Interview with Anthony “TJ” Waldburger

Ran into TJ Walburgher @ Seguin MMA one Saturday afternoon while visiting King Webb,so I jumped on the opportunity to ask him a few questions: Here goes!
sPidA: First off,thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time bro,much appreciated.

TJ: Not a problem man, glad I could help.

sPidA: First off,what do you have going on in your fighting career,heard you had renewed your UFC contract?

TJ: I actually did, renewed another 4 fight contract,next fight is in Australian and Aaron Rosa is on that card aswell.

sPidA: Good deal,spoketo Aaron the other day and that’s great that we will have 2 fighters on that card to represent our great State of Texas,will this be your first time visiting Australia?

T.J: It is,it’s actually the longest flight ever to,goingto be a long boring flight (laughter by both)

sPidA: Ouch! 16hrs? That is insane…How’s your training thus far? Are you training to avoid jet lag,I mean are you on tune with the time in Australia?

TJ: My training is actually going very well,my coaches and team mates are really pushing me,as for training for the jet lag, it’;s goingto be a long flight, I figure I’ll just sleep and wake up to whatever time it is when we arrive.

sPidA: Sounds fair, you actually have a record in the UFC for most submissions attempted during a match,with that said,do yoo consider yourself a grappler first then a striker?

TJ: Not at all, I’m feel comfortable on the ground but I do enjoy striking,I just go with the flow but I do consider myself a freestyle fighter.

sPidA: Well said, thank you TJ for this opportunity, any last comments or people you’d like to give thanks to?

TJ: Thank you man and yes I’d like to thank the UFC for the opportunities, my coaches and training partners (Grappler’s Lair) and most importantly my wife Shayla and my family for their support!

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