“Jens Pulver is coming to my house.” Interview with SFC US ARMY Jesse M. Thorton Sr.

sPidA: First of all thank you for all that you and the Men and Woman serving in our Great Nations Military are doing, Tell us about your job in the U.S ARMY?

SFC Thorton: I am the Non-Comminsioned Officer In-Charge of the Fort Hood Combatives Training Facility, I have been in the Army for 10yrs and I have earned the rank of Sergeant First Class/E-7)

sPidA: You are a Pro fighter with 3 fights under your belt, and the 2011 All-ARMY
Combatives Champion, what sports were you doing before joining the ARMY?

SFC Thorton: I have a few pro fights and I have competed in two All Army Championships. I place fourth in 2010 due to two disqualifications, and 2011 I won the tournament at 125 lbs. I wrestled in High School for 3 years where I placed fourth my senior year and wrestled in college for one year.

sPidA: You’re in Austin, Texas cross training for this up coming bout, how has your experience been while training there? What guys have been pushing you for this upcoming bout?

(U.S. Army photo by Daniel Cernero, III Corps and Fort Hood Public Affairs)

SFC Thorton: I selected the best Fight Gym in the area, Austin Muay Thai & Jiu-Jitsu….mainly because Tim Kennedy gave us Army guys a free invitation to train. Every fight I have ever lost it was because I didn’t train! Since I have been putting in work at AMT, I have evolved into a good Mixed Martial Artist. AMT has the right atmosphere for training, and a really good coach in Elton. Let me tell you, Tim, Adam, Justin, Drew, John, Rod, Matt….just to name a few really push you to be better. Those guys even do research on your opponent, making your entire training session well worth the hour drive daily.

sPidA: I have met quite a few of the Ft Hood Combatives guys while covering the Premiere Combat Group amateur event here in San Antonio, how hard do these guys train and what do you feel has attributed to their success?

SFC Thorton: It’s not funny that you ask me this. Fort Hood is home of the 2x All Army Combatives Champs! Our program produces good amateur fighters and they will soon turn pro and do well on local circuits. It’s the dedication of Army Training that puts Soldiers at the highest physical and mental levels.

sPidA: Fighting not only a former UFC Light Weight Champion on April 14th but an experienced fighter as well, what advantage do you feel you have over your opponent?

SFC Thorton: Jens Pulver was a great champion in his day, right now I feel that Jens Pulver is an “old 37 yrs”, and I am a young “37 yrs”, Jens is coming to my house, where I have over 50,000 Soldiers supporting my battle with Jens. We welcome the opportunity, we welcome it!!!!! Get ready, Austin Muay Thai & Jiu-Jitsu , Edgar Fuentes/Grapplers Lair’s coaches have put together the correct game plan to win. I will win!

sPidA: Give us a typical workout routine, when getting ready for a fight?

SFC Thorton:Every fight is slightly different in the conditioning and game planning. Without giving away to much…..a fighter wants to cover all basis of conditioning
for Mixed Marial Arts.

sPidA: How many tours have you had while serving and protecting our Country, has
the experience helped you personally for Mixed Martial Arts?

SFC Thorton: I have completed two deployment tools and the experience of actually doing my job has made me a better leader to soldiers and a really good Father to my children.Deployments assist with your mental toughness, knowing that you gotta make it home at all cost, translates to knowing I need to train harder than my opponent and it’s a must to win the fight.

sPidA: How long have you been a fan of Mixed Martial Arts? Is there a specific fighter you emulate or who has influenced your style of fighting?

SFC Thorton: Over the last few years MMA has taken over the sports community and being a former wrestler I fit in perfect! I don’t have a specific fighter that I emulate but if I would have to pick a couple it would be Rashad Evans-wrestling and Anderson Silva-he doesn’t get hit much on his feet.

sPidA: What a typical day off for you? What do you end up doing to help relax and take your mind of competing?

SFC Thorton:Relaxing is a privilege and I actually like to do it…..I normally stay home and chill with the family.

sPidA: Thank you for your time man, wishing you all the best on this next bout, any last minute comments for your fans or sponsors?

SFC Thorton: I would like to thank you for your interest in the interview, thanks to our many soldiers that are overseas fighting our wars, and GOD bless the families that have to endure their love one being away. Fans of MMA continue to support your local fighters and sponsors please continue sponsoring local fighters.See you at Operation Fight Night.

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