“MY GAME PLAN IS TO IMPOSE MY WILL” Randy Villarreal Interview

North Texas standout and member of the PHALANX MMA Academy, Randy Villarreal will be stepping inside the Cage come Dec 1st in Newkirk Oklahoma for the C3 MMA Promotion. A few questions before his last fight of the year. Best of luck brother! Here we go!

sPidA: You have compiled over 15 bouts in your Pro MMA career, which has been the toughest thus far?

Villarreal: I would definitely have to say DJ “TNT” Fuentes. I fought him at 145, walking around at 142. The first punch he landed! I definitely felt.

sPidA: You had fought more than anybody here in Texas IN 1 year alone, are you pacing yourself more now?

Villarreal: I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m pacing myself. I’m just at the point to where I have to pick my fights smarter and also stay in the bantamweight division. Ive always had the mentality of fighting anyone at any weight and it has definitely impacted my record.

sPidA: This fight in OK for the C3 Promotion will be at 125lbs,is this your ideal weight to compete in?

Villarreal: For sure! Bantamweight is where I belong and is where I will be competing in from now on.

sPidA: What do you know about your opponent for your bout Dec 1st? Game plan?

Villarreal: Hes a grappler/wrestler and has been staying busy recently, with this being his 3rd fight in 6 weeks. My game plan is to impose my will and be ready for wherever this fight goes.

sPidA: Give us some names of some other fighters you currently get to spar with,can you honestly say you’ve been hit a lot more nowadays from people that actually like you?

Villarreal: Most definitely Ive been getting hit more lol Its a shark tank over here at Phalanx. Just today, I got to spar with Tony Tipton, Durwyn Lamb, Alex Madrid, James Vick, Donnie Bell, Antwan Williams, Mike Saunders, Aaron Culpepper, Taren Panell, And Coda Yazzie. Nothin’ but pro fighters!

sPidA: If you could have done anything differently from day 1 of your fight career,what would it have been?

Villarreal: It would have to be picking my fights more carefully and not jumping up weight classes. It has affected my record, I know I’m way better than my record indicates.

sPidA: With a New Year near us, what changes are you looking to do for yourself and your fight career?

Villarreal: Just stick with the curriculum I’ve been on, keep improving, and most importantly turn my record around!

sPidA: Thank you bro and well wishes on your travel and fight,any comments to end this interview?

Villarreal: First and foremost I’d like to thank God for allowing me to do what I love for a living. I also just wanna give a lot of shout outs to all my coaches,Coach Durwyn Lamb,my BJJ with Albert Hughes and Tony Tipton, my wrestling over at Ironside MMA with Javad Safaei, and I recently started strength and conditioning with my S & C coach Mike Devoll ,my sponsor Torque (don’t forget to use my fighter code: TRQRVILLARREAL for a 20% discount), my managers Matt Rossini for getting me this fight and also my bro Jason Villarreal for being there for me since day 1, all my supporters for sticking by me through my ups and downs. Thank you all for believing in me and you guys for your support!

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