“I AM READY TO PROVE, I AM A CHAMPION…” Stephanie Alba Interview

What seems to be a re-match of 2012,this bout is sure to be one checking out. Stephanie “The Cyclone” Alba will not only get an opportunity to avenge her only loss in her amateur MMA Career but also the opportunity to become an Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Champion for the Garcia Promotions. Event taking place in Humble,TX on Friday / Dec 21, Don’t miss out! Ticket info: Tickets@GarciaPromotions.com

sPidA: I was able to witness your amateur debut here in S.A. over a year ago,how was your experience stepping inside the Cage for that first time?

Alba: It was an amazing experience and an energy I never felt before, the lights, the crowd, the cage locks, and its go time!

sPidA: How have you changed your training regime since that first bout?

Alba: I have become much more serious. It is a lot of training not just physical but also mental training. I am not training just win but to be a champion no matter what it takes, blood sweat and tears.

sPidA: After that first loss, you have managed to compile a 2 fight win streak, has your confident grown as well as your skill per fight?

Alba: I am a very humble person but I am confident in my skills and it improves with every fight. Every fight has taught me something new about myself.

sPidA: Women MMA has exploded and even more now that the UFC has announced a womens division , how was your reaction about this news a few weeks back?

Alba: I think it is great that women have been recognized not just as a pretty face but as real fighters. It sucks that some of the girl fighters have to use their looks to gain fans versus noticing our skills. We are just as passionate as men our about the sport/fighting.

sPidA: You are now training in a new gym,new fight camp, why the change and how has it been helping you since making this move?

Alba: It was so hard to leave the gym I started out with it was the foundation of where my passion grew but sometimes peoples visions change and I feel I’m where I need to be right now. I really hate MMA politics and I wish that I could train anywhere without a problems but that isn’t the reality.

sPidA:It’s obvious that every ones attention is on WMMA , With fight companies like INVICTA and others overseas , do you see your self competing int one of these come 2013 ( once you decide to go Pro)?

Alba: I would love to compete for a big organazation like that. I need and want a lot more experiance. I feel a lot of people go pro to soon but I want to improve and be the best before I go and fight the best.

sPidA: While compiling some great MMA wins,you have also continued to stay busy in BJJ , do you see yourself keeping both up or will 2013 keep you training for 1 more than the other?

Alba: I love competing in BJJ tourneys unfortunately while fighting MMA you dont train to much in it but I am definetly going to keep both up as much as possible

sPidA: This coming Dec , you not only have an opportunity to win Gold but to avenge your only loss, how are you mentally and physically heading into this event?

Alba: I am EXCITED!!! It is a great opportunity and I’m ready to show off my skills and do what I do and put on a great show. I am treating it as any other fight but I am ready to prove I am a champion.

sPidA: Everybody is friends with everyone on FB but are you staying focused on this bout and concentrating on just getting this win?

Alba: Yeah I know I havent been on social media to much but I’m really just focusing on traing and preparing myself not only physically but mentally.

sPidA:(Random question) You are given 1 wish but can’t use it on yourself,what would it be?

Alba: My wish really is to get rid of politics to come up with something where there is real change in the world for the benefit of American people and basically for the whole world.

sPidA: Thank you Stephanie, this bout will definitely be one many shouldn’t miss, anything you would like to add to this interview?

Alba: I just want to give God all the glory, he is my rock and my shield without him I could never do all that I do. Also to my family and friends who continue to support me.I also want to give a shout out to 4oz and all my team mates especially Jeremy and Bob for accepting me into their family and also want to thank all my sponsors (www.NokOutFightBrand.com) I also want to thank you sPidA for taking this time to interview me.

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