” I believe Strongly that there is something for everyone and for me its MMA. ” Jeremy Mahon interview..

A few words with Professional MMA Fighter / Military Veteran/ Business Owner Jeremy Mahon. Title Fight for PRO FC 2, San Pedro, Belize on July 25th… Here we go….

sPidA: How has training been going? Changed or added anything for your opponent?

Mahon: Training has been going good. My camp has been structured in a way to make sure I’m getting enough rest and that I’m not going into this fight full of injuries. I have been putting a lot of emphasis on my strength and conditioning too.

sPidA: You are not only a competitor but also run the W4R Training Facility. Is scheduling time to train an issue or does it work in your favor?

Mahon: Running my gym and making time to train hasn’t been an issue since I do this full time and dont have to work another job. I generally try and do all of my training in the morning and early afternoon. I like to get in one really hard session and then 2 less demanding workouts every day. I train seven days a week in some capacity so really have been able to get plenty and still teach and coach at night.

sPidA: Is your facility strictly for Fighters or are classes held for those just wanting to tweak their workouts by adding boxing, BJJ etc..?

Mahon: W4R started out as a fighters only facility but has really evolved organically into a family fitness center. We have a large kids program for BJJ and our youth wrestling makes up about half of our members. Parents have started to join in and taking our Kickboxing and all ages Boxing class. Getting the entire family involved is something that I’m really proud of and makes for such a positive training environment.

sPidA:You are a Military Veteran ( thank you for your service) what branch and how was your experience?

Mahon: Was in the Marines and served as an infantryman during my enlistment. Combat was a blast and an experience that I cherish and formed me into the man I am today. I’m able to use many of the lessons and tactics I learned in the Marine Corps in my coaching and as a fighter. Mindset is a big one and I feel like my hardened mind is my best weapon.

sPidA: Going back to the beginning of your MMA career..what got you interested in the Sport and why open a training facility?

Mahon: I have been interested in MMA since UFC 1. I grew up watching the first UFC events on VHS rented from Blockbuster. When I was serving in the marines my squad leader was fighting MMA out in California and that is what really got me involved in the training aspect. After I got out I decided to pursue muay thai and that led me into Grappling and eventually MMA competition.

sPidA: You have volunteered and helped causes dealing with PTSD among other.. Is this a personal fight and are you still fighting to raise awareness?

Mahon: PTSD is near and dear to my heart. I have had 13 friends commit suicide and countless others lives destroyed by it. My Father and I started the DAWG Foundation to help assist combat vets dealing with this issue. I believe strongly that there is something for everyone, for me it was MMA and training but for others it can be something else. Part of our mission at DAWG is to help figure out what we can do for them whether it’s a service dog, a small unit reunion or training at my facility.

sPidA: Your post are filled with 4 fingers raised signifying your Team WAR 4.. and at 1 time (saw photo) summoned your inner Ric Flair… Have you ever met the legend of the Pro Wrestling World?

Mahon: Nope I have never had the privilege of meeting him in person. That picture you are referring to just happend to be right after my Bellator MMA win and caught me making that awesome Wooo face…

sPidA: Back to the Nature Boy Ric Flair… If you were to grapple against the guy… Who would win or do you see him pull one of his famous eye pokes or cheat tactics to get DQd?

Mahon: If Nature Boy and I grappled I’m sure he would have some tricks up his sleeve. I’m a huge Macho Man fan so i would probably steal some of his swag and come out dressed in tribute to the Icon. My favorite top five wrestlers of all time 1 ) Macho Man 2) Goldberg 3) Kevin Nash 4) Jim Dugan 5) Rey Masterio Jr

sPidA: This next fight you will be traveling outside the Country, being a Military Veteran I’m sure it won’t be the first time but if you could fight anywhere in the World where would it be and against who?

Mahon: LoL.. Great question. I would love to rematch my fellow Marine Shane Kruchten in Las Vegas. I have never gotten to fight in Vegas and it’s the Mecca for our sport. Shane and I fought 2 years ago in Madison Square Garden and I lost a decision that still doesn’t sit well with me. I’d love the opportunity to smash him again .

sPidA: Thank you bro for your time…best of luck and bring that a Title back to Texas…anyone you’d like to thank you wrap this up?

Mahon: I’d like to thank my whole team and staff at the gym for getting me ready and helping run the gym while I prepare for battle. Alpha Intake for having my nutrition and weight on point, airrosti for fixing my boo boos and the promoters and people of Belize for having me out and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.

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