” I consider myself a Martial Artist..” Ruben ” MegaMan” Martinez interview…

A few words with local Mixed Martial Artist Ruben Martinez, Fury FC comes to San Antonio.. Coming back from a loss , he’s looking to get back on the winner’s circle… Here we go..

sPidA: Training out of Arguello Jiu-Jitsu & MMA Academy on the Southside of San Antonio.. What can you tell us about the facility?

Martinez: At Arguello Jiu-Jitsu & MMA you can expect to push your mind and body to its limits. Ernest is a Veteran so he doesnt take his work lightly and is constantly pushing everyone to become a better version of themselves on a daily.

sPidA: Would you consider yourself a Striker or a Grappler?

Martinez: Neither. I consider myself a Martial Artist. Ive been learning various forms of martial arts since I was a kid. I knew at a young age I was going to have to be good at both worlds to be a complete Martial Artist. I’m comfortable on my feet just as much as I am on the ground.

sPidA: How often do you train and does this increase closer to fight day?

Martinez: Right now im training on average about 3x a day every other day. I try and work everything in a day. Cardio, boxing, and then grappling. Maybe even a late night sesh at trufit if I’m feeling good. On work days I make cardio a Priority and try and get some boxing in at San Fernando. The number of workouts will stay consitant during camp. The only thing that changes is the intensity of my workouts and duration.

sPidA: You’ve competed under the FuryFC banner before, how has your experience been fighting for them?

Martinez: This is my 3rd fight for FuryFC and so far my experience has been good. Eric and his crew do a great job in putting on these shows 2 to 3 times a year and its been great for us competitors and for the fans of the Sport.

sPidA: After weigh ins, most have a dish of preference for right after to carb back up, whats your meal of choice?

Martinez: Prefer some really good Italian food.

sPidA: Thoughts on your opponent and how do you see this fight going?

Martinez: My opponent is Patrick Furguson and he’s making his Pro Debut. He’s 4-2 since 2017 so i know he’s tough! I’m coming back from a loss and am yet to lose here in S.A. Looking to have my hand raised after the fight.

sPidA: Random question: Sky diving or deep sea diving… Which would you prefer if given the choice and why?

Martinez: Sky Diving is on my bucket list but my mood right now would be for deep sea diving. As for why, the Ocean is a part of this World I’d love to explore , plus I’m a good swimmer.

sPidA: Who are some of your teamates helping you prepare for this fight?

Martinez: I have had both David Miramontez and Richard Palacios helping me for this fight. Both were on the card but Davids fight fell thru. Both myself and Palacios are still on the card.

sPidA: Thank you bro for your time and best of luck come fight day, anything else you’d like to add?

Martinez: Thank you for the interview . Also a huge thank you to Arguello BJJ/MMA and everyone who helped me out for this fight. Also thank you to everyone who has been apart of my journey family, friends, coaches. I couldn’t have done this alone and I thank everyone for the love and support.

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