” Fighting was always a job but now the Passion is back..” Roger Narvaez Interview

sPidA: You are a Blackbelt in Brazilian JiuJitsu, What’s your favorite submission?

Narvaez: I like the triangle choke from my back and RNC.

sPidA: You are constantly cross training with other gyms in your City of Corpus Christi, have gym relationships gotten better?

Narvaez: Yes much better. The days of animosity between gyms is gone. I cross train frequently with Presa BJJ and have done so with almost every gym in Corpus. It’s a great thing to have gyms put their egos aside to grow as a community.

sPidA: You have been teaching your curriculum out of Weapons at Hand for a few years now. How have your students been reacting to your classes?

Narvaez: Classes our growing. It’s been 3 years since I started Narvaez BJJ and I am happy with the growth and progress of our students.

sPidA: Your last fight in MMA was in 2017, was this due to injury or lack of motivation?

Narvaez: I retired to spend more time with my family. I wasn’t ready to give it up. I always felt I could still compete at a very high level. Recently I went through a divorce and that resparked my urge. Fighting was always a job but now the passion is back and I’m excited to get in there and just hit someone.

sPida: This next fight is for the Fury FC Championship Title, How important is this fight for you?

Narvaez: This fight is important because it’s the first time I’m fighting for myself in a long time. My last few fights were more for a paycheck than anything else. For me money can’t be the only motivating factor. I am looking forward to prove to myself above all that I’m better than ever!

sPidA: Your opponent for this Fury FC Title is an experienced fighter himself, do you know much about him and how does your style match up with his?

Narvaez: Of course I’ve seen his videos. I’ve followed Ike for years as we have both fought at middleweight and light heavyweight in the TX MMA scene. He’s a tough dude with big power…but I am better everywhere. I have more of an Arsenal and plan on letting everything show on the 30th.

sPidA: You’re a former UFC Fighter, how was your experience in the company and what did you learn from having been there?

Narvaez: It was an amazing experience. It was years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice coming to fruition. If anything I proved to myself that I belonged with the Elite.

sPidA: You’ve helped out with Rocks Xtreme Promotion in the past, what is your Title with the company?

Narvaez: I help with the Rocks Xtreme Combat cards and enjoy it a great deal. I’m just a helper as Jay Hollowell is the main man with the promotion. As of now we don’t have any cards coming up, but we are looking to do one before years end.

sPidA: You seem to have a great team helping you for this fight, would you care to throw some names out on those helping you!

Narvaez: My coaches and teammates are key in helping me prepare. From Head kickboxing Coach Rudy Valenzuela to Aurelio Gallegos helping me with my BJJ. I have a stacked team of Coaches and training partners. A new addition to my team is Patrick Ybarra who was a standout at 135 with a 6-1 pro mma record who has now taken charge of my training and camp. I also have my boy Santos Rosales leading my strength and conditioning for this camp and I feel I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. I want to thank, Dustin Adams, Ricky Rosalez, Jimmy Lugo, Mike Mitchell, Pablo Reyes, and Billy Loudermilk for taking the time to help me train for this fight. These men sacrifice time and their bodies to help me prepare for War.

sPidA: With the recent deaths in Boxing, what do you yourself feel others need to do differently to help prevent such tragedies?

Narvaez: With the recent strings of deaths, I personally feel less sparring is key. Preserving your body for battle should be at the forefront of our sport… unfortunately some still haven’t learned.

sPidA: Random Question: If you had an opportunity to share the stage with any singer/band, who would it be with?

Narvaez: Don’t really have one… never really been a fan boy…I guess Eminem would be atop of my list if I had to choose.

sPidA: Thank you bro for your time and best of luck with all future endeavors. Anything else before we end this interview?

Narvaez: Thanks to all family, friends, and fans for the continued support. August 30th will be a fight to be remembered!

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