” We’re coming to take over..” Christopher Kuntschik interview

A few words with San Antonio mixed martial artist Christopher Kuntschik heading to Mission,TX , August 31st for R & E Promotions.. Let’s begin…

sPidA: August 31st… Great match up with some history behind it…. Tell us a little bit about this..

Christopher: Well, David and I have had two fights before this. The first time I submitted him in the first round, and the 2nd time he caught me in a guillotine. But honestly, that was one was my fault more than anything and I’ve been waiting for the chance to redeem that mistake for a long time so this rematch couldn’t have came at a better time.

sPidA: First ever event for R & G Promotions… You ever fight in the RGV before?

Christopher:Yes the 1st time I fought david was in Brownsville for Hero FC. Love the Energy in the Rio Grande Valley.

sPidA:You’re a mixed martial artist but train in BJJ aswell… With a recent promotion to Brown belt…could we see more of a ground game come August 31st?

Christopher: Yeah I mean I’m just ready for whatever. My ground game has definitely evolved over the past few years but then again so has my stand up so… whatever way he wants it is fine with me.

sPidA: Training out of OHANA, you’ve got UFC,BELLATOR as well as Regional Champions to spar with.. Experience wise you think you’ll have the stronger fight mentaility for this fight?

Christopher: Oh yeah for sure. Ohana is just at a different level now. We’ve always had killers in the gym but it’s only been a limited number in the past. Now a days, with 4 schools and all the exposure from the recent UFC/Bellator/Invicta fights we’ve had there’s an incredible amount of talent on the Mat, it’s hard to imagine anyone else getting the type of training in that we are. My training partners definitely give me a new sense of confidence for this fight that I didn’t have early in my career.

sPidA: Gotta ask but having your girl Rainn training,fighting and winning… Does that motivate you and how do u feel about her competing?

Christopher: Yeah Rainn is the toughest girl I’ve ever met honestly. I literally have to train with her like she’s a man lol She’s just on a different level then the other girls in the game, especially the mental aspect. She motivates the hell out of me especially on the days where I just don’t feel like going to the gym.. I do get nervous for her when she competes but I know if there’s anyone in the world that can handle it, it’s her. I can’t wait to see her fight again actually.

sPidA: Tell us a bit about your past fights, who’s been your toughest competition and fight you’d like to avenge or are you simply moving forward?

Christopher: Well I’ve been fighting since 2006 so I’ve had my fair share of tough opponents. I’ve lost a decision to Daniel Delgado that I really feel could have gone either way that was my toughest, but losing to David the last time has been the only one that I’ve felt the need to avenge so I’m super excited for the opportunity to do so now.

sPidA: Training takes its toll on you physically and mentally.. What do you do on your off days to unwind?

Christopher: I usually like to go fishing at local ponds and creeks around the City, if I’m not at home with my 4 dogs of course. Other than that if I’m not at the gym you can find me at home playing Apex Legends.

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sPidA: As of now, you along with other teamates are on this card.. What can fight fans expect come August31st?

Christopher: Ya’ll can expect us to show up and show out. We’re not coming to Mission to participate, we’re coming to take over.

sPidA: Random Question: If given an opportunity to fight any Champion at your weight class..wether MMA,Kick Boxing or Bareknuckle…who would it be and why?

Christopher: Jens Little Evil Pulver was the first MMA fighter I ever followed it would have been an Honor, but he’s retired now I think.

sPidA: Come fight day.. What do you do to stay calm / relax till its time to wrap up and cage up?

Christopher: I try and just stay calm, listen to music and take a nap if I can. It’s hard to be calm before a fight but as long as I have some food around I should be ok.

sPidA: Thank you bro.. Can’t wait for this match/event to take place. Anyone you’d like to thank , sponsors, training sponsors??

Christopher: I want to give a shout out to my main sponsor Colt 45 Sports Club, and of course my coaches/training partners Ray Rodriguez, Washington Luiz, Jason Yerrington, Alex Hernandez, Charles Adkins, Justin Governale, Devin Cowan, Rainn Guerrero, Marcell Mickens, Pat Furguson, Julia Ottolino and all the other killers that put in blood, sweat, and tears with my day in and day out at Ohana.

” I believe Strongly that there is something for everyone and for me its MMA. ” Jeremy Mahon interview..

A few words with Professional MMA Fighter / Military Veteran/ Business Owner Jeremy Mahon. Title Fight for PRO FC 2, San Pedro, Belize on July 25th… Here we go….

sPidA: How has training been going? Changed or added anything for your opponent?

Mahon: Training has been going good. My camp has been structured in a way to make sure I’m getting enough rest and that I’m not going into this fight full of injuries. I have been putting a lot of emphasis on my strength and conditioning too.

sPidA: You are not only a competitor but also run the W4R Training Facility. Is scheduling time to train an issue or does it work in your favor?

Mahon: Running my gym and making time to train hasn’t been an issue since I do this full time and dont have to work another job. I generally try and do all of my training in the morning and early afternoon. I like to get in one really hard session and then 2 less demanding workouts every day. I train seven days a week in some capacity so really have been able to get plenty and still teach and coach at night.

sPidA: Is your facility strictly for Fighters or are classes held for those just wanting to tweak their workouts by adding boxing, BJJ etc..?

Mahon: W4R started out as a fighters only facility but has really evolved organically into a family fitness center. We have a large kids program for BJJ and our youth wrestling makes up about half of our members. Parents have started to join in and taking our Kickboxing and all ages Boxing class. Getting the entire family involved is something that I’m really proud of and makes for such a positive training environment.

sPidA:You are a Military Veteran ( thank you for your service) what branch and how was your experience?

Mahon: Was in the Marines and served as an infantryman during my enlistment. Combat was a blast and an experience that I cherish and formed me into the man I am today. I’m able to use many of the lessons and tactics I learned in the Marine Corps in my coaching and as a fighter. Mindset is a big one and I feel like my hardened mind is my best weapon.

sPidA: Going back to the beginning of your MMA career..what got you interested in the Sport and why open a training facility?

Mahon: I have been interested in MMA since UFC 1. I grew up watching the first UFC events on VHS rented from Blockbuster. When I was serving in the marines my squad leader was fighting MMA out in California and that is what really got me involved in the training aspect. After I got out I decided to pursue muay thai and that led me into Grappling and eventually MMA competition.

sPidA: You have volunteered and helped causes dealing with PTSD among other.. Is this a personal fight and are you still fighting to raise awareness?

Mahon: PTSD is near and dear to my heart. I have had 13 friends commit suicide and countless others lives destroyed by it. My Father and I started the DAWG Foundation to help assist combat vets dealing with this issue. I believe strongly that there is something for everyone, for me it was MMA and training but for others it can be something else. Part of our mission at DAWG is to help figure out what we can do for them whether it’s a service dog, a small unit reunion or training at my facility.

sPidA: Your post are filled with 4 fingers raised signifying your Team WAR 4.. and at 1 time (saw photo) summoned your inner Ric Flair… Have you ever met the legend of the Pro Wrestling World?

Mahon: Nope I have never had the privilege of meeting him in person. That picture you are referring to just happend to be right after my Bellator MMA win and caught me making that awesome Wooo face…

sPidA: Back to the Nature Boy Ric Flair… If you were to grapple against the guy… Who would win or do you see him pull one of his famous eye pokes or cheat tactics to get DQd?

Mahon: If Nature Boy and I grappled I’m sure he would have some tricks up his sleeve. I’m a huge Macho Man fan so i would probably steal some of his swag and come out dressed in tribute to the Icon. My favorite top five wrestlers of all time 1 ) Macho Man 2) Goldberg 3) Kevin Nash 4) Jim Dugan 5) Rey Masterio Jr

sPidA: This next fight you will be traveling outside the Country, being a Military Veteran I’m sure it won’t be the first time but if you could fight anywhere in the World where would it be and against who?

Mahon: LoL.. Great question. I would love to rematch my fellow Marine Shane Kruchten in Las Vegas. I have never gotten to fight in Vegas and it’s the Mecca for our sport. Shane and I fought 2 years ago in Madison Square Garden and I lost a decision that still doesn’t sit well with me. I’d love the opportunity to smash him again .

sPidA: Thank you bro for your time…best of luck and bring that a Title back to Texas…anyone you’d like to thank you wrap this up?

Mahon: I’d like to thank my whole team and staff at the gym for getting me ready and helping run the gym while I prepare for battle. Alpha Intake for having my nutrition and weight on point, airrosti for fixing my boo boos and the promoters and people of Belize for having me out and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.

” He’s never won a Fist fight..” Jacob Landin interview

Here we go , had a few words with Mixed Martial Arts Athlete Jacob Landin about his fight coming up on BELLATOR MMA on July 12th… Here’s what he had to say..

sPidA: Huge fight coming up…tell us about your opponent?

Landin: Well he’s a man, he’s a high level Black Belt, and he’s never won a Fist Fight.

sPidA: Great opportunity for sure being able to showcase your skills on Bellator MMA Stage.. Are you nervous or anxious about this?

Landin: A good mixture of both. Keeps me honest in training but this is not my first “Big Show” fight. I will take every advantage the Bellator cage has to offer.

sPidA: You have some great experience as an ammy in MMA.. What motivates you to keep on going?

Landin: I guess the path was just there. I had to choose to follow it or take a regular 9-5 job…Well here we are. The group of people I have surrounded myself with are on a similar and continuous climb, tribe $#i%.

sPidA: You have some tough caliber training partners… Drop some names for us….

Landin: Mannnn so many to name. Some guys who have been putting alot of time grinding me out this camp are Chris Frasier, Mark Lazano, Ray Rodriguez, Colton Herrera. The stable at Ohana is just stacked, Alex Hernandez, Marcell Mickens, Devin Cowan….I could go on and on.

sPidA: Along with Ray Rodriguez , you teach at the Ultimate Submission Academy…for those who don’t know…what classes are available at the Academy?

Landin: We have jiu-jitsu every morning 1130am followed by kickboxing. Evenings we have kids 5pm, adults 6pm, and striking 715pm. We have a group of tough kids and adults. We welcome everyone to come try a class or stop in for our “WAR ROOM WEDNESDAYS”, where we invite BJJ competitors from different Academies to come for a solid rollathon.

sPidA: You’ve competed in Boxing aswell…was that what got you into Combat Sports?

Landin: I would have to say it was neve a long term goal or plan to become a professional fighter. I remember hearing my grandpas stories of boxing in the Marine Corps and I suppose it always stuck with me. Now it has opened a door where I can provide for my family thru all this hard work. I know he would approve.

sPidA: You and Ray are definitely all business when it comes to training and competition but on a serious note… Who’d win in a dance battle?

Landin: Haha the man is out here running 6 min miles so he has the footwork but I have the rhythm. Guess It’d depend on the song.

sPidA: You’re opponent has resorted to thrash talking, thoughts and are you planning on making him eat his words?

Landin: No big news flash there, expecting that coming into this camp. It has allowed me to basically go about everything business as normal.We will see what his energy is face to face at weigh ins. Every man is held accountable for his own actions.

sPidA: Thank you for your time, best of luck on all future ventures. Anything you’d like to add or anyone you’d like to thank to wrap this up?

Landin: I’d just like to thank all my professors and coaches at Ohana Academy, as well as my students at Ultimate Submission Academy, we rise together. Without the Village I wouldn’t be here.

” I believe I’ve already made a statement..” A few words with Vernon Lewis.

XKO 45 / Fight Night come April 27th…. Stacked card with main event Vernon Lewis vs Rashad Coulter. With a Heavyweight Title on the line. This will definitely be one for the books. Enjoy these few words with Vernon Lewis…. Like and share!!

sPidA: How excited are you for this match up?

Lewis: Yeah, it’s very huge! I was actually in negotiations with another well-known promotion, but felt that this was the fight to make. I kind of knew that I was going to fight Rashad sooner or later, so I guess this is the best time than any. The Texas fight fans are in for an amazing fight.

sPidA: It’s been a few years already but you made a move to a new city and new gym. How has the transition been?

Lewis: Actually I’m kind of still living in both cities (Waco and Fort Worth, Texas). I have a house in Waco where my family still lives, and I work in Fort Worth as a police officer. I’m currently living with my mother and sister while I work, and drive back down to Waco on my off days. We are currently working on moving the family to the Dallas area in the near future. As far as my training situation I’ve always visited different gyms throughout my career. I love to see new looks, and learn from different instructors. My head coach is Josh Lanier. He is the head MMA coach at O’athelik in Houston Texas. In Waco I train at Superior Striking gym with head boxing coach George Chavez. I also train at Select Jiu-Jitsu with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt Lance Yager. I train my Muay Thai in Compress Cove at Strkings with Chadwick Turner. Did you get all that?

sPidA: No doubt you’re stepping up your training..what specifically have you been working on?

Lewis: This training camp I focused more on recovery. I have always been a hard worker in the gym, but I would beat my body up so much that I couldn’t perform the way I know I could. As a 35 year old man I can’t just push my body to its brink without proper recovery. I have some great sponsors that provide me with the best tools help my body perform to its full potential.

sPidA: You have great support from friends and family… What training partners do you have in camp now?

Lewis: As you know finding Heavyweights to work with are far and few between (especially good heavyweights). I work with whoever I can find. My head coach Josh Lanier fought for Bellator, and was a professional boxer. He is also a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt, so I always get great looks from him. I also train with former UFC fighter and current PFL fighter Jared Rosholt whose wrestling in my opinion is the best in the game next to Daniel Cormier. My coaches bring in different fighters from other gyms to give me different looks as well. I’m open to train with anybody that will help me prepare during this fight camp.

sPidA: Not to overlook your opponent but many will be watching… Are you ready to make a statement?

Lewis: Honestly I believe I’ve already made a statement. When I returned to fighting last year after a 4 year hiatus I made my statement. The statement was I’m here and I’m a problem. This fight is for me. I’m looking to have fun and just do what I believe God has created me to do.

sPidA: First Heavyweight XKO Title up for grabs. You already make room at home for the strap??

Lewis: I really don’t focus on belts. The belt is an accessory. The win is the trophy. I’m looking not only to win but to break my opponent’s spirit.

sPidA: You had a career change and during the time you had paused the fight game… Are you in a great place to kick your fight game up a notch?

Lewis: Yeah man, life is about balance. Sometimes a fighter can become so consumed with his career that he is blind to all the other things in his life. When I had a fight I just felt I needed to become selfish in order to put all I had in my fight camp. Whether it was neglecting my finances, spiritual life, or family. Balance was just something I was lacking. I was able to adjust my eyes on what was important, and prioritize everything rightfully. It is not easy, but with God it was possible. Balance is the main component on why I believe I’m the best version of myself right now.

sPidA: Any sponsors or others helping you you’d like to give a shout out to?

Lewis: I want to thank my family for riding this big wave with me called life. My beautiful wife Erica Lewis and my kids; Isaiah, Journey, Elias and little Vernon. I want to thank 5 Star Nutrition in Waco Texas for providing me the best supplements during this fight camp. I also want to thank Elysian Cryotherapy for freeze my ass off. I want to thank Metal Waco and Switch-Blades for contributing to my travels and fight equipment. I also want to thank Tools 2 Retire for your constant support during my career. I want to thank Adan Garcia for his contributions through his company United States Money Reserve. I want to thank the owner of Superior Striking gym Kathleen Callender for her love and support over the last year since my comeback to this sport. I have an awesome support family backing me in Waco Texas and throughout Texas itself. I could turn this interview into a whole book if you gave me the time to thank everyone that partnered with me in this endeavor.

” We will not rest until we get #JusticeForWilder..” Juan A. Torres Interview..

A few words with Boxing prospect and Professional Mixed Martial Artist Juan A. Torres. Bound Rocks Xtreme Combat, April 20th.. Corpus Christi , TX. Here we go….

sPidA: Who’s your opponent and do you have a game plan going into this?

Torres: I’ll be fighting Christian Anderson from Corpus and I don’t have a game plan. I’ve been working on a lot of my BJJ. Assuming his boxing and stand up game is not very strong and he will automatically be trying to take me down.

sPidA: You’ve fought some tough guys in MMA, who’s been your toughest fight to date and why?

Torres: Out of all the people that I fought, I think that the matchmaker for this card/ Roger Narvaez gave me the hardest time. The fight was at light heavy weight. I cut 45 lbs to fight him and come fight night I was still too drained to fight. At the time his knowledge and skill level was great plus he had an awesome game plan.

sPidA: You competed in a Bareknuckle Boxing match , why and would you fight for them again?

Torres: I did it because I was offered an opportunity to be part of a new up and coming Sport. Bare knuckle boxing in my opinion separates the boys from the men. It’s hardcore and yes I would def jump onto another bare knuckle boxing match.

sPidA: What gym do you train out of and what can others expect if joining?

Torres: I train at Hit City boxing out of Huntsville, Texas under Mike “The Hamma” Hamilton. Training there has most def made me a more of a complete fighter. Its not an easy gym to train at. Mike expects you to come in and train at your best daily. We actually got a sparring session we do on special occations to check our hearts called “dawg house rounds” where we turn off the round timer and spar until the other man drops or gasses out. U can literally be in the ring sparring as long as 30 min. Also Training there my fighting IQ has gotten so much better and technique has improved dramatically. So much so that i am actually a top prospect in the Boxing ranks. I will actually be fighting for an ABF national title in May on a Lank the king and Floyd Mayweather show.

sPidA: If given an opportunity to fight outside the Country, would you?

Torres: I would love to fight outside of the Country. I have been offered fights in Cancun Mexico , Russia and Asia. I just didnt have my passport ready at the time.

sPidA: What got you interested in the Combative Sports and is the drive still there?

Torres: Always being around fighting in the streets and just always being a competitive person got me interested in Combative Sports. Yessir the motivation to rebuild my MMA record and to stay undefeated as a Boxer is very much so still there. I hope to get a few great wins in MMA this year and attempt to fight for the FURY FC Heavyweight Title. My record is a bit upside down but i have fought a lot of top guys. Guys that alot of people wouldn’t fight because they dont have the nuts to fight them.

sPidA: Random question: An added day getting a 3 day wknd or mandatory naps at work?

Torres: lol def mandatory naps at work!!!! A little power nap never hurt noone and I think we all took naps for granted when we were younger.

sPidA: Will this be your first time fighting in Corpus Christi and are you planning on enjoying the Beach?

Torres: Yes this is my first time fighting out in Corpus. I’d love to check out the Beach if possible.

sPidA: Thank you brother for answering these questions. Looking forward to what 2019 has in plan for you…anything you’d like to add to wrap this up?

Torres: Thank you for having me!!! I’d like to thank my coach Mike for taking me in and “fixing” me. I’d like to thank my Muay Thai coach Manuel Gonzales from Premier Striking for helping me get ready for the cage again. My BJJ coach Shawn Key for getting me ready on the ground. My lil brother Tyler Davis!Robert Tapia for always having my back. My boxing teammates Vic Gonzales, Nosey, Red, Tim, KJ, Blinn , Yazmin, Keke, Dom Meza who will be having his ammy debut on the same card april 20, Just my whole Boxing family!!!! My Kids Azelia and Pinpon who give me the motivation to go hard everyday at work and in training. My mother Maria. I want to also give a special shout out to my big brother Bubba McDaniel we will not rest until we get #JusticeForWilder , I encourage everyone to follow the justice for wilder page!!!!! I want to thank you for having me and keep an eye out for me. There are some big things that are gonna happen this year for sure!!!!My sponsors Xi-Jitsu for having my back and sending me some AMAZING BJJ/MMA gear. I def rep them hard!!! Also Melissa Devillar and Rise Counseling out of Huntsville,TX for sponsoring me.#AGTG (All Glory To GOD)