Texas Fight Schedule 2016: Pro and Amateur MMA Fight Promotions

Pro Mixed Martial Arts

01/09/16 Dominion Warrior, Dallas
01/15/16 Fury Fighting Championship, Humble
01/22/16 Legacy Promotions, Houston
01/23/16 Triple A Promotions, San Antonio
01/29/16 Kick Ass Promotions, Laredo
02/12/16 Triple A Promotions, Laredo
02/19/16 Bellator, Houston
03/26/16 JC Fight Promotions, San Antonio
04/08/16 Fury Fighting Championship, Humble
06/17/16 Fury Fighting Championship, Humble
06/24/16 Legacy, Dallas
07/16/16 STFC, McAllen
07/23/16 Superior Combative Championships (SCC) DBA Stephen Lawhorn, Tyler
07/29/16 Legacy Promotions, San Antonio
08/06/16 Ignite Fighting Championship, Amarillo
08/12/16 Superior Combative Championships, Ft. Worth
09/10/16 Fury Fighting Championship, Humble
09/16/16 Legacy Promotions, San Antonio
10/14/16 Superior Combative Championships, Ft. Worth
10/14/16 Legacy, Dallas
10/15/16 Xtreme Combat Productions, Corpus Christi
11/04/16 Fury Fighting Championship, Humble
11/05/16 Texas Premier Fight Promotions, Midland
11/05/16 STFC, McAllen
11/05/16 Back Alley Promotions (XKO), Dallas
11/19/16 Fury Fighting Championships, San Antonio
12/02/16 Legacy, Houston
12/02/16 Superior Combative Championships, Ft. Worth

Combination Events (Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts)
08/05/16 Triple A Promotions, Laredo

Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

01/09/16 Domination Fighting Championship, Dallas
01/09/16 Icon Amateur Sports Association (IASA), Victoria
06/17/16 Garcia Promotions, Humble
06/24/16 USACA, Dallas
07/16/16 South Texas Fighting Championships – Amateur (STFCA), McAllen
07/23/16 Texas Clash, Robstown
10/01/16 Garcia Promotions, Humble
10/14/16 USACA, Dallas
10/15/16 Icon (IASA), Austin
10/15/16 Xtreme Combat Amateur Association, Corpus Christi
10/22/16 Texas Clash, Beeville
11/04/16 Garcia Promotions, Humble
11/05/16 South Texas Fighting Championships (STFC) – Amateur, McAllen


01/12/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
01/16/16 Grande Promotions, Eagle Pass
01/16/16 Blue Chip Promotions, Houston
01/16/16 Top Rank, Dallas
01/16/16 Big Card, Dallas
01/19/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
02/09/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
02/16/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
02/27/16 Triple A Promotions, San Antonio
03/15/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
03/22/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
04/05/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
06/18/16 G & M Boxing, Houston
06/25/16 Top Rank, Dallas
06/25/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
06/28/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
07/22/16 Gatica Boxing, Austin
07/23/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
07/23/16 Golden Eagle, El Paso
07/29/16 Cavazos Boxing, Pharr
07/30/16 Jesse Rodriguez, Waco
08/20/16 Big Card Promotions, Dallas
08/20/16 Back Alley (XKO), Dallas
09/03/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
09/10/16 Golden Eagle, El Paso
09/10/16 Triple A Promotions, San Antonio
09/24/16 Silver Promotions, Pharr
10/08/16 Panterita Promotions, Brownsville
10/15/16 Icon Production Group, Austin
10/15/16 Leija/Battah, El Paso
10/21/16 Texas Rage, Pharr
10/21/16 Golden Eagle Promotions, Midland
10/29/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
11/05/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
11/12/16 Gatica, Austin
11/12/16 Cavazos Boxing Promotions, Pharr
12/03/16 Triple A Promotions, San Antonio
12/03/16 Underwood Promotions, Killeen
05/05/17 Gatica, Austin

59 thoughts on “Texas Fight Schedule 2016: Pro and Amateur MMA Fight Promotions”

  1. have fighters want to fight contact me at (956) 908-3495 Martin Garcia Manager

  2. i am a professional fighter looking for fights at 135-145 trained to go contact me at 612-222-2502 my name is james gabriel

  3. looking for amateur fights contact me if youd like my names Logan Neitch not the greatest fighter but ill put on a show i weigh 145 cell number is 361-649-7950 i cant get permission from parents so if i need permission then dont call or text

    First off, we spent $400 on a table with a terrible view of the cage.next, they had 16oz beers for 3$ and 24oz for 5$. since they ran out of 24 oz cups they decided to charge 5$ for 16 oz beers WTF?!When I went to purchase a few pitchers of beer, I was told they ran out of pitchers and that i would have to find my own pitcher to have one filled. Also, they started the fights 30 min before the scheduled time of 8pm. we missed my boys fight cuz they didnt stick to the schedule.last, when I was paying for the table there were about 100 people in line to enter. I heard Frank say to charge everyone $30 instead of the $20 cover that has been posted for months! WTF!
    Salazar Promotions is unorganized, does not have adequate supplies to hold an event, and is only interested in profitting from spectators by raising prices once they are already at the door or inside. He is a god damn disgrace to the latino community. I will never attend any event this fool has to do with.

  5. That fool has made n risk what no one will for victoria…I know presale tickets were 20dlls at the door they would be 30dlls. It was like this last years fight it always more at the door. He puts big shows. I am amazed of what this man does. He has the guts to risk it all for his people. Too bad some don’t appreciate.

  6. Lookin for a chance to get a first fight or possibly help with sparring…..weigh 260 call me pmy na me is poncho 210-364-2328 have no experience but willing to spar with anyone thank you….san antonio gyms only

  7. Pcg promotions sucks!! About the most unorganized people..jennifer ray can’t make up when and who are fighting….looking to get a few fighters to debut in there first amateur fight..any suggestions?

  8. The march 23,2013 show in Tyler. I have a ammy fighter at 145lbs. Please contact me at 940-395-7582 my name is Kendrick Johnson.

  9. Mma fighter looking for a fight. I moved to Lubbock from Arizona. Have fights from Az. Fight at 140 but can drop or gain a little to help fight cards. If anyone needs an ammy fighter you can contact me at 928 432 5443. Prefferably text but feel free to call aswell.

  10. Are you still looking for first fight amature. Am a big guy and i live in san antonio call me 2108870294 chriss dey

  11. Looking for amateur MMA fight in July. Fight at 170. Well be first MMA fight. But have won kickboxing tournament. 9727046108

  12. Contact Castro’s Fight Pit down south in Mission,TX lots of fighters, Ammy as well, many starting up!

  13. looking for first pro fight at 185. I will take fight on short notice. prefer to fight in texas but will fight anywhere. call me @ 512-573-0689.

  14. Looking for an MMA Fight at Heavyweight. Weighing around 250, living in San Antonio. Name is Ben, Give me a call at (620)427-7812

  15. Looking for an MMA fight at Heavyweight. Weighing around 250, living in San Antonio. Name is Ben, give me a call at (602) 427-7812

  16. Looking for my 1st fight at heavy weight. I am a 2x NAGA champion, with good stand up. I am in the Dallas area but will travel. I will fight 205 or heavy. I am around 235. I prefer heavy. Hit me up if you want a good show!!! Ray Davis 903 285 5575

  17. Antwan Williams

    Amateur MMA Record 10-1
    Tx Champion,Louisiana Champion,Kansas Champion
    Pro Boxing 1-0
    Pro Kick Boxing 2-0
    Pro MMA Record 5-3
    Current Wfc Mexican Champion
    Won His Last 6 Fights but was Robbed In Corpus On A controversial decision.

    We Our Looking For Fights In Vegas.
    If You Can Help Us Out ?
    Please Contact Us

    Thanks Alot
    Antwan Is a Family Man who trains hard and has never drank alcohol or used drugs in his life… You want a Peoples Champion who will give you his all… Then Your Looking at the right Guy….

  18. looking for amateur boxing fight weighing in at 129lbs in the corpus christi texas area interested give me a call at 361-205-5570

  19. I am an amateur kick boxer looking to compete from harlingen Texas I am 27 at 220 lbs contact me at 9562818880 I am looking to register on any amateur Kickboxing events

  20. Looking to compete in Amatuer Mma fights btw 155-170. No previous fight experience but I’ve competed and placed in more then a couple jui jitsu tournaments. 8326559419

  21. Looking for mma tournament amature or pro in south Texas weight ass between 155-165 I got speed, power, and skill.

  22. Looking for amateur MMA fights in Sugarland or Houston area, teenager, freestyle fighter with 4 months of complete MMA experience and going, better on the ground weigh 155-160 pounds, contact samjafri_619@hotmail.com if interested

  23. Looking for fights in the lubbock area. Between 150 and 170, and well rounded. Call or text #4694879751 also looking for a serious training partner .

  24. street fighting expierence nothing professional just want to try it out i have good ground game killeen texas area text #2542477540 Josh Leyh

  25. Looking for first amateur fight, preferably in arlington or grand prairie. Will fight anyone with 5 or less mma fights. 5’8″ tall weigh 170. Pretty good ground game and decent stand up. Contact me at my email whats_up_dallas_@yahoo.com. my name is Ricky Gonzales

  26. looking for fight in Arlington Dallas area, looking for anyone with less than 5 fights and in the 190-210 pound range as I’m 6’1 205 #4696841641

  27. Pro boxer Daniel sanchez im looking for s fight i fight at 132 my num 210 365 3267

  28. I am a amateur fighter. 5’8 & 144 lb south east houston. Call me at 832-758-1724

  29. 5″11 200lbs or a litte less never boxed a day in my life. willing to take an ass wooping as long as you dont kill me but fear is a four letter word i dont understand. if i dont fight someone out of respect all the anger is going to explode and the innocent will get hurt. Lets Box


  30. I’m a 115lb female fighter looking for a Fight this month. I have my pro license 832 687-2540

  31. Everyone here on a team? Ive been wanting to join an mma school who competes. Studied kunfu at a young age but quit. Teenage years had about a dozen street fights. 22 6.0 266lb

  32. I have combative’s experience from the army, and had quite a few fights in my lifetime. I would love to fight in one of these amateur fights, please text me at 915-503-9474 I’m 6 foot 255.

  33. moving to midland tx in june. currently living and training in Arizona. also looking for my first fight at that 185 or so. well rounded for an amateur. contact me at bdcook777@gmail.com

  34. Looking for First mma fight. I don’t have any experience except street fighting. 6’2 220lb. 30 years old league city tx. Looking for fight in houston area text or call Travis at 8322629848

  35. 1-3 fighter 170lbs from england trained at the wolfs lair (dan hardy) in northhampton england i hold the 5th fastest ko victory in ohio at 20 seconds and was hurt in my second fight and lost 3 took a year and a half off to get healed up and trained fully will fight end of june begining of july 937 974 0798 or britbulldog.sw@gmail.com

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