Stepping back inside the Cage come Nov 17th, Sammy Smith out of Junction,TX will be representing his Team / Brought On MMA (Kerville,TX) This will be taking place in Abiline,Texas for the Premiere Fight Association’s “FIGHT NIGHT 3” Here we talk his past experience, his pro debut among more, lets get started!

sPidA: What’s your experience with combat sports, what’s was your amateur status like?

CRASH: I have always been a athletic person, I’ve played a lot of sports in my life but I am in love with being a cage fighter, no matter what happens win, lose, or draw, you leave it in the cage. I never had a sanctioned fight, until my pro debut. I never had the chance to get inside the cage other than smokers, and little gym wars and such. but non sanctioned I did pretty good.

sPidA: Did you know you wanted to compete in Mixed Martial Arts,what brought you to the sport?

CRASH: I never thought about competing, until i went to my first fight, I used to work for Gregg and Kevin Stephens, they owned Hard Rock Boxing & MMA out of Abilene TX, we built boxing rings and MMA cages. We had a cage we rented to promoters, after that first time I was hooked.

sPidA: You made your Pro debut on Oct 7th, how well prepared were you for that fight?

CRASH: I was very prepared for the fight i worked out and trained for three months hardcore, i was preparing to fight Joshua Franklin from Las Vegas, but the fight fell through, so George stepped up and gave me my debut.

sPidA: Many lose sight and don’t listen to their corner once inside,what was your game plan and was the outcome what you had in mind?

CRASH: yeah I’ve been there and have disobeyed my corner before, my game plan for the fight with George Trujillo was to go in there and feel him out and not rush him, but I flipped the switch when the bell rang.I didnt expect him to tap out like he did, it was a good win.

sPidA: This next bought in Nov 17th in Abiline,what have you stepped up in your training,are you prepared for a 3 round war?

CRASH: I have stepped up my cardio but I have not changed anything, I always train hard and give it all 100%, I stay ready for war bro, I am always up for a good few rounds.

sPidA: What do you know about your opponent,have you modified your fight plan,which do you prefer,stand up or the ground game?

CRASH: I have seen alot of Michael Rosenbergs last fights, his record is 0-5 as an amateur, and 0-3 as a pro, I see no reason to modify my way of fighting unless it stops working for me in the future. I can stand and bang with the best of them, But everybody will be suprised with my ground game once its been seen.

sPidA: Many use anger before a bout to fight,do you go in there with aggression or does the aggression kick in once the Cage doors lock?

CRASH: You cant go into a fight mad, you have to have a clear mind and a full heart.For me personaly, when I hear my entrance song and the crowd I feel the beast building up, but when the cage door shuts, the switch is engaged, and its on.

sPidA: How much support did you have for your debut, are you getting that much more support for this next one?

CRASH: I have a great following and tons of support, I am the first Professional Athlete to ever come out of Junction, Tx. So I have a lot of people looking at me to succeed, I went into my pro debut with alot of fans and I’m happy to say that my popularity is growing with fans and sponsors.

sPidA: The movie “Here comes the Boom” came out a few weeks ago, if actor Kevin James where to make an actual Pro debut and call you out,would you accept and after watching the movie,what would your game plan be?

CRASH: LoL , man that movie was awesome, but ummmmm as for me and Kevin, I would fight him in a heart beat! I would go into the fight as I would go into any fight…. Ready to engage.

sPidA: What’s your workout regime look like,what days do you train and which workouts do you do on set days?

CRASH: I am working on getting my cardio back to the way it was.I took a few years off from fighting when I started my family.
I train 6 days a week. working on my striking, Muay Thai, and my ground game. I don’t really have set days it just depends on what my trainers want, I just give it my all.

sPidA: Texas has some great heavyweights, is there a message you want to send them ,which fighters have you seen fight or have been impressed with from here in Texas?

CRASH: There is no message, Texas and the surrounding states have some really good heavyweights. Lord willing i will be given the opportunity to step into the cage with as many of them as possible. I want to be known as one of the best of the best heavyweight fighters in Texas, I have a lot of work to do but ill make it. Ive seen a lot of my competition and i do my homework on them all, I can honestly say that I’m impressed by a few, the first is Richard Odoms, he is a really talented fighter, with wins over quite a few well named fighters. The next guy I’m interested in is Jesse Hernandez, he is a great fighter and he finishes his fights fast.

sPidA: Thank you bro,wish you the best come Nov 127th,any last minute words to your friends,family and sponsors?

CRASH: Thank you very much for the opportunity and allowing me to have this interview. I want to thank all of my friends and family without the never ending love and support I wouldn’t be here. Big thanks to all of my sponsors for helping me get this far, this is only the beginning, and to all my BOYS AT BROUGHT-ON MMA, were here to stay. At last my wonderful wife and kids, thanks for standing beside me and being my purpose and drive to compete and give this sport my all!

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