“I want to go out there and impress everyone” Travis Moore Interview

Interview with Middleweight PCG Title Contender Travis “MEGATRON” Moore. Fighting out of Matt Larsen’s Combat Fitness/American Fight Company in Killeen Texas. He will be putting on a show come Dec 1st for Premiere Combat Groups last event of the year in San Antonio Texas Cowboys Dance Hall. For Ticket info: www.CageTix.com

sPidA: So tell us what Team are you representing and who are some of the people helping you for this upcoming Title bout?

Moore: I am representing Matt Larsen’s Combat Fitness/American Fight Company in Killeen Texas.I literally have world class fighters and coaches working with me right now, My BJJ coach is a world champion black belt and an active competitor in the Texas bjj scene Jarrod Clontz he has taken my ground game to another level and is a genius on the mats. As for my MMA camp I have been training with a lot of up and coming beasts, but the one guy who has helped me and given me the biggest push and motivation is M-1 Global, Bellator veteran Jason Norwood, this guy is an absolute monster and has passed on alot of his skill and knowledge onto myself…. Everyday myself and my training partners go to war I couldn’t ask for a better group of guys to share an mma camp with.

sPidA: You are stepping inside the cage on Dec 1st against Chad Box, whom you have a win over, after fighting him once, have you changed your game plan any?

Moore: As a fighter I have evolved a very significant amount since the last time I fought Chad, he is a large strong kid that is very tough, but I believe I have prepared very well for him in this camp and will be prepared no matter where this fight goes.. I would say my game plan has only changed based on strengths I’ve added and want to apply in the Cage.

sPidA: This bout is for the Premiere Combat Group Middle weight title, any pressure going into this?

Moore: PCG is one of the best amateur promotions in the State so of course there is a little pressure in the sense that I want to go out there and impress everyone, the fans, my family… This fight means a lot to me, I want to be someone the fans remember and people want to see more of.

sPidA: You have fought for the PCG promotion before as well as visited as a fan (supporting your teammates) how was your experience while at the venue?

Moore: PCG is an outstanding promotion, they really take care of the athletes they have fighting, and put on a top notch show… Both as a fighter and a fan I’ve loved the venue at Cowboys Dance Hall, its actually the favorite place I’ve ever fought at, and I’m glad to be back there and in the Cage !! Fans are awesome and loud, fighters ready to fight, this is going to be a great show!

sPidA: I have seen the nickname “Mega-tron” used through out your Facebook page, how did that come about?

Moore: Well what a lot of people don’t know about me is I’m a BIG TIME nerd, at 24 years old I still collect comic books and play video games Lol, so one day during a sparring session after one of the transformer movies had just come out someone had referred to me as MEGA-TRON, and well it just kind of stuck after that.


sPidA: This is PCG’s last event of the 2012, not to look pass this bout but what plans are you working on for 2013, if all goes well,is defending the Title on the list?

Moore: Don’t want to look at anything past Dec. 1st, but in 2013 I’ll be ready for more exciting fights, maybe even being a multiple weight class championship. Of course if a good challenger comes up I’ll be willing to defend the belt happily ! First though I have to Win that thing and make it my own!

sPidA: Seems like more and more fighters are getting injured before their bouts,what would you say are some tips to help prevent something like this from happening before a bout?

Moore: That’s a tough one, I think its almost impossible for any fighter to go injury free throughout a camp… But in order to minimize injuries I think you need partners and coaches you can trust and also a good conditioning program that builds up your body for the physical abuse… Ice and Advil help too when needed!!

sPidA: Seems like reality TV shows have been the in thing,if a TV network were to show interest on following you around and making a TV show out of your everyday life,what would the show be called?

Moore: Reality Shows are popular these days, I don’t even have an idea of what one about me could be called, I could guarantee it would be exciting and different though something people would probably watch!!

sPidA: You have the UFC Title holders who seems unbeatable, Jones, Anderson Silva and St Pierre. If given the opportunity to match them up, for the first fight of 2013,who would you put against whom?

Moore: I’ve wanted to see GSP vs. Silva for years now before any of the Jones Vs Silva fight was ever talked about… So Definitely would like to see Silva vs. GSP if he can make it past Condit, as for Jones I enjoy watching him destroy anyone he faces, so whoever Dana throws at him, it will most likely be an exciting fight!

sPidA: I have seen you at BJJ tournaments as well as competing in MMA , which do you prefer?

Moore: Well I started my Journey into this sport with BJJ, so that will always be my first love, but I honestly enjoy competing and doing the MMA more now, it’s just is a rush I cant describe and the ultimate test of all your skills in a fight.. But I will always compete BJJ even when I’m old and grey, its a part of my life now!

sPidA: Thank you for taking time for this bro,I will see you come Dec 1st. Any comments before ending this interview?

Moore: Thank you sPidA, First off I have to thank God for giving me the ability to fight and entertain people, I want to tell anyone reading this come out to Cowboys December 1st( www.CageTix.com )I guarantee its going to be a great night of MMA action!! Secondly I really want to thank my family particularly my parents who support me and allow me to chase this MMA dream of mine. Also a huge shout out to Big O the great creative mind behind my walkout shirts, this man has backed me from day one no matter what.Last but not least I have to thank my training partners,coaches, and supporters, I appreciate you all more than you know, you guys keep me going even when I don’t want to go sometimes, I truly believe I have one of the best support systems in the world !! Oh ya and I cant wait to hang that belt on the wall !!!


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