A few words with Mitchell Hale out of Future Fitness in Abilene,Texas, bound 24/7 Entertainment. “SELF MADE ” going down Oct 20th . Far West Event Center in Odessa,TX. Re-Match (Title bout) against TUF contestant Cody Pfister…Lets do this!

sPidA: Your coming off a great decision win over Anselmo Luna,how well prepared were you for this fight?

Hale: I have to say I was pretty well prepared for my fight against Luna, I made some mistakes in that fight but have been back in the gym filling in the holes in my game.

sPidA: You did take this fight with Luna after a 2 yr lay off from Full contact fighting, was this ever a factor in that fight?

Hale: No, just for the simple fact that I am a Martial Artist/Athlete. I have a lot of drive and passion for this sport,I will always find a way to evolve and prepare myself for every bout.

sPidA: On Oct 20th you will be getting a re-match that happened in “09” fighting against Cody Pfister, will you be making a statement?

Hale: Yes, I try my best to make as statement in every fight but more so in this fight with Cody, I will get redemption of a loss and a chance to prove that I belong in the upper level 155lb weight division.

sPidA: Your opponent Cody Pfister was in the UFC TUF reality show, people will be watching, will you be using this for motivation to get that win?

Hale: Yes,I guess you could say that. Cody is a great competitor and the fact that he was on TUF is more motivation to win but at the end of the day, he is just another fighter standing between me and a win.

sPidA: Your head coach had an unfortunate loss on his LEGACY FC debut, he has said ” My loss has humbled me” Are those words of encouragement for you as well?

Hale: Yes, because of that loss, it has made him hungrier which in turn has set the tone for drive and motivation at the gym to a whole new level.With the goal of growing from that loss and coming back strong like a virus.Brandon has a 170lb EFC Title fight against Jason House in Nov and our goal as a team is to bring back the 155 and 170lb Title belts to Future Fight Fitness in Abilene,Texas.

sPidA: A bit late but at UFC 151, Jon Jones had refused to fight a last minute replacement in Chael Sonnen, therefore causing the whole card to get scratched, what are your thoughts on this?

Hale: Okay everybody makes mistakes but if you are the Champion and the best in the World. You shouldn’t have an objection fighting WHO EVER the UFC puts in front of you. I lost some respect for Jon Jones after that. That is his job and he gets paid very well and shouldn’t have had any objection to it. Fighters rise to the occasion and take fights on short notice all the time and getting paid a lot less,Jones had no excuse.

sPidA: You run your own business, have a family and work on top of that, what would be your advice to those reading this thinking they’ll start making that top dollar right away and be making all that sponsorship money?

Hale: This sport/business is like anything else,you have to pay the cost to be the boss. It takes a lot of time , diligence,hard work and dedication to perfect ones skills to the point of making that big money. It can get hard balancing work,training and raising my little girl but I will continue to strive to beat the best to become the best! It may take 2yrs,it may take 10 but our Team will get to that level…Its only a matter of time.

sPidA: You made your Pro debut in 2009 and are only 23yrs of age, on a scale from 1-10,where do you see yourself right now?

Hale: Well right now I would say a 6 or 7.I have a lot of improving to do but I have a very strong and uplifting team behind me. I watch the UFC events and can honestly say I can hang in there in the 155lb division.Until that opportunity arises however,I will be patient and continue to grow as a person and Martial Artist. No matter what level myself or others reach, theirs always room for improvement. When you stop growing as a fighter is when you die as a fighter.

sPidA: For those like myself that aren’t looking to fight or compete, what would you recommend as far as training and nutrition?

Hale: Really just 3 basic things;plenty of exercise,good nutrition and well being. For more info they can contact me. 🙂

sPidA: We thank you once again bro and keep wishing you the best as you continue to make every fight a step closer to pursuing your dreams, anything you would like to add to this?

Hale: I would like to thank Brandon Farran, Jason Hakk , Tomas Gentile, Ricky Baily and the rest of the Future Fitness Team for always pushing me and making me better. A huge shout to our sponsors COMPLETE NUTRITION and thanks to Cody Pfister for getting in the Cage with me once again. Thank you to all the haters and supporters for continuing to drive me to want to be the best. Keep Texas Fighting!


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