“I PROMISE YOU A DAY OF RECKONING…” Albert ‘MAGNO’ Martinez Interview

Albert “MAGNO” Martinez

One of the fighters on the FIGHT NIGHT 3 card in Abiline,Texas. Training out of PARAGON BJJ in the City of Austin. Magno is set in representing his Team and home City! Lets get started.

sPidA: First off,what promotion will you be competing for come Nov 17th?

MAGNO: Just wanted to first off say thanks for helping me with this interview, I really like and appreciate what your doing for the sport, you da man sPidA! I will be fighting for Premier Fight Association FIGHT NIGHT 3 in Abiline, TX

sPidA: My pleasure man,It’s what we do. Now your training out of Paragon BJJ in Austin, who are some of the people helping you for this bout?

MAGNO: Man, I really feel this is the main reason that this will be my best performance ever…on a daily basis get to train with Darrin Lillian, Robert Dembeck who just got back from getting 2nd in worlds, and has a lot of MMA experience, also Jose Portillo, Mike Harmon(Both also got back from placing in the worlds), Derrick Garza, and my good friend Jeff Parra just to name a few. Nov 17th is a big weekend for MMA and BJJ, so everyone I get to train with has their own motivations, which is always good for me.

sPidA: You have competed in both MMA and BJJ , Other than the obvious, which is less stressful to train for mentally and physically?

MAGNO:I can’t stand losing whether it be BJJ, or MMA, so I’d say to me they are the same mentally… when I sign up for a tournament, I take it probably way more serious than I should, its not just a “game” to me I wanna go out there and destroy the other guy..but physically of course getting ready for an MMA fight is more stressful, the training is harder because its not limited just to the ground of course, plus there’s way more on the line like my professional record, money, my family and friends watching a long with the rest of the spectators, plus I love to represent and I represent Paragon BJJ, and definitely don’t want to let my teammates down.

sPidA: You will be testing your skills against Nathan Torres , any bad blood going into this or is he just another obstacle to where you want to be?

MAGNO: No bad blood at all. I don’t know much about Nathan, I do know he’s been fighting in the cage since 2007, so im expecting him to be well rounded, from what I’ve seen he looks strong, and his Jitz is good, but going back to what I said earlier, I train with the best, so Nov 17th that will be the difference.

sPidA: Other than PARAGON BJJ, Do you cross train any or just stick with the the gym curriculum?

MAGNO: I’m a very loyal person for the most part i stick with my Paragon family and their curriculum, but when its fight time, cross training is a must! i always have my good friends Jeff Parra, Van “tactic” Vo, and Warren “Dynamite” Stewart who always have my back and have a wealth of experience when it comes to fight training, plus I’ve met a lot of people along the way since I’ve started training who always offer to help me out.

sPidA: With the New Year approaching,have you set any goals for yourself and fight career?

MAGNO: For the next 18 months plain and simple, I plan on fighting regularly with GODs help. Staying healthy and turning myself around. I’m coming off two losses, and I wont make the same mistakes again! Oh and year around I’m always doing BJJ so working on getting some stripes on my purple belt is definitely a goal as well! haha

sPidA: Austin,Texas used to be active in hosting MMA events,what do you think happened and what changes must be done for the sport to grow back up?

MAGNO: Man Funny thing, I’ve never had the pleasure fighting in my own hometown, I’ve always traveled to fight. I know Seguin is doing really well putting on some great shows, which is not too far from Austin, I guess someones gonna have to step up and just make a show happen, there’s so many local fighters in Austin, and Texas period, we need a Mixed Martial Arts event. If the sport ever wants to get bigger, they gotta let us fight each other!!!!

sPidA: Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez is one of the Coaches there at Paragon Austin, does the guy really “teach the dougie” as he post on his Facebook page during class? (kidding)

MAGNO: HAHA, Nick teaches a lot of great stuff, the dude has tons of MMA experience Muay thai/pro boxing experience, I haven’t seen him teach the dougie, but if he ever did, id have to sit out of that part of class, I’m not much of a dancer haha!

sPidA: Have you ever had an idea only to later see someone else come up with it,if so,explain?

MAGNO: Oh yea, man there’s a saying….whatever your idea is the odds are it’s probably already been thought of. I’ve had ideas of some training gadgets, and next thing you know BAM its on sell on TV or I see it at the store…pft just the way things work..even Name ideas for MMA gear, or school names, you gotta be real creative and different because who knows if someones beat you to it already.

sPidA: The State of Texas has been booming over the years and has had many fighters make it to the bigger promotions, BELLATOR,UFC,STRIKEFORCE etc…Are your eyes set on being one of them that get’s that opportunity?

MAGNO: Absolutely, after my last two losses in 2009, I took three years off, literally and just trained, and trained, fixing all the holes in my game. I’m ready to go on a big winning streak in 2013, and hopefully get my shot…everyone gets one! I just have to do my best to make it their.

sPidA: Thank you man,wish I could make the trip to watch you compete,anything you would like to add to wrap this up?

MAGNO: It’s all good sPidA maybe at my next fight you can be there, thanks for the interview and your support for the sport of MMA and BJJ. It’s appreciated! Thanks to my coaches,friends and family for their support!…oh and just one thing I’d like to say to my opponent… NATHAN TORRES “I promise you a day of reckoning that you won’t live long enough to never forget”

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