” I love teaching , JiuJitsu changed my life..” Gleidson”Poney”Cutis

sPidA: New gym in a new town, how has San Marcos been treating you?

Cutis: San Marcos is great City. I am enjoying it so far. I have Been here almost 2 months still new for me but everyone is friendly and I like the city.

sPidA: Is this your first Academy? How did this come about?

Cutis: I had 1 before in Brazil when I was younger but I just wanted to focus on training. So I closed it right after I moved here to U.S. Now with school here it’s different. I am no longer a kid. I can’t keep from dropping one name JEFF BONUGLI this man is responsible for this dream of mine coming true. Thank you JEFF & SARAH I LOVE YOU! But yes … I love teaching, JiuJitsu changed my life from the beginning. Now being able to help others change their life’s with this martial arts is awesome.

sPidA: You are a Blackbelt in BJJ and a Professional MMA fighter…is your Academy teaching these 2 sports?

Cutis: We recently opened, we are focused more in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but soon we will have more options. We are doing baby steps. But GROWTH as BJJ TEAM and MMA is our goal.

sPidA: Fighteria is the name of your Academy, unique name I’ve personally have never heard before…what does the name mean to you?

Cutis: Most of things in Brazil when end up with RIA or RIO specific product for example Bread ? in Brazil means PÃO ? when I wanna buy “PÃO” I go to a PADARIA. In my case I sell FIGHTS so… FIGHTERIA… Fights are our product and we’re selling it at the end of the day. Opportunity for our costumers to become better version of themselves. We’re selling Self-Defense, self confidence, Jiu-Jitsu is one of most incredible things someone could create. Thanks Gracie family for this.

sPidA: Great opportunity to fight in front of your friends and students for Fury FC in March… Are you excited about that?

Cutis: I’m super excited, been a long time since my last fight here. It will be a good showing for everyone.

sPidA: How has training been going for you and can you drop a few names of those helping you?

Cutis: Since I came here to the US , I represent OHANA. Nothing changed. As professional fighter OHANA always gives me that support. I will always represent the best I can.

sPidA: Who is your opponent for your Fury FC bout and have you studied any of his footage?

Cutis: Victor Martinez and ofcourse. Everyone does homework, I did mine. I saw few of his fights. Good fighter it will be a good show for everyone. Thanks Victor for the fight. Let’s go give people what they want.

sPidA: Do you plan on staying busy this year in both MMA and BJJ?

Cutis: My goal is MMA but this year you’ll see me on IBJJF mats more often, I recently fought in the Austin Open. Won my division, was excited and its different energy from fighting MMA and competing in BJJ. BJJ is more harder than MMA a lot more but yes I will try to keep busy with both.

sPidA: Who are you currently belted under and what lineage do you represent?


sPidA: Random question: If you were given an opportunity to wrestle in the WWE as a masked wrestler, what would be your name and finishing move?

Cutis: FlyPoneY would be the name of my move! Not new for everyone as I like flying techniques. LoL

sPidA: Thank you brother for your time, hope to make the event myself, best of luck and anything you’d like to add or anyone you’d like to thank?

Cutis: Once again thank you to everyone for the love and support, OHANA family, Jeff and Sarah Bonugli , the City of San Marcos and its community. Visit our website: FighteriaTX.com

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