial Artist Ruben Martinez, Fury FC comes to San Antonio.. Coming back from a loss , he’s looking to get back on the winner’s circle… Here we go..

sPidA: Training out of Arguello Jiu-Jitsu & MMA Academy on the Southside of San Antonio.. What can you tell us about the facility?

Martinez: At Arguello Jiu-Jitsu & MMA you can expect to push your mind and body to its limits. Ernest is a Veteran so he doesnt take his work lightly and is constantly pushing everyone to become a better version of themselves on a daily.

sPidA: Would you consider yourself a Striker or a Grappler?

Martinez: Neither. I consider myself a Martial Artist. Ive been learning various forms of martial arts since I was a kid. I knew at a young age I was going to have to be good at both worlds to be a complete Martial Artist. I’m comfortable on my feet just as much as I am on the ground.

sPidA: How often do you train and does this increase closer to fight day?

Martinez: Right now im training on average about 3x a day every other day. I try and work everything in a day. Cardio, boxing, and then grappling. Maybe even a late night sesh at trufit if I’m feeling good. On work days I make cardio a Priority and try and get some boxing in at San Fernando. The number of workouts will stay consitant during camp. The only thing that changes is the intensity of my workouts and duration.

sPidA: You’ve competed under the FuryFC banner before, how has your experience been fighting for them?

Martinez: This is my 3rd fight for FuryFC and so far my experience has been good. Eric and his crew do a great job in putting on these shows 2 to 3 times a year and its been great for us competitors and for the fans of the Sport.

sPidA: After weigh ins, most have a dish of preference for right after to carb back up, whats your meal of choice?

Martinez: Prefer some really good Italian food.

sPidA: Thoughts on your opponent and how do you see this fight going?

Martinez: My opponent is Patrick Furguson and he’s making his Pro Debut. He’s 4-2 since 2017 so i know he’s tough! I’m coming back from a loss and am yet to lose here in S.A. Looking to have my hand raised after the fight.

sPidA: Random question: Sky diving or deep sea diving… Which would you prefer if given the choice and why?

Martinez: Sky Diving is on my bucket list but my mood right now would be for deep sea diving. As for why, the Ocean is a part of this World I’d love to explore , plus I’m a good swimmer.

sPidA: Who are some of your teamates helping you prepare for this fight?

Martinez: I have had both David Miramontez and Richard Palacios helping me for this fight. Both were on the card but Davids fight fell thru. Both myself and Palacios are still on the card.

sPidA: Thank you bro for your time and best of luck come fight day, anything else you’d like to add?

Martinez: Thank you for the interview . Also a huge thank you to Arguello BJJ/MMA and everyone who helped me out for this fight. Also thank you to everyone who has been apart of my journey family, friends, coaches. I couldn’t have done this alone and I thank everyone for the love and support.

” I am humbled by the support..” Anthony Ivy Interview..

Interview with Fury FC welterweight Champion Anthony Ivy.. Fighting out of the Brazilian Top Team/San Antonio. First title defense come March 3rd , Fury FC comes back to San Antonio,TX. Lets get started…

sPidA: You are defending your Fury FC title on this upcoming bout, how excited are you to be defending it?

Ivy: I am very excited to fight for the belt again. I think of it as fighting to win the belt all over, as if fighting for it for the first time.

sPidA: Fight once again is at Cowboy Dance Hall.. You expecting a huge crowd of supporters?

Ivy: Yes I am expecting more friends and family to show up for this event. I am humbled by the support I receive from my co-workers, training partners, friends and family I don’t get to see very often.

sPidA: Your wife competes in MMA as well…are you more nervous watching her fight than you are when you compete yourself?

Ivy: Yes! When she fights I don’t have any control over the outcome. When we are training together or preparing for a fight it takes on a different mode. No hugs and kisses, just going out there to do work.

sPidA: What do you know about your opponent and what can those in attendance expect come fight night?

Ivy: I always study my opponents and respect them. They can expect everything I have coming into this fight and leaving it all inside the Cage.

sPidA: Training out of the Brazilian Top Team/San Antonio Academy , give us names of some of those helping you get ready for this Title defense?

Ivy: Too many names to list but I want to give a shoutout to everyone at BTT who has helped me train for this fight, offered their support, and helped me get mentally ready. I appreciate the time everyone takes out of their day to help me get ready.

sPidA: You have a Twin in Dimitre Ivy who also trains with you in both BJJ/MMA. Tell us who’s the better dancer of the 2?

Ivy: LoL everyone is always curious about that. We push each other to get better. There is always a sense of competition mixed with brotherhood and mutual respect.

sPidA: Have seen your post on a gaming channel you had started a while back…other than combative sports what else keeps you busy these days?

Ivy: My family keeps me busy. I have a beautiful daughter who is two and full of energy. On my downtime I enjoy gaming and streaming.

sPidA: Random question: Weekend vacation to anywhere in the World paid in full once a year or Home of your dreams? Where would you go on vacation and what would be your dream home?

Ivy: Dream vacation would be to Greece. My dream home would be a cabin in Colorado.

sPidA: With other regional MMA Promotions in Texas…. Can we see you hunting other Titles?

Ivy: Most definitely! I would love to pursue the belt at LFA, Rocks Extreme Fighting, and One Fighting Championship. It would be an honor to fight for these promotions.

sPidA: Thank you Anthony for your time in answering these questions for me…. Anything else you’d like to add? Sponsors etc…

Ivy: First and foremost I give thanks and praise to God for allowing me to experience this humbling sport. Shout out to my sponsors: Gr8 Fight company and MBL sports Recovery. Thank you to my coaches Frank, Diego, Ben, and Todd for keeping me on my toes. Shout out to Kevin at MBL for coming in to the gym to help us recover. Last but never least to my lovely wife and daughter. They are my world. None of this matters without their unconditional support. I know she hears this all the time but I want to thank Laurie for having my back through all the blood, sweat, tears, disappointments, long hours at work and the gym, weight cut, and everything that goes along with this life. At the end of the day whether I win or lose, this is something that I am grateful to be able to do.


” I love teaching , JiuJitsu changed my life..” Gleidson”Poney”Cutis

sPidA: New gym in a new town, how has San Marcos been treating you?

Cutis: San Marcos is great City. I am enjoying it so far. I have Been here almost 2 months still new for me but everyone is friendly and I like the city.

sPidA: Is this your first Academy? How did this come about?

Cutis: I had 1 before in Brazil when I was younger but I just wanted to focus on training. So I closed it right after I moved here to U.S. Now with school here it’s different. I am no longer a kid. I can’t keep from dropping one name JEFF BONUGLI this man is responsible for this dream of mine coming true. Thank you JEFF & SARAH I LOVE YOU! But yes … I love teaching, JiuJitsu changed my life from the beginning. Now being able to help others change their life’s with this martial arts is awesome.

sPidA: You are a Blackbelt in BJJ and a Professional MMA fighter…is your Academy teaching these 2 sports?

Cutis: We recently opened, we are focused more in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but soon we will have more options. We are doing baby steps. But GROWTH as BJJ TEAM and MMA is our goal.

sPidA: Fighteria is the name of your Academy, unique name I’ve personally have never heard before…what does the name mean to you?

Cutis: Most of things in Brazil when end up with RIA or RIO specific product for example Bread ? in Brazil means PÃO ? when I wanna buy “PÃO” I go to a PADARIA. In my case I sell FIGHTS so… FIGHTERIA… Fights are our product and we’re selling it at the end of the day. Opportunity for our costumers to become better version of themselves. We’re selling Self-Defense, self confidence, Jiu-Jitsu is one of most incredible things someone could create. Thanks Gracie family for this.

sPidA: Great opportunity to fight in front of your friends and students for Fury FC in March… Are you excited about that?

Cutis: I’m super excited, been a long time since my last fight here. It will be a good showing for everyone.

sPidA: How has training been going for you and can you drop a few names of those helping you?

Cutis: Since I came here to the US , I represent OHANA. Nothing changed. As professional fighter OHANA always gives me that support. I will always represent the best I can.

sPidA: Who is your opponent for your Fury FC bout and have you studied any of his footage?

Cutis: Victor Martinez and ofcourse. Everyone does homework, I did mine. I saw few of his fights. Good fighter it will be a good show for everyone. Thanks Victor for the fight. Let’s go give people what they want.

sPidA: Do you plan on staying busy this year in both MMA and BJJ?

Cutis: My goal is MMA but this year you’ll see me on IBJJF mats more often, I recently fought in the Austin Open. Won my division, was excited and its different energy from fighting MMA and competing in BJJ. BJJ is more harder than MMA a lot more but yes I will try to keep busy with both.

sPidA: Who are you currently belted under and what lineage do you represent?


sPidA: Random question: If you were given an opportunity to wrestle in the WWE as a masked wrestler, what would be your name and finishing move?

Cutis: FlyPoneY would be the name of my move! Not new for everyone as I like flying techniques. LoL

sPidA: Thank you brother for your time, hope to make the event myself, best of luck and anything you’d like to add or anyone you’d like to thank?

Cutis: Once again thank you to everyone for the love and support, OHANA family, Jeff and Sarah Bonugli , the City of San Marcos and its community. Visit our website: FighteriaTX.com

” I do my best to live up to the name..” Chris” The Enigma” Pecero

BarNone Promotion/ Boxing , set for March 23rd in Robstown,TX. Stacked card including Mixed Martial Artist Chris ” The Enigma” Pecero. Here we go…

sPidA: With 23 Professional MMA bouts , how many Pro Boxing bouts under your belt?

Pecero: This next bout will be in the Boxing ring. It’ll be my 4th Pro Boxing fight and a rematch at that.

sPidA: Known as The Enigma, is that how you potray your fights..keep your opponents guessing?

Pecero: Something like that.. I pose a problem anywhere the fight goes. I believe in my skill set and change up how i approache each and every fight while also solving any puzzling situations my opponents might be able to throw at me. Enigmatic perplexing. I do my best to live up to the name and put on performances that will be remembered for years to come. The Enigma machine is gearing up once again. Prepare yourself..

sPidA:This next fight is going down in Robstown,TX.. Are you expecting a huge turn out from your C.C friends and family?

Pecero: Yes, definitely. Having fought and represented for my hometown a whole lot of times. I expect for there to be a nice crowd from both the MMA and Boxing community. This is a great match up that fans will not want to miss. Hope to see all of my hometown peeps there cheering us on.

sPidA: You’re in El Paso now , how did that come about and does it feel like home?

Pecero: Well, it was a wild roller coaster of events that led to our inevitable move. During the Hurricane Harvey evacuation we decided on heading this way. To get as far away from any potential disaster. It was a scary trip but we finally made it out here. my sister and her family lived here for 15 yrs or so. Been yrs since I’d been this close to my sister and her family. Want to say Hi and i love you Mellissa and her husband Dan along with their kids Dan Jr and Kenneth. Also got to meet a great group of guys at the 10th Planet/El Paso.

sPidA: You teach as well as train out of the 10th Planet/ El Paso.. Is that an issue or a blessing?

Pecero: No, scheduling isn’t an issue. If anything it allows me to rock it with everybody. The entire team is hard working, motivated and strive to reach new goals constantly. Whats up to the Crew.. Oss!

sPidA: You’ve had some tough losses as well as some great wins.. Which would you say you learned more from?

Pecero: its tough to say. I’ve learned something from just about every single fight. From my debut to being a veteran, there is always something to take away. The challenge is recognizing those lessons and applying what was learned.

sPidA: We’ve all seen your backspins after your bouts… Can we expect some new moves for after your win?

Pecero: Haha. I’ve got to start practicing but i wouldn’t mind tearing up a dance floor.

sPidA: Given an option , would you rather star in a music video or a blockbuster film..and if so what band or actor?

Pecero: Oh my, there are to many incredible artist and actors to chose from but to narrow it down, I’d like to play opposite to somebody like Halsey in an artsy video of sort and as for Movie. I’m a Marvel fan for life. So anything Marvel but especially X-Men. Snikt!

sPidA: This Boxing bout is a re-match, Can we expect a whole different Enigma?

Pecero: Its going to be a new version of myself but still an Enigma. My opponent was my Boxing debut, a fight I took the day of weigh ins. Ended up being the most exciting bout that evening. Expect the unexpected.

sPidA: Thank you once again, wish you and your family the best on the new move and future ventures. Any last minutes comments?

Pecero: Thank you for taking time to spotlight this fight and event for Barnone Promotions. Would like to thank them and my opponent. Would like to thank 10th Planet/ El Paso as well as the fight community. Thank you to everyone back home in C.C. To my lovely wife Patti and our kids Cash and Saku. I love you!! Daddy is going to battle again!!


” I go out and fight my Fight..” Ramiro Guerra

Bound Fury FC 30 , March 3rd , Cowboys Dance Hall in San Antonio,TX. Lets go…

sPidA: New Gym , New Year , can we say new you?

Guerra: I don’t know if I would say I am new, but the new gym is great and the new year is going great so far.

sPidA: 4 MMA fights under your belt.. Looking to stay busy this year?

Guerra: I like to be in the ring and put on a good show, so the more fights I can line up the better.

sPidA: You recently joined FighteriaTx.com in San Marcos.. How’s the atmosphere and would you recommend others to join?

Guerra: FighteriaTx.com has some high-caliber fighters, and I like working with them. It’s a friendly atmosphere, I recommend it for anyone.

sPidA: For a Bellator MMA card, you went up 2 weight classes after your opponent no showed…was this because it was Bellator and would u do that again?

Guerra: Yes, did that because it was Bellator MMA, and I would do it again in the same situation. But, any time I fight out of my weight class there has to be a strong reason.

sPidA: Fight coming up for Fury FC in San Antonio, Hows your training going and is there a huge weight cut going into the fight?

Guerra: The training is on track, I am going to be as prepared for a fight as I have ever been. My weight is already on point so no huge cut required.

sPidA: Are you from San Marcos and can we expect a huge showing supporting you for this fight?

Guerra: I’m from Roma, TX, and just moved to San Marcos. I hope we have a good crowd at the fight. I appreciate every person that shows up to support me.

sPidA: You had an opponent switch for this card? Has your game plan changed for your new opponent?

Guerra: No change–I go out and fight my fight.

sPidA: Being new to FighteriaTx.com and having an Ohana affiliation, have you been able to reap the benefits of having tons training partners?

Guerra: Definitely some high-powered training partners. I’m getting my ass kicked on a regular basis.

sPidA: Random question: If you could fight anyone..whom would it be and why?

Guerra: José Aldo, he was probably the greatest MMA featherweight of all time.

sPidA: Fighters are always Looking for sponsors.
How can those interested contact you or donate?

Guerra: I appreciate all of my sponsors, they make this possible. You can reach me for sponsorships at j@JRamiroG.com

sPidA: Thank you bro for your time, anything else you’d like to add or anyone you’d like to thank going into this bout…

Guerra:I want to thank my sponsors, NutriShop Austin and San Marcos, my gym Fighteria, O’Marias in Roma, and La Melodia. Special thanks to my advisor, Sam Romero, who is keeping me on the right track.