” I better myself each and everyday..” Randa “RAMBO” Medows Interview…

A few words with: Randa ‘Rambo’ Medows, 2-2 Amateure Mixed Martial Artist , training out of ACS MMA in Baytown, TX. 135lb Title bout / Valor Fight League 6 , College Station, TX.

sPidA: Huge fight coming up, how has training been going into this bout?

Randa: Fight camp has been great. I have some awesome coaches and teammates that really help to make sure that I better myself each and every day I walk into the gym.

sPidA: Any knowledge on your opponent? Fight predictions?

Randa: Her nickname is “Bully” for a reason, but I can play mean too. She comes in hard, and I don’t think she has had an opponent that can handle that kind of heat yet. It’s going to be a really good, hard-hitting fight for sure.

sPidA: Nickname is RAMBO , I’m a fan of the movie but how did you go about getting it and how does that play into your fights?

Randa: The nickname “Rambo” started out as a joke in junior high. I was a little overly aggressive on the basketball court, and I fouled out of almost every game. One of my friends started calling me Rambo to give me a hard time about always hurting people. The name stuck, and all my teammates, friends, and even some family were calling me Rambo all through high school. A couple of years after graduating high school, I started playing roller derby. “Wreck It Rambo” became my derby name, and all my derby pals called me “Rambo” for short. To quote First Blood, “You know what you are… what you’re made of. War is in your blood.” When I step in that cage, everything else just fades away. I know that I am right where I need to be, giving my opponent a war that she’d never expect.

sPidA: Most amateur MMA athletes go Pro after winning a Title, if all goes your way , is going Pro after this bout a possibility or would you stay an amateur and defend the Title?

Randa: I would like to get a few more amateur fights in before considering pro, but, really, the next step for me is starting a family. I may go back to fighting after having a baby or two, but only time will tell. I just want to go home with a Title that one day I can tell our babies all about.

sPidA: Is your husband a huge supporter of you participating in the Sport? Does he attend your fights?

Randa: My husband, Dustin, is my biggest fan. I even joke that he is my cheerleader. He has been right there in my corner for all of my MMA fights and boxing matches. Every day he goes home after work, and he takes care of everything. He cooks, cleans, takes care of our dogs and indoor mini pigs, and makes sure everything is ready for me to go to bed once I get home from training. He takes all of the pressure off of me so I can concentrate on training and my diet when I’m not at work. He sends me motivational quotes throughout the day, and he leaves inspirational notes on the chalkboards around our house. I could not ask for a better supporter than my hubby. He makes all of my dreams possible.

sPidA: Random question: If you had a choice of Participating in a show, which would it be and why?
a) Stranger Things b) Game of Thrones c) The Passage d) Walking Dead

Randa: STRANGER THINGS! Because, HELLO! 80s! Best music, best movies, best outfits, plus I’d get to engineer some sweet demodog traps!

sPidA: What got you involved in the Combat Sports? Does your family support your choice?

Randa: Sports were always my thing. Once I started contact sports, it was only a matter of time before I started fighting. I played roller derby, and I founded the Women’s Rugby Club at Lamar University. I would get a rush out of every block or tackle. I remember sitting on the couch watching a UFC fight and saying, “I think I can do that!” Next thing you know, I was looking for a gym. Most of my family has been very supportive. For the few that are not fully supportive, I know that they are only concerned with my health. It’s a rough sport, but they all know that I am too stubborn to stop fighting until I am ready.

sPidA: How often are you training for this fight, what training regime do you have going on?

Randa: I am training 6 days a week. I go for a run every morning before work then I head straight to ACS MMA after work for 2-3 hours of BJJ, Judo, Striking, and/or Wrestling.

sPidA: Thank you Randa for your time and well wishes going into this title fight for VALOR…Anyone else you’d like to thank while we wrap this up?

Randa: Huge thanks to my coaches and teammates for pushing me to my limits both physically and mentally to get me prepared for this fight. Thanks to all of my family and friends that will be there to cheer me on March 1 and to those that will be rooting for me from afar. Thanks to my husband for all of the support and making sure that I live out my dreams.

I’d also like to thank Valor and my opponent, Rainn Guerrero, for this opportunity. Win or learn, it will be one hell of an experience!


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