“I want to represent the whole State of TEXAS” Javier Obregon Jr. interview by: sPidA

Saw this young man fight his heart out at Element Fighting Championship and instantly became a fan, bout to step into the Cage again come April 28th in Plano, Texas / Dominion Warrior ” EVOLUTION” Here we go!

sPidA : How long have you been training in Mixed Martial Arts and how long after that did you decide you wanted to compete in the sport?

Javi: I have been training  since the age of 16, training for  7 years now. Ever since i was a young kid my cousin and I would always watch the cage fights.Both of us wanted to become pro fighters and make it to the UFC.. but a few years ago my cousin was in a car accident and passed away. I told myself that i would do this for the both of us

sPidA :So sorry for your loss bro, what other sports were you involved in growing up,did any of them encourage you to get into Mixed Martial Arts?

Javi : I played every sport in high school.  I also did boxing but the sport that carried me into becoming a better mma fighter was wrestling. i wrestled in Iowa and also went to wrestle for a College  in Minnesota.

sPidA: I was at the EFC event when you fought against Borzoo, how close do you feel that bout was? (loss to split decision)

Javi: The fight between me and Borzoo was a great fight for me. To be honest it was a very close fight but i thought i did enough to get the win just , i mixed it up  and was able to take him down more than 6 times. We both fought back in forth on our feet. but the loss was good for me because it made me a better fighter and i learned from it.

sPidA : If called back for a re-match,would you take it or just take the experience and keep going?

Javi : If they would called me back for the rematch i would jump right on it and take it. I’m a guy that likes tough fights cause those are the one that make me better.

sPidA : Everybody is trying to make it to the big leagues in MMA (UFC/BELLATOR etc..) Is this your goal as well, what do you feel will take you there?

Javi: Yes making it to the UFC or BELLATOR is my dream and I want to become a champion and at the end of my carrer i want to be a legend to be known as one of the best to ever stepped in the cage. I’m doing it for my family and me cause i love this sport. and for my son and daughter so I can give them things that I didn’t have as a child. I think by fighting the tough fighters and beating them will help me make a name in MMA and that i think will get me there.

sPidA : You are a family man, are you working full time if so how often do you train?

Javi : Yes i am a family man. i am a husband and a father of two kids. My son is 2 years old and my daughter is  3. My daughter lives in Iowa. I dont get to see her much. She is one of the main reasons i fight. If i make more money i could get to see more of her.My family is what keeps me going. I work full time and if im not able to go to a gym i will still workout at home.I get up early everyday for a run and after work I go train or workout. It gets hard sometimes but i know it will pay off at the end.

sPidA: Is your family supportive in you choosing to fight in Mixed Martial Arts?

Javi : At first my mother didn’t agree on me fighting for as a sport but she got used to it and she now supports me on my dream.My family is great on supporting me. and my little brother helps me train and my wife has been there for me since the beginning she has always supported me..

sPidA : Tell us a bit about your fight team and what City do you represent?

Javi : I fight out of Stephenville,TX  but when i fight i dont just want to represent a City I want to represent the whole state of TEXAS. The gym is great ,I have a great coach but he is also a great friend of mine. It’s a small gym but we have some very good fighters and we are like family we all support each other.

sPidA : Both your losses have gone all 3 rounds, conditioning isn’t a factor, what have you learned from these losses?

Javi : What I learned from those losses is to fight smarter cause not always will the better fighter win, the smarter one will.

sPidA : You’ll be fighting Derek Oneal on April 28th, does your game plan change for every fight or will you feed of your opponent?

Javi : Derek Oneal is my next opponent and yes I changed my game plan. I will keep the fight on my feet to show everyone that i am a good striker and bang it out but fight smart.

sPidA : Thank you for your time bro,hope to see you fight again soon, anything else you would like to add to this?

Javi : Thank you, I want to thank the lord for giving me the strength to keep going. I also want to thank everyone who has supported me in my carrer, Les Mayo my trainer and everyone who has helped me get ready for my fights. A big shout out to the people who cheer for me at my fights, thank you! And if there is any sponsors out there wanting some great exposure, contact me. (javierobregon16@hotmail.com) I would be very thankful.


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