” I do my best to live up to the name..” Chris” The Enigma” Pecero

BarNone Promotion/ Boxing , set for March 23rd in Robstown,TX. Stacked card including Mixed Martial Artist Chris ” The Enigma” Pecero. Here we go…

sPidA: With 23 Professional MMA bouts , how many Pro Boxing bouts under your belt?

Pecero: This next bout will be in the Boxing ring. It’ll be my 4th Pro Boxing fight and a rematch at that.

sPidA: Known as The Enigma, is that how you potray your fights..keep your opponents guessing?

Pecero: Something like that.. I pose a problem anywhere the fight goes. I believe in my skill set and change up how i approache each and every fight while also solving any puzzling situations my opponents might be able to throw at me. Enigmatic perplexing. I do my best to live up to the name and put on performances that will be remembered for years to come. The Enigma machine is gearing up once again. Prepare yourself..

sPidA:This next fight is going down in Robstown,TX.. Are you expecting a huge turn out from your C.C friends and family?

Pecero: Yes, definitely. Having fought and represented for my hometown a whole lot of times. I expect for there to be a nice crowd from both the MMA and Boxing community. This is a great match up that fans will not want to miss. Hope to see all of my hometown peeps there cheering us on.

sPidA: You’re in El Paso now , how did that come about and does it feel like home?

Pecero: Well, it was a wild roller coaster of events that led to our inevitable move. During the Hurricane Harvey evacuation we decided on heading this way. To get as far away from any potential disaster. It was a scary trip but we finally made it out here. my sister and her family lived here for 15 yrs or so. Been yrs since I’d been this close to my sister and her family. Want to say Hi and i love you Mellissa and her husband Dan along with their kids Dan Jr and Kenneth. Also got to meet a great group of guys at the 10th Planet/El Paso.

sPidA: You teach as well as train out of the 10th Planet/ El Paso.. Is that an issue or a blessing?

Pecero: No, scheduling isn’t an issue. If anything it allows me to rock it with everybody. The entire team is hard working, motivated and strive to reach new goals constantly. Whats up to the Crew.. Oss!

sPidA: You’ve had some tough losses as well as some great wins.. Which would you say you learned more from?

Pecero: its tough to say. I’ve learned something from just about every single fight. From my debut to being a veteran, there is always something to take away. The challenge is recognizing those lessons and applying what was learned.

sPidA: We’ve all seen your backspins after your bouts… Can we expect some new moves for after your win?

Pecero: Haha. I’ve got to start practicing but i wouldn’t mind tearing up a dance floor.

sPidA: Given an option , would you rather star in a music video or a blockbuster film..and if so what band or actor?

Pecero: Oh my, there are to many incredible artist and actors to chose from but to narrow it down, I’d like to play opposite to somebody like Halsey in an artsy video of sort and as for Movie. I’m a Marvel fan for life. So anything Marvel but especially X-Men. Snikt!

sPidA: This Boxing bout is a re-match, Can we expect a whole different Enigma?

Pecero: Its going to be a new version of myself but still an Enigma. My opponent was my Boxing debut, a fight I took the day of weigh ins. Ended up being the most exciting bout that evening. Expect the unexpected.

sPidA: Thank you once again, wish you and your family the best on the new move and future ventures. Any last minutes comments?

Pecero: Thank you for taking time to spotlight this fight and event for Barnone Promotions. Would like to thank them and my opponent. Would like to thank 10th Planet/ El Paso as well as the fight community. Thank you to everyone back home in C.C. To my lovely wife Patti and our kids Cash and Saku. I love you!! Daddy is going to battle again!!


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