” I believe I’ve already made a statement..” A few words with Vernon Lewis.

XKO 45 / Fight Night come April 27th…. Stacked card with main event Vernon Lewis vs Rashad Coulter. With a Heavyweight Title on the line. This will definitely be one for the books. Enjoy these few words with Vernon Lewis…. Like and share!!

sPidA: How excited are you for this match up?

Lewis: Yeah, it’s very huge! I was actually in negotiations with another well-known promotion, but felt that this was the fight to make. I kind of knew that I was going to fight Rashad sooner or later, so I guess this is the best time than any. The Texas fight fans are in for an amazing fight.

sPidA: It’s been a few years already but you made a move to a new city and new gym. How has the transition been?

Lewis: Actually I’m kind of still living in both cities (Waco and Fort Worth, Texas). I have a house in Waco where my family still lives, and I work in Fort Worth as a police officer. I’m currently living with my mother and sister while I work, and drive back down to Waco on my off days. We are currently working on moving the family to the Dallas area in the near future. As far as my training situation I’ve always visited different gyms throughout my career. I love to see new looks, and learn from different instructors. My head coach is Josh Lanier. He is the head MMA coach at O’athelik in Houston Texas. In Waco I train at Superior Striking gym with head boxing coach George Chavez. I also train at Select Jiu-Jitsu with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt Lance Yager. I train my Muay Thai in Compress Cove at Strkings with Chadwick Turner. Did you get all that?

sPidA: No doubt you’re stepping up your training..what specifically have you been working on?

Lewis: This training camp I focused more on recovery. I have always been a hard worker in the gym, but I would beat my body up so much that I couldn’t perform the way I know I could. As a 35 year old man I can’t just push my body to its brink without proper recovery. I have some great sponsors that provide me with the best tools help my body perform to its full potential.

sPidA: You have great support from friends and family… What training partners do you have in camp now?

Lewis: As you know finding Heavyweights to work with are far and few between (especially good heavyweights). I work with whoever I can find. My head coach Josh Lanier fought for Bellator, and was a professional boxer. He is also a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt, so I always get great looks from him. I also train with former UFC fighter and current PFL fighter Jared Rosholt whose wrestling in my opinion is the best in the game next to Daniel Cormier. My coaches bring in different fighters from other gyms to give me different looks as well. I’m open to train with anybody that will help me prepare during this fight camp.

sPidA: Not to overlook your opponent but many will be watching… Are you ready to make a statement?

Lewis: Honestly I believe I’ve already made a statement. When I returned to fighting last year after a 4 year hiatus I made my statement. The statement was I’m here and I’m a problem. This fight is for me. I’m looking to have fun and just do what I believe God has created me to do.

sPidA: First Heavyweight XKO Title up for grabs. You already make room at home for the strap??

Lewis: I really don’t focus on belts. The belt is an accessory. The win is the trophy. I’m looking not only to win but to break my opponent’s spirit.

sPidA: You had a career change and during the time you had paused the fight game… Are you in a great place to kick your fight game up a notch?

Lewis: Yeah man, life is about balance. Sometimes a fighter can become so consumed with his career that he is blind to all the other things in his life. When I had a fight I just felt I needed to become selfish in order to put all I had in my fight camp. Whether it was neglecting my finances, spiritual life, or family. Balance was just something I was lacking. I was able to adjust my eyes on what was important, and prioritize everything rightfully. It is not easy, but with God it was possible. Balance is the main component on why I believe I’m the best version of myself right now.

sPidA: Any sponsors or others helping you you’d like to give a shout out to?

Lewis: I want to thank my family for riding this big wave with me called life. My beautiful wife Erica Lewis and my kids; Isaiah, Journey, Elias and little Vernon. I want to thank 5 Star Nutrition in Waco Texas for providing me the best supplements during this fight camp. I also want to thank Elysian Cryotherapy for freeze my ass off. I want to thank Metal Waco and Switch-Blades for contributing to my travels and fight equipment. I also want to thank Tools 2 Retire for your constant support during my career. I want to thank Adan Garcia for his contributions through his company United States Money Reserve. I want to thank the owner of Superior Striking gym Kathleen Callender for her love and support over the last year since my comeback to this sport. I have an awesome support family backing me in Waco Texas and throughout Texas itself. I could turn this interview into a whole book if you gave me the time to thank everyone that partnered with me in this endeavor.

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