“He will have a hard time trying to break THE LAW” Luis Vega interview by: sPidA Garay

A few words with one of the top 2 in both 145/155lb  fighter (not in contract with the UFC) weight division in my book! Talked a bit about everything with a few surprise comments. For more info check out the Premiere Fight Series @ “Premierfights.net ” on July 28th at the Forth Worth Convention Center, Out of Brownsville,Texas. No holding back..here comes THE LAW!

sPidA: You have a tough if not the toughest fight you’ve had to date against Chas Kelly,  How well do you think you stack up against his style?

Vega: I think that stylelistic, this is a great match up for me. For sure, Chas will be the most credited fighter I have faced. We both have very similar styles, except my stand up comes mostly from Muay Thai and my ground from jiu jitsu but I have experiences in Boxing, judo and wrestling. I know he is a good wrestler and has been improving with his hands. I feel this will be a battle of who is the best athelete  at 145, besides Daniel Pineda, I think I rack up next to the next toughest match for Chas. I’m mexican man, he will have a hard time trying to Break THE LAW in the cage. I won’t quit and I keep coming foward. I’m coming down from 155, but Chas is a big boy at 145. Im very excited to perform my best. I hope we keep it standing for the hometown people, but i doubt Chas will keep it there. Lets see who dives to the ground first. I know it wont be me!!

sPidA: You’ve won by both submissions and strikes, would you consider yourself well rounded or do you still rely more on one style than the other?

Vega: I’ll tell you this much, I was known for a while as the submission guy. People wanted to keep it standing because they felt they had and advantage over me there but I have been clearly outstriking opponents and submitting them with ease. Me and Chas have that very similar, we catch people quickly once it hits the ground. I have subbed opponents off my back and on top. I have also knocked out and battered opponents on my feet. So I can say I’m pretty complete, there is no position I’m not familiar with. I’m confident in my abilities and skills. Once again, I hope i can display more of my striking in my next bout, but i doubt it will stay there.. (wink, wink Chas)

sPidA: Along with hundreds of others, you to attneded the UFC TUFF try outs but did not make the cut, if another one were to come up, would you try out again?

Vega: Of course I would,  its my goal to fight in the UFC and I’m willing to take the hard road to get there. I’ll try out in the 145 division if it where to come up. We gotta keep on trying until we get there.

sPidA: What was your best memory from the TUFF try outs, you run into a lot of familiar faces?

Vega: Memories, Ahh, the long lines, the waking up in the morning and the waiting. You see, THE LAW doesn’t know the morning much. My day starts at noon.( LoL ). Literally it does, Me and my boy Danny Salinas ran into Hector “H-Train” Munoz.  Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez, James Vick and some former tuf vets trying out again. That was funny but they did. I dont remember their name though.

sPidA: South Texas has been booming as of late with promotions like STFC , UWF and new one Xtreme Combat promotion coming up in August, what are your thoughts on this?

Vega: My thoughts, hum let me see. A cage, an opponent and a paycheck. I’ll fight wherever and with whoever shows me the money. Big show, small show, main event, first fight of the night, I don’t really care. I hate drama behind the scenes and I don’t like shit talking promoter that greet you and talk shit on your back by telling your opponent  to beat you up. I’m talking about Oscar Enriques/UWF Promoter. Big time hipocrit.. and coward! Thats what i think about mma promotions!!

sPidA: With an 8 fight win streak, do you pick your opponents or are you fighting any and all that come knocking?

Vega: Bro, I dont hand pick em.. My last opponent said the same, Oscar Enriques said the same on that BELLATOR fight, and I still managed to win in a impressive fashion just like the prior fights. I was once thought to be a stepping stone, but i think things change quick when you start to really hurt your opponents. I learned that the more pain you give them, they wont want to fight you again. sure, I can sub them, but lets make them not come back for more. Two of those wins i went up to 170 to fight the same guy. Bigger guy, from my home town. i wanted to shut up his coach and I did. Twice.( No one gives me credit for going up in weight to my unatural weight class.)Thats why I am called the LAW!! I Enforce the law if you get out of place. (lots of sarcasm my friends, so please smile)

sPidA: When getting ready to hit the gym, what helps motivate you, music,movie etc?

Vega: I am a self motivated individual, but what i motivate to is the fact that I dont like to loose. I have tasted defeat and its not for me ,beside that I like to motivate myself by visualizing myself in victory. Remembering what i was before dedicating myself to MMA and telling myself I need to work harder to get where i want to be

sPidA: For anyone that has not seen you fight, how would you describe your style of fighting?

Vega: Well, you can say I just bring it. I like to make it as entertaining as i can but over all I like to perform my best. I prefer to strike, because fans love a good old scrrapp!!

sPidA: With MMA going mainstream, do you see yourself more off an athlete than a fighter or vice versa?

Vega: Im a fighter first, athelete second. I am a technician, I believe in efficiency over explosiveness and power. I capitalize of my opponents mistakes but never force anything. My heart and determination is what keeps me going when im down.

sPidA: Thank you for your time bro and best on your next bout! Anything else you would like to add for your freidns and fans?

Vega: Yes, first and foremost I wanna thank God, my family, my Wife and every single person who has supported me through my career. My coach Luis Benavides, my teamates from Team Pound. Tyler Bosard, Gracie Barra RGV for allowing me to be part of the team and for opening his door to me when my former team threw me out for speaking up about politics in BJJ. (cough, cough William Vandry). my Muay Thai coach Kru Kayan, my first BJJ coach Manny Galvan, my karate instructor Pete Ramirez(yes im learning karate too), My judo coach Josh alegria and my new wrestling coach Danny Guerrero. My kids, without them I would have no motivation to fight.(got 4 + 1 on the way) I just want to make em proud. Special shout out to all My PEOPLE from Brownsville Texas, the city on the border by the sea. Want to make everyone proud of my ongoing success. Thank you also sPidA for your time, its pretty cool that you guys ( Media) are reaching out to me to hear the LAW speak!!


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