Interview with Santos Rosales of Full Contact Fight Academy

At 4-0 with all by tko and already owning the Texas Rage in the Cage welter weight title, Santos Rosales is looking to bring home (Paragon/FCFA) another title from Garcia Promotions. Lets get the ball rolling!!

spida: So tell us, how long have you been training and did you start your training with Paragon/FCFA?

Rosales: I started my training with Hector Munoz and FCFA, then we moved the gym with Ragagon. We’ve been there since then.

spida: What were you doing before you ventured into MMA?

Rosales: I’m also a personal trainer at Results Personal training here in Corpus but before that I was in the Military so I’ve always worked out.

Spida: What branch were you in and did that help you get into MMA?

Rosales: I was Navy and before that I used to box and wrestle in high school. I was doing this before the UFC blew up and always wondered about putting all my skills of combat to the test.

Spida: With your title fight coming up, do you feel any pressure going into this fight?

Rosales: Naw man, I’ve been training hard. My plan is to go in there and win it!

Spida: You definetly have a great camp with Hector and Aurelio  as well as the rest of your team, does that motivate you to train harder?

Rosales: It does! They keep training and competing on a top level so it makes the rest of us train harder. If we don’t we’ll get left behind.

spida: You mentioned that you’ve done both boxing and wrestling, was this in high school or college?

Rosales: I’ve wrestled and boxed in high school. I’ve trained in two different different gyms. I’m good at both, I definetly consider myself well rounded. I can keep the fight on my feet or take my opponent down and finish it on the ground.

spida: So have all your fights been finished by way of ko?

Rosales: No they’ve been by tko. The ref usually stops the fights because of unanswered strikes.

spida: Damn, so they stop them before you can knock them out? (laughs by both) We have a mutual friend in Big O (Orlando Bernal). He’s been doing a great job supporting a lot of the Corpus locals, how does this help you as a fighter knowing you have companies helping you out from the beggining of your fight career?

Rosales: It helps out a lot! Our gym isn’t really known as an MMA gym but he definitely supports us and were proud to have him as a sponsor.

spida: You have your second fight at welter weight, are you considering going Pro after this next event?

Rosales: I was suppose to go pro last year in Aug but with school and my schedule I had to put my fighting aside.

spida: Would cutting down to 155 be something you might consider once you go Pro?

Rosales: Oh heck yea! These guys fighting at 170 are monsters. I walk around at 180-185 so cutting down would definetly benefit me to get the advantage.

spida: Who are some fighters out there, other than your coaches of course, that you look up to and actually motivate you to train harder?

Rosales: I like watching GSP, he wins his fights no matter what!

spida: Not only that but he also wins against his oponnents strong points. Like he’ll out wrestle the wrestlers and out strike the strikers.

Rosales: Exactly! He shuts them down at what they’re good at and thats something I’m looking at doing.

spida: Its no seceret that Hector Munoz trains in New Mexico with Jacksons gym, is this something you’re looking at doing yourself-cross training and checking your skill level?

Rosales: I was suppose to go back in January but had barely started working at Results Personal training but definetly. Would be great to get that experiance and see how guys at that level train like.

spida: When Hector comes back from a training Camp, can you tell the difference and how do you prepare for that?

Rosales: I can tell when he and one of the Flick brothers have gone. When they get back they’re on beast mode so I have to get ready for that!  (laughs)

spida: Thank you Santos for taking time for this. We wish you the best with your next fight and career! Any last words?

Rosales: Of course, I would like to thank my coaches, the guys at Paragon/FCFA, my girlfreind, friends and family for supporting me and my sponsors. Affiliated for Life, Merican Brand, Rocks supplements, Y2KWILL and Results Personal training! Thank you guys.