“If you want to be the best, you have to fight the best!” Amber Stautzenberger Interview

Fighting out of Mohler’s Mixed Martial Arts in Coppel, Texas… Amber Stautzenberger prepares to take the Tiny Tornado for a spin of her own come Monday July 16th, for the American Battle Championship # 11 in West Palm Beach, Florida (115 Title and #1 World Women Ranking on the line). Wishing her the best…I present to you, Amber Stautzenberger!

sPidA: You had started your Mixed Martial Arts career in Missouri, after your first bout, did you know this was something you wanted to pursue?

Amber: Yes, I knew I wanted to keep pursuing a career in Mixed Martial Arts but I didn’t know where it would take me. My main priority at that time was school.

sPidA: You have 6 bouts in Amateur Mixed Martial Arts competition, after this fight, will you possibly be going Pro?

Amber: I have been trying to go Pro at 115lbs since the end of last year but haven’t been able to get a fight. Hopefully this fight in August will come through.

sPidA: Not many women competing in Mixed Martial Arts here in Texas (at least not within the same weight division) Is this the reason why you are traveling to Florida for your upcoming bout?

Amber: It is one of the reasons, Jordan Gaza the other 115lb fighter here in Texas wont fight me. It would make for a great bout. The other women at 115lbs are just starting out.Tecia my Florida opponent is skilled and 6-0 in MMA, That’s why I took the Title fight. She has over 15 fights totaled including her kickboxing matches. I figured it would be great to fight someone with a lot of experience especially since I will be going Pro soon. If you want to be the best,you have to fight the best!

sPidA: This next bout you will be going against what many consider to be the best 115lb MMA female fighter in the World. What tools do you feel you will bring into this bout to challenge her?

Amber: My height and my reach are great tools to use against her, I’m pretty well rounded as is she. It will be a great technical fight for both of us.

sPidA: Seems like many Mixed Martial Arts competitors nowadays are friends (via social networking), would this keep you from fighting someone who is a “friend” through social media?

Amber: It would not, I am friends with many women in my weight class (115lbs) If we fight,we fight. We will still respect one another. This is a sport. No grudges.

sPidA: Who do your training partners consist of? Do you have any female fighters helping you prepare for this bout or like many gyms, do the guys that train there help you prepare for your fights?

Amber: I have several girls helping me such as: Amanda Fine and Jinh Yu. Both the men and women I train with have different strengths and skills so it’s great to be able to work them all. Amanda has been my main training partner for this fight but the guys have been helping me as well.

sPidA: With STRIKEFORCE closing its doors this year (they have been doing a great job pushing Womens MMA) What other organizations have you been following that have been helping the growth of Womens Mixed Martial Arts?

Amber: INVICTA is playing a big roll right now in Womens Mixed Martial Arts. Even though they are just starting out, they have some great names on their cards. Marloes Coenen , Kaitlin Young and Carla Esparza to name a few. They also help out the women that are just starting off their Pro careers like the Lybargers. I hope INVICTA continues to grow with it’s succes as well as JEWELS in JAPAN.

sPidA: You will be fighting in your opponents home State of Florida, where else have you fought other than Texas and do you get nervous fighting outside of your own home State?

Amber: I have fought in Las Vegas, Missouri, Louisiana , Arkansas and here in Texas. I feel comfortable fighting outside my home State. I have too because I don’t have many 115lb opponents here in Texas. I don’t get nervous but I do start getting the jitters the day of the weigh ins, on and off. Mostly just from being anxious from wanting to fight. Adrenaline takes over in the Cage if there is any nervousness left.

sPidA: Your walk out Tee was created to help out a great cause, can you tell us a bit about this and will the Tees be available after your fight?

Amber: Yes most of the proceeds will be going towards my 17yr old cousin, Justin Salcedo. He is going through chemotherapy Stage 4 testicular cancer. He is a fighter and will make it through, no doubt about that. These shirts will not be available after this fight but I will have others for future fights that will also be helping out a great cause.

sPidA: Most that compete in Mixed Martial Arts work as bouncers, security, trainers etc so that they have time to train, what kind of job do you have outside of the cage and does it allow you to train when needed?

Amber: The job I have right now is fantastic! I went to school for art and now I teach painting classes. It works well with my training as I can still workout multiple times a day.

sPidA: All this talk about ZOMBIES in Florida, if you were to run into one, what would be the first thing you would do?

Amber: Without a weapon, I would probably kick its head off! That seems like a safe way to go, then alert the CDC.

sPidA: I do thank you for your time Amber, TexasFighting.com and the State of Texas is behind you 100%.  Anything else you would like to add to this interview?

Amber: I would like to thank the great State of Texas and you guys at TexasFighting.com for the opportunity on getting this interview. I would like to thank my coaches and training partners for helping me get prepared for this fight. My friends and family for their support. Thank you Tristan Grimsly and Nathan Heath for working with me on my strength and conditioning. I would also like to thank my sponsors: M.King Construction Inc, CO and Michelle Holcomb, FNP-C , Inova Richardson-Family Practice and Ammunition To Go. Thank you everybody who has helped me and my cousin Justin!

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