” He’s never won a Fist fight..” Jacob Landin interview

Here we go , had a few words with Mixed Martial Arts Athlete Jacob Landin about his fight coming up on BELLATOR MMA on July 12th… Here’s what he had to say..

sPidA: Huge fight coming up…tell us about your opponent?

Landin: Well he’s a man, he’s a high level Black Belt, and he’s never won a Fist Fight.

sPidA: Great opportunity for sure being able to showcase your skills on Bellator MMA Stage.. Are you nervous or anxious about this?

Landin: A good mixture of both. Keeps me honest in training but this is not my first “Big Show” fight. I will take every advantage the Bellator cage has to offer.

sPidA: You have some great experience as an ammy in MMA.. What motivates you to keep on going?

Landin: I guess the path was just there. I had to choose to follow it or take a regular 9-5 job…Well here we are. The group of people I have surrounded myself with are on a similar and continuous climb, tribe $#i%.

sPidA: You have some tough caliber training partners… Drop some names for us….

Landin: Mannnn so many to name. Some guys who have been putting alot of time grinding me out this camp are Chris Frasier, Mark Lazano, Ray Rodriguez, Colton Herrera. The stable at Ohana is just stacked, Alex Hernandez, Marcell Mickens, Devin Cowan….I could go on and on.

sPidA: Along with Ray Rodriguez , you teach at the Ultimate Submission Academy…for those who don’t know…what classes are available at the Academy?

Landin: We have jiu-jitsu every morning 1130am followed by kickboxing. Evenings we have kids 5pm, adults 6pm, and striking 715pm. We have a group of tough kids and adults. We welcome everyone to come try a class or stop in for our “WAR ROOM WEDNESDAYS”, where we invite BJJ competitors from different Academies to come for a solid rollathon.

sPidA: You’ve competed in Boxing aswell…was that what got you into Combat Sports?

Landin: I would have to say it was neve a long term goal or plan to become a professional fighter. I remember hearing my grandpas stories of boxing in the Marine Corps and I suppose it always stuck with me. Now it has opened a door where I can provide for my family thru all this hard work. I know he would approve.

sPidA: You and Ray are definitely all business when it comes to training and competition but on a serious note… Who’d win in a dance battle?

Landin: Haha the man is out here running 6 min miles so he has the footwork but I have the rhythm. Guess It’d depend on the song.

sPidA: You’re opponent has resorted to thrash talking, thoughts and are you planning on making him eat his words?

Landin: No big news flash there, expecting that coming into this camp. It has allowed me to basically go about everything business as normal.We will see what his energy is face to face at weigh ins. Every man is held accountable for his own actions.

sPidA: Thank you for your time, best of luck on all future ventures. Anything you’d like to add or anyone you’d like to thank to wrap this up?

Landin: I’d just like to thank all my professors and coaches at Ohana Academy, as well as my students at Ultimate Submission Academy, we rise together. Without the Village I wouldn’t be here.

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