” I go out and fight my Fight..” Ramiro Guerra

Bound Fury FC 30 , March 3rd , Cowboys Dance Hall in San Antonio,TX. Lets go…

sPidA: New Gym , New Year , can we say new you?

Guerra: I don’t know if I would say I am new, but the new gym is great and the new year is going great so far.

sPidA: 4 MMA fights under your belt.. Looking to stay busy this year?

Guerra: I like to be in the ring and put on a good show, so the more fights I can line up the better.

sPidA: You recently joined FighteriaTx.com in San Marcos.. How’s the atmosphere and would you recommend others to join?

Guerra: FighteriaTx.com has some high-caliber fighters, and I like working with them. It’s a friendly atmosphere, I recommend it for anyone.

sPidA: For a Bellator MMA card, you went up 2 weight classes after your opponent no showed…was this because it was Bellator and would u do that again?

Guerra: Yes, did that because it was Bellator MMA, and I would do it again in the same situation. But, any time I fight out of my weight class there has to be a strong reason.

sPidA: Fight coming up for Fury FC in San Antonio, Hows your training going and is there a huge weight cut going into the fight?

Guerra: The training is on track, I am going to be as prepared for a fight as I have ever been. My weight is already on point so no huge cut required.

sPidA: Are you from San Marcos and can we expect a huge showing supporting you for this fight?

Guerra: I’m from Roma, TX, and just moved to San Marcos. I hope we have a good crowd at the fight. I appreciate every person that shows up to support me.

sPidA: You had an opponent switch for this card? Has your game plan changed for your new opponent?

Guerra: No change–I go out and fight my fight.

sPidA: Being new to FighteriaTx.com and having an Ohana affiliation, have you been able to reap the benefits of having tons training partners?

Guerra: Definitely some high-powered training partners. I’m getting my ass kicked on a regular basis.

sPidA: Random question: If you could fight anyone..whom would it be and why?

Guerra: José Aldo, he was probably the greatest MMA featherweight of all time.

sPidA: Fighters are always Looking for sponsors.
How can those interested contact you or donate?

Guerra: I appreciate all of my sponsors, they make this possible. You can reach me for sponsorships at j@JRamiroG.com

sPidA: Thank you bro for your time, anything else you’d like to add or anyone you’d like to thank going into this bout…

Guerra:I want to thank my sponsors, NutriShop Austin and San Marcos, my gym Fighteria, O’Marias in Roma, and La Melodia. Special thanks to my advisor, Sam Romero, who is keeping me on the right track.


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