“More Than Just Heart” Q&A with Chris Pecero

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Corpus Christi, TX, August 26, 2011–

Following his impressive first round Submission (Triangle Choke) of Burt McDonald at XKO 11 in July, Chris ‘The Enigma’ Pecero, will look to finish the undefeated James Vick (3-0) when they face off at XKO 12 scheduled for September 3, in Arlington, Texas.

With a professional record of 4-2, fighting out of American Revolution Muay Thai and Submission Center (Corpus Christi, TX) Chris Pecero is making one thing clear early in his professional career– he isn’t afraid of any 155-pound fighter.

This is great news for Texas Fight Fans because XKO 12: Chris Pecero vs. James Vick is shaping up to be a fight to remember.

Recently, Chris took time away from training to discuss his thoughts on his upcoming fight.

Q&A Start:

Ashley: You won your last fight against Burt McDonald via Triangle Choke at 1:09 in the first round. In preparing for that fight, did you make any adjustments to both your physical/mental training after the VERY controversial loss (ref stoppage) you experienced against Jones?

Chris: Yes, the outcome of the Chris Jones fight was very tough to deal with. It did, however, remind me of certain things–things that drive me to succeed. So mentally, I did adjust some things. Physically, we as a team are always looking to bump up the training!

Ashley: What is your mind-set now going into your next fight? And how do you see yourself winning against James Vick?

Chris: My mind-set is sharp and focused. After a quick fight with Burt, I’m expecting to have a long grueling fight with Vick. I see myself winning by any means necessary. I’m a MIXED Martial Artist so I train to finish using all techniques.

Ashley: How do you keep yourself focused and disciplined?

Chris: It can be hard but if you really want something, there are certain things that you must do. A professional never gets distracted. Trust me though; there are an endless amount of possible distractions so you have to want ‘it’ to the point that ‘it’ becomes an actual need. Nothing can break your focus and discipline then.

Ashley: What advice do you have for fathers and husbands like yourself who are interested in pursuing a career in MMA?

Chris: I work full time 40+ hours on top of training both myself and other fighters. So, there isn’t a great deal of time that I have to spend at home. If you are interested in making this a career, you must be prepared to make painful sacrifices like not seeing your loved ones as much as you’d want. Whenever you do have the time, fill it with beautiful quality family time.

Ashley: When you look back on your life, when is the defining moment when you knew you wanted to devote your time to becoming a professional MMA fighter and not just train for fun? What have you had to sacrifice in order to pursue your dream?

Chris: Since I first started to ‘roll’ around with my brothers, I had a passion for pursuing the art of fighting. But it wasn’t until my schedule was jam packed with working full time, going to school full time, and training when I knew I had to make a decision. I was falling asleep while driving! Not good. So, I sacrificed a small scholarship to a junior college to be able to put in some real time in the gym. I figured I could always go back to school but I would never be able to go back and pursue a fighting career if I waited too long.

Ashley: Who are some of your favorite fighters?

Chris: Oh, there’s a bunch! Here are just some. Kazushi Sakuraba, Vitor Belfort, Marco Ruas, Maurice Smith! Peter Aerts, Mark Hunt, Takanori Gomi, BJ Penn, Mirko Crocop, Don Frye, Wanderlei Silva, Jose Pele Landin Jons, Fedor, Hayato Mach Sakurai, Andy Hug, Dan Henderson, Renzo Gracie, Noguiera, and the list goes on…

Ashley: If you were asked tomorrow to fight in UFC, Strikeforce, or Bellator, what fighters would you like to go up against?

Chris: Whoever has the lightweight belt and all of the top contenders. Guys like Gilbert Melendez, Eddie Alvarez, Shinya Aoki, and another dream fight would be at featherweight against Jose Aldo. I would love to test my skills against the best.

Ashley; What does training at American Revolution Muay Thai and Submission Center mean to you and is it opening up opportunities for you to train with world champions and fighters (now and in the future)?

Chris: Oh, yes! American Revolution is a family. Blood, sweat, and tears are shared there. Being able to train with more and more world class fighters is huge. Maurice Smith is a legend, and I have the honor of being taught his philosophies. AR all day!

Ashley: Any last words?

Chris: Thank you to my sponsors: Swolle Fitness Apparel, TX Fight Magazine, and Vitamin Extreme. Thank you to my whole American Revolution team. Thank you to all the people who help with the little things. It all makes a difference. And big hugs and kisses to my wife, Patti, and two boys, Cash and Saku. Love you more than anything!

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