” I Pride myself in my Wrestling…” A few words with Tristan Longoria

( Interview with Bantamnweight Amateur Mixed Martial Artist, Tristan Longoria, 3-3 , fighting out of Americano MMA and Blessed Hands Boxing in Beevile,TX )

sPidA: You’ve got a huge Title fight this week, how has training been going heading into this bout?

Longoria: Trainings been great, got a good group of guys helping me prepare and have nothing but confidence going into this fight.

sPidA: With 6 fights in as an amateur. Is going Pro in the near future?

Longoria: I plan to get 2-3 more amateur fights before I step into the deep waters but going pro is definitely in my future. Just a matter of time.

sPidA: What got you interested in Mixed Martial Arts? Did you participate in other sports before training in MMA?

Longoria: High School Wrestling got me started, I always knew I wanted to do more. There’s just something surreal about walking out to that cage, it keeps the competitor in me coming back for more.

sPidA: What do you know about your opponent and have you trained specifically for his style?

Longoria: My opponent has a very brash style, walks straight forward to implement his strong grappling. I pride myself in my wrestling so I’ve been working on that as always to avoid getting taken down and focusing a lot on my striking for this bout. Stoked to show everyone what I’ve been doing in my free time.

sPidA: Who has been helping you prepare for this upcoming fight?

Longoria: Jeremy Ramirez and Ryan Pena my two teammates that are fighting on the same card have been a tremendous help for this fight. All of us are peaking at the same time for our fights and I expect fireworks from all of us. My coaches Rogelio Salazar has been pushing my wrestling, John Paul Gonzales has put in countless days getting my boxing up to par for this one and Luke Baxter has been helping me with the game plan. Can’t thank any of them enough.

sPidA: As an athlete and competitor, are you looking at other ventures to compete in other than MMA? (Boxing,Kickboxing, Grappling)

Longoria: I plan on taking a boxing fight in the next couple of months and entering a grappling tournament shortly after this fight. Just trying to have fun and get better in all aspects of this game.

sPidA: What athletes in the UFC do you look up to or idolize and if having to fight them 1 day. How would you do against them?

Longoria: My favorite fighters would have to be Dustin Poirier and Demetrious Johnson. Class acts outside the cage and killers in it. A dream fight of mine would have to be against the current bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw, at the moment I couldn’t hold a candle to him but in the next 2-3 years I could see myself finishing him. His striking is something I try to emulate and that would be an exciting match up.

sPidA: Any pre fight rituals come fight day to help you get into the Zone?

Longoria: The day of the fight I just try to relax and before the fight I listen to “Sometimes your the Hammer, Sometimes your the Nail” by ADTR. It helps me get where I need to be.

sPidA: Thank you Tristan for your time , best of luck come fight day. Any last words to wrap this up?

Longoria: Thank you to everyone that has helped me get ready for this fight and anyone who comes out to support me. It means a lot to me. I’m coming with my hands up and looking for the finish any way that I can. February 9th, I’m coming. Thank you TexasFighting.com for the interview.


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