” I think I needed that loss to push me….” Jonathan Lopez interview. By: sPidA Garay

Jonathan Lopez preparing to make his Pro Mixed Martial Arts on June 30th in Twenty Four Seven  Entertainment in Odessa,Texas. One of many great fighters set to make a dent in the local Texas scene and beyond. Great young talent here, support our sport!

sPidA : What can you tell us about your Team  and location,who are your coaches?

Lopez : Academy of Mixed Martial Arts (AMMA) in Plainview, TX and our coach is Leonel Vasquez

sPidA :  You’ll be  making your Pro Mixed Martial Arts debut on June 3oth, what helped you make the decision to finally go pro?

Lopez : There isnt many 125rs in the area but i think i have fought the best guys in the area.  I’m coming off a loss to Jeremiah Cullum a great ground guy but i think i needed that loss to push me to that next level. I  learned a lot from that fight.

sPidA: You’ve held 3 titles as an amateur, did strapping a belt around your waist make you confident or did you still stay humble as a fighter?

Lopez: I’ve held three titles as an amateur for some great organizations SPAMMA, Mayhem Inc, and ECC and winning those gave me a lot of confidence in my abilities but I’ve always stayed humble

sPidA: On your 4th ammy fight,you had only trained for under a year, had you competed or trained in any other combat sports before finding Mixed Martial Arts?

Lopez: Never, I’ve never even had a street fight i just started to stay in shape for basketball but then just fell in love with Mixed Martial Arts.

sPidA:  At 125lbs, not many other weight classes to go to other than 135, are you planning on staying at 125lb weight division?

Lopez: I am a bigger 125er ,so its an advantage for me and I’ve had success so while my body allows it i will continue at this weight but i am only 21 so as my body grows i think eventually i will go up in weight.
sPidA: I ‘ve seen some of your fights on youtube, everybody trains in all aspects of MIxed Martial Arts, do you have a preference (ground or stand up)?

Lopez:; I love the ground game. I’m able to use my size and leverage to my advantage but my stand up has come a long way at 125 you see a lot of unpredictable and fast things and im ready go where ever the fight takes it.

sPidA:  For those reading this, why should they attend the Twenty Four Seven Entertainment event  on June 30th? What do they have to look foward too?

Lopez: There’s a lot of top regional talent on this card and they can look forward to a great night of Mixed Martial Arts Action!

sPidA: If you were a lucha libre wrestler,what would your name be and why?
Lopez: Silencio,  haha just because I am a very quiet and simple guy.

sPidA : Other than grappling and striking,what else do you add to your training workouts ( plyometrics,circuit drills etc)?

Lopez : A  lot of circuits and a lot of drillling submissions stand up and bad situations and cardio.

sPidA : Thank you bro,wish you the best come June 30th, anyone you would like to thank(team.sponsors etc)?

Lopez: I just want to thank everyone at AMMA and sparring partners from other gyms that have helped me and just everyone from Plainview, Tx that has showed me love throughout this journey.


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