Eli Tamez

Interview was done before his opponent change but we still decided to pursue the interview and wish Eli Christopher Tamez the best of luck for his Dec14th bout for LEGACY FC 16. Here we talk about family,work and his dreams of becoming the best in his weight division in the World of Mixed Martial Arts.

sPidA: What gym do you fight out of and where is this located at?

Tamez: I fight out of Octagon MMA (4152 Cole Avenue, Suite 104, Dallas, Texas 75204)

sPidA: Your coming in on a win streak as well as your opponent,any pressure coming into this bout?

Tamez: Not really pressure but just training my butt off to make sure I’m as prepared as possible. I make sure every fight to train harder than my last.

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sPidA: Your opponent and you have some history,you guys first met in the ammy circuit,with you getting the victory,is that playing a role in your confidence?

Tamez: Not at all.. I don’t think about that fight at all. The last fight he made a mistake early in the fight that I capitalized on. I know im fighting a better man than that night. He is ranked i think 184 top bantamweight in the world… I want that! My win over him as an ammy is nothing.. it doesn’t matter. I want that spot more than he wants his revenge on me.

sPidA: Being a family man,how important is it for you getting the support that you do from home?

Tamez: Its very important! I have a HUGE family, friend and fan base and I’m really excited to fight close to my home town. especially because out of my total 11 fights this will only be the 3rd time I’ve fought close by home.

sPidA: Fighting for LEGACY FC 16 are you nervous about the possibility of coming out on TV?

Tamez: I’m actually on the TV portion (think I’m right in the middle) I am always nervous about the fight.. i don’t really let the TV and crowd get to me but then again I’ve never fought on TV.


sPidA: What full time job do you do and do you have to schedule it around your fighting schedule?

Tamez: I’m actually pretty lucky. I work about 20 hours max a week and I cut/color men and womens hair. So thankfully I have a huge advantage i make my own schedule and work and take off whenever I want. Also my wife owns her own commercial cleaning company (myfinalclean.com) so she is really able to be a stay at home mother to our 3 year old son. She is an amazing person and very supportive of me.That being said I do schedule my work around my training schedule.

sPidA: Before your debut in MMA back in 2009,where you considering ever fighting or was training just to stay in shape?

Tamez: At first I started just training because id do little grappling matches here and there and I had a few friends that fought. I started to get really good fast, so I just thought id give fighting a try. Had a good ammy career and kept winning and just kept at it ever since.

sPidA: Walk out song,do you change your per fight? Most seem to keep theirs if they win,has it been the same for you during your Pro fights?

Tamez: Yes mine has always been the same ever since I was an ammy fighter and I’m sticking with it! Got to come to the fights if you want to know what it is..haha

sPidA: Reality TV,most watch it,some live it. What’s your take on some of these shows being televised?

Tamez: Its a good way to get your name out there if that’s what your wanting to do. I would never do it. For one, I couldn’t leave my family anyone who knows me knows I’m a HUGE family man! My wife and son mean the World to me. I couldn’t bare to be without them no matter the situation but then again everyone is different.

sPidA: Thank you bro,best of luck in your LEGACY FC bout,any last minute words?

Tamez: Thank you for the interview! Also thank you to my sponsors, Last Round Nutrition, Torque, Dr. Franco (bitelock.com), Revgear, Myfinalclean.com, Buff Water, Drugz, New Community Church (newcommunity.co), Cruz Combat for making my shorts, West Plano Crossfit, my manager Matt, all of my teammates and brothers at Octagon MMA, my coach Sayif Saud who continues to bring talent to our gym, my wrestling coach David Bertolino, my family and especially my wife Crystal and son Zane!
Anyone needing discounted tickets to my fight Dec 14 in Allen TX you can inbox me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/eli.tamez


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